Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas

From Our Apartment!!
Yes, this year me and my cute room mates decided to do christmas cards. They honestly turned out so cute, and maybe it is just my own biased opinion. I cant even descibe how much I have loved living with each of these girls we always have so much fun.
Stef- Is a amazing singer...serioulsy!! She is the VP of Activites so basically she is kind of a big deal.
Jacki- Volleyball player. She has the best jokes, and the best sense of humor. Also, she has the strongest testimony.
Vay-Soccer player, and a smarty pants. She has such a big heart, and always knows what to say to make you feel better.
Stef, Me, Jacki, and Vay

Lets just face it when ever we are together it is a good time. Thanks for all of the fun memories this semester.
I love you all

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tis the Season...

For Christmas Parties!! On Tuesday we had one of our student governement christmas parties. We started the evening with soup and bread bowls, then a suprise visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause themselves, a white elephant gift exchange, and last but not least a cookie decorating contest. Which I happend to be one of the Winners!!

The award winning cookies!!
Thursday night we also had a student governement party. Which consisted of the 14 council memebers. The theme for the night was ugly sweaters, and crazy socks. The night began with dinner at wingers due to some unexpected waits at some other resturants none the less great time with this gang.
Then we were off for some Christmas Caroling at Kolob care and rehab center.

Last week Dixie State had a dance and all of the proceeds were for angel tree. So we got the chance to go to walmart and spend the money that we had earned. I love this time of year!! When else would you just spend 1500.00 dollars on toys for famlies in need?

The night ended with a gift exchange, and of course way to many Christmas goodies!!
What a better way to celebrate the Holidays then with a bunch of friends. We have so much fun together even through all of the crazy stressful times of meetings, actvities, and just council stuff.
I love you all. What a good semester, and only one more to go. Crazy!!