Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another week in Federal Way

To the people I love the most,
I hope you all had the best week ever, and are enjoying the Christmas Season. I was thinking that you should all watch a its a wonderful life in behalf of me sometime this month just because its my favorite so someone needs to enjoy it for me. It sounds like Ron made it in town safe, and I am sure you all have tons of things planned. Well this week has been pretty dang good. We had our zone meeting this week which always stresses me out, but there are so many amazing things that we want to accomplish before the end of the year. I still have the added stress of having two new companions to the area who still don't know much of what is going on. So when it comes to planning at night I pretty much do it on my own. I am trying to just the best I know how, and not freak out to much because there really is no point. Of course like a normal part of missionary work you have to do sifting of people who really are prepared vs. the ones who aren't. Then we are always working on keeping up are teaching pool. We have been able to see a lot of miracles this week, and I just have to trust that things will work out how they are supposed to. Well first of all we got into see this lady Fanny who I might have mentioned before. Anyway the first time we met her we taught her the message of the Restoration. She said she had a desire to learn, but wasnt really doing anything about it. So we lost contact with her, and decided to spend our time focusing on other people. That was about a 2 months ago something well when stopped by her house this week to find alma and sent something up with her. Well Fanny wanted to set an appt up as well so we did. When we got into her house she basically just apologized for being so busy and distracted when we stopped by a few months ago to teach her. She has been reading in the book of mormon, and she really likes it. She was telling us how its like the bible. Funny how no matter how many times you say that to people you have to let them figure it out on there own. She has been reading, and marking it. I am hoping that we will be able to have more contact with her, and that she will progress. Then there is another girl named Noriko who has been investigating forever. I mean she has been through tons of missionaries had baptismal services set up, and something would always happen. Well a few weeks ago we have been getting contact with her and her husband. Her husband Mitchell is a member, but less active. I think she has a fear of becoming that way after she is baptized which makes sense. Anyway yesterday she came to church!!! I don't even know when the last she was at church, so that was pretty amazing. Then earlier this week we had a lesson with Luis. You know how I said he had plans to move out well I think those plans changed. Which breaks my heart, but I know one day he will be baptized. Then there is Serigo who loves church, but is getting a lot of family opposition. His family in Mexico is hard core catholic so he is afraid of that. Then he has adopted american parents who are against the church as well. He descibed it to us as just being pulled between us the angels and the adversary. He did come to the our Christmas Party on Saturday Night so that was good for him. Another thing that I also know was a huge hold up he family was going to come from mexico for Christmas, but he told us yesterday that they wont be making it. Which I felt really bad, but then again at the same time god works in mysterious ways. Then we also had an amazing lesson with a lady named Guadalupe who I am praying will progress, and be baptized in the next few weeks. She is such sweetheart, and we had such an amazing lesson with her. She also has a little 4 year old daughter who is disabled, and there is a Hermana in the group who also has a son has some mental disabilites. When I was telling Guadaulupe about this in the lesson her face just lite up. I talked to Hermana Maribel at the Christmas Party and she called Guadalupe, and they just had a really good connection. I am praying that everything works out. That is pretty much the main stuff of what is happening here, and really that is just a glimpse. As far as everything else this week Saturday we had the funeral in the Morning for Danielle's sister. Since Danielle called us when have been helping her put that together, and that was the first funeral I have ever been to. It just makes me really appreciate how much knowledge we have in the Gospel. The chapel was full of non-members so it was such a great moment for Danielle to step up, and want to put it together at our church. Its moments like that, that really allow you to realize the things that are the most important, and to just fall in love with everything. It also makes me grateful the plan of salvation so that we really can catch the eternal perspective doesnt mean its easy, but it gives it way more meaning.
Then Saturday night we had our ward Christmas Party with a dinner, program, and even santa came. Hermano Garcia comes up to me and says I know what your asking Santa for. I just said a hug from my family, but thats going to come a little late for Christmas this year. Then he says No... your going to ask for a boyfriend. We had quite a laugh joking about it. You got to love this time of year there is always so many fun things going on, and memories that will last forever. Well Family just know I love you all so much, and I couldnt be more grateful to have each of you in my life. I pray for you everyday!!! Have the Best Holiday Season. Love Always Hermana Grimes

