Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home for the Holidays

I love the Holiday Season there is nothing better than just being at home and hanging out with the family. Thanksgiving break was so much fun, and I am so grateful to have such an amazing family to be able to spend time with.  The week consisted of:

A yummy Thanksgiving Feast, and yes I sure did get my share of pie!! It does just happen to be my favorite part of the whole entire meal.

Black Friday Shopping
Which I love for some reason. I may or may not have splurged on some pretty cute pea coats....lets face it I love them.

Suprise Tickets from the Parents to see the Radio City Rockettes the Chirstmas Spectaular.
It was amazing, and such a good way to kick off the Christmas season.

Pool and Foosball tournments
Family Trip to Cinemark to see Unstoppable
Getting the house all decorated for Christmas
Fabric Store with my mom to start some cute sewing projects
 Lets face it when we all get together its just a party with laughs and fun memories.
What a week now if I thought this was a blast Christmas Break is three whole weeks with this wonderful family. I love you all, and I cant wait!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010


  Happy Birthday Chelsea!! I could not go today without giving a shout out to my best friend. So here is 22 things about Chelsea....
1. Today is Her 22nd Birthday, and so that means its her Golden Year!! 
2. She was one of my very first college room mates, and we became such good friends.
3. She is such an amazing example to me.
4. She always gives the best advice, and knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. 
5. She is serving her mission in California. Of course she is out kickin butt because that is just what chels does.

6. She has the biggest heart of any one I know.
7. She has the strongest testiomony.
8. She is Hawaiian, but gets teased about being asian. In a loving way of course : )
9. She has an amazing singing voice.
10. She is such a hard worker.
11. She has such an amazing family. That I have had the privilege to spend time with.

12. She is always up for a good sneak out.
13. She has a love for older people, and has the best stories.
14. She is a world traveler, and has been some amazing places such as Africa, Mexico, Thailand, and many more.
15. She is a service girl.
16. She can pick out anyones little quarks.
17. She has a love for boating.
18. She is always up for a good girls day with shopping, going out to eat, and way to much candy.
19. She loves the office, and glee
20. She knows all the words to quite a few rap songs.
21. She has the cutest style, and is just so dang pretty.
22. She is my Best Friend, and I just love her so much. We have so many fun memories together.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

Let me tell you about Tiffany Thompson. Our parents became friends right after they got married so we have been life long family friends. She is about a year and half younger than I am so I have literally known her my whole life. We always just say we are cousins or practically sisters. I have so many fun memories with the Thompson family here are just a few:
Playing house
 Playing jobs
 Many intense games of steal the flag
 Sleepovers on the Tramp
 Deep Conversations
 Bike Rides on Sundays to each others homes
 Mini Golf and Iceberg
Well on November 6, 2010 Tiffany married her best friend in the Vernal Utah Temple. She of course looked beautiful, and I also got the chance to be one of the bridesmaid's. The whole weekend was such a party being able to be a part of the special day as well as spending time with the family and friends. I am so happy for them, and cant wait for their new adventure together.

Ok let me tell you about how bad I have always wanted to catch someones wedding bouquet because serioulsy this has been a big thing for me. Honestly there is really only a period of time where you are eligable to stand in the bouquet toss because it really doesn't count unless your at least 18. That has also been a pet peeve of mine why is it that a 12 year old needs to catch the bouquet...they dont. Trust me I have tried a few times to catch it, and have always failed. Well at Tiffanys wedding it was finally a success. Yes, thats right I caught the bouquet!!! So I guess we will just have to see what happens.
I just love this girl.
We have so many fun memories, and I can't wait for all the memories still ahead.
Congratulations Nolan and Tiffany Sprosty!!