Welcome to December

Good Morning Family,
Can you believe we are in December?! Also dad we hit fast Sunday number #18 who would have ever thought? Hang in there the next one will be here before we even know it. Well its so amazing to be here in this time of year I even put my Christmas pillowcase on my bed on December 1st.  There is always so many fun activities, and everyone is just in a good mood. This weekend they had a big nativity display at the stake center so we were asked to be hosts for a couple of the shifts. Then last night we totally got to watch the Christmas Devotional, and I loved it!! I don't know if you remember my big complaints from last year man that was a rough weekend. We did get to watch it this year even thought our investigator totally bailed out on us. We were already sitting down, and I couldn't really think of anything better than listening to the prophet so we stayed. I loved every single talk, and how much they talked about the gifts we have in our lives. Such as the gifts of being able to give and receive, and gifts of testimony, missionary work, sharing the Gospel, applying the atonement, and so on.
Well this week has been pretty dang good, and its gone by super fast. A lot of it has been adjusting to have two brand new companions so I have been having to explain a lot about the area, and who we are working with. Since they still don't know anything its been a little bit more stressful since I am having to come up with all the plans. I kind of feel like they could probably take a little more initiative, but I can't complain. Like I mentioned earlier I am not going to lie I was super mad for a min at my mission president for putting me back in a trio, but I know that there are things that I need to learn. Its amazing how each companion has different personalities, and ways that they do things. The first few days were a little rough just as we try and figure out our schedules are far as showers, who is going to pray, and where we are all going to sleep. Then teaching is a whole different story. I have been trying to make sure that I give them each enough time to teach so that is something that comes with time. Hermana Laney is still on the newer side so we are working on helping her get her confidence up in her ability to speak and jump into the conversations. There has been a few times this week where we have been checking up on referrals of tracting where  I just said OK I am keeping my mouth shut. Well we have definitely had our fair share of awkward moments, and I feel extra stupid because I would just jump in, but if I keep doing that it doesn't give them ways to grow. So I have had to bite my tounge and realize that its the Lords work, and it will work out how it is supposed to. Then there was another lesson this week that was an absolute disaster, but some how we have gotten a few return appts. Hermana Overy was jumping all over the place, and then started asking if she knew some story about the indians and the white god, and then mentioned something about christopher columbus. Its good because she knows her history, but I just wanted to die because she was already so confused anyway and I know that didn't help. Then it came to exercise so I like to run so I always have my comps go with me because I kind of have to. Well up to this point there hasnt been a problem. Well when I asked what they did for excersice they said they just stay in the apartment. Ok please tell me what kind of exercise is that? I mean if we have to be up I mine as well do something that is going to keep me awake. So we agreed that every other day we would go outside. Well the first day that it was on the running day we get out side, and Hermana Overy just made some comment of how much she didn't want to be out there or run. I said well you can walk, and I will run. Then she said well that would be a waste of my morning workout so they did end up running, but with some complaints. After she said sorry, and know its getting better. I really do love them both, and I promise I am happy its just all the adjusting. I really have gained a greater appreciation for them both, and its amazing how many things you can learn from your companions especially because you have to all work together. I would say I have been pretty positive about it all, and I am excited to see what the next little bit has in store.They really are such great girls, and it has been fun getting know them. I say this with every mission experience that I have had whether or not I can see the benefit at first that I wouldn't change anything that has happened companions or areas in the end I always know its what I needed.  As far as our investigators yesterday at church was Sergio who was a former investigator taught earlier in the summer. We got in contact with him again a few weeks ago because he was back in town from working in Alaska. Well saturday we were able to get in and have a lesson. That is something that is nice about having a trio you can enter any house you want...huge benefit!! So we watched the restoration video, and he said he would come to church. Sunday morning we went over to make sure and right as we walked up he opend the door, and told us he was planning on coming. He did, and he loved it. The only thing is he has some family opposition, and he smokes so we have a few things to overcome. Luis has been hard to get a hold of this week, but sunday after church he called and apologized for not coming. He has been working a lot of late night/ early morning hours he explained that it wasn't because he didn't want to its becasue he couldn't. So we have an appt set up with him this week so keep praying for him. Other than that we are working with quite a few other people who have some great potential so we are working on getting them to progress. Another thing is earlier last week we got new that Danielle's little sister had passed away so this saturday is going to be the funeral, and she is wanting us to help get things organized. On Friday when we went over to their house alfonzo gave me a 81/2 by 10 photo of Sean and Rileys baptism. Its a super nice picture with the whole family, and us missionaies. Its just funny because he got and new printer or something so he has been printing a bunch of stuff out, and said I could have that picture. We are going to be helping her with that this weekend, and also our ward christmas party is this week so that should be pretty fun.
Well family thats about my update this week there always a suprise and a roller coaster!!! You never know what is coming next. Well be safe I pray for you always, and know that I love you all. Enjoy every moment of this Christmas Season!!! Love Always Hermana Grimes

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Transfer

Well Family,
To my favorite people ever!!! I hope you all had such a great week.
I am sure you are all super excited to figure out what exactly happend with transfers. Well we lost 2 hermanas so I knew that changes were going down. Well Sunday night we got the call and Hermana Escobar is gone which we kind of knew was coming just because she had been here for a while. Now she is companions with Hermana Stout in Kent. Now as for me I got not just one but two companions again. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it. They are both sweet girls, and I am going to make the most of it. Hermana Stout and I were both a little worried so we are going to keep each other strong for the next few weeks and write each other every week. I serioulsy love that girl!!! Well I love every companion, and know that each one of them will be such dear friends of mine for life. Well my new companions are Hermana Ovary and Hermana Laney. They are both from Utah. Actually Hermana Ovary went to American Fork High School. See I told you sometimes the only way you would be friends is in the mission. They are both sweet, and like I said I am just going to live up every moment. Hermana Ovary has been out about 13 months, and Hermana Laney about 6 so I get to show them the ropes of Federal Way. I will have to attach a picture and send one home next week. This past week I actually got to go on exchanges with Hermana Stout so of course we had so much fun catching up. Do you want to know who I got to see? We went over to see Miriam and her family!!! She is doing amazing, and it was such a blessing to be able to teach her and be part of her conversion process. She was telling me how blessed she has been because of the gospel, and how she never would have expected her life to be that way. She showed me her book of mormon right now she had just read about lehi's dream, and practically every verse was underlined. That was probably one of the most tender moments this week being able to see her progess in the gospel, and knowing that I will keep in touch with her for life.
How was your Thanksgiving? I am not going to lie I have to keep telling myself that I can do the Holidays in the Mission. I know that these next 6 weeks will be more than i can ever imagine, and I am going to live up every moment. So we started the morning with a little mission activity were we just played sports, and got to catch up with other missionaries so that was pretty fun. Then we had weekly planning, and during that time we made apple pies to take over to people. Then we went over to Alma's house. Her husband wasnt home from work at that point in time yet so it was good we showed up when we did. She had been cooking all day, and was a little disappointed with they way things worked out with her husband. We ate with her it was just simple, but so special. We did have turkey, rolls, rice, beans, and corn. It was actually pretty dang good, and she made some pies so I did get some pumpkin pie. It was just so special that she invited us over. Then we played some type of bingo game with her kids, and the bingo cards were in spanish. Other than that after we did some knocking on doors but now one was really home. Then we went over to drop of a apple crumble that we made to Elvia. ( the lady I told you about last week.) That was about my day nothing super crazy, but one I will cherish forever.
Now on to some of the greatest news ever!!! So saturday we had an appt with Luis well since his wife doesnt like us to come inside he was waiting out side for us. Guess what he told us? He told us he wanted to find a new place to live, and he was being completely serious!!! I about died. If he moves out then he can be living the law of chasity, and then he can progress towards baptism. Now we are looking for a place that he could go quickly and cheap so keep him in your prayers. He was also at church on sunday!!! I love this guy.
Also sunday night we had an amazing Lesson with Maria and Leonel Jose's family. Well Jose was present for the lesson, and our bishop. We followed up on a reading assignment that we had left them in Alma chapter 12. It was perfect for what we wanted to talk about. Well it was such a powerful lesson, and they are ready to start progressing, and truly finding out for themselves. There is just a little bit of fear of the changes that would have to be made, but they are right there. Leonel started reading the book of mormon friday and is in 2 nephi, and he was telling us all about lehi and his family!!! Jose did so amazing and was so bold, and he totally rocked it!!! They are such a great family, and I am so excited for them. All of these people are right there...seriously so I am going to do the best I know how. Keep them in your prayers.
Just know I love you all so very much!! I was so sad to hear about simba that is going to be so weird. I love that pup. Well I hope you all have the best week. Know that  I am praying for you enjoy every moment. I miss you all!!! XOXOX Love Always Hermana Grimes.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Morning Family,
Ok first of all can you believe that it is Thanksgiving!!! Dad it makes me think a while ago when I was packing all of my stuff up, and you told me before you know it you will be sitting around for Thanksgiving wondering where all the time went. Man, that seems like it was a while ago, but than again its crazy to think that it's already here. I read that you have a small group for thanksgiving, but really that is the best thing ever. Just know I will be thinking about you all so much, and I am so grateful to have each one of you in my life. Also enjoy the rolls do you want to know something so funny the other day I was telling Hermana Escobar that exact same story. In my defense it totally was not my fault even though I got the blame of running the best park of thanksgiving as well as the left over sandwiches. Just so you all know next year my rolls are going to be bomb so get excited!! As far as my plans we
have our mission Thanksgiving activity that morning so actually today I have to go get myself some new jeans because I ripped mine picking blackberries for that wonderful Jam I know you all loved.
Then the night before actually so wed. we have a ward activity of pie night so you better believe I will be making an apperance.
Then after we received an invite to go with our investigator Alma and her family. If that doesn't work out we have had about 5 other people who have invited us over so needless to say we will be well taken care of however it works out. Oh and just so you all know I have probably had a piece of pie every single day this month. Yep tender mercies if you ask me. It seems that all the desserts at dinner appts are pie, and everyone sends us home with pie. You better believe I am not complaining.
Well this week has been really good. I am telling you its like a roller coaster so you never know whats coming. We are still working on our finding. Which is a real test of patience and faith, and sometimes  I do things more out of strict obedience. Not necessarily because I am going to get the fastest results. For example we are supposed to tract 5-7 everyday because its the best time to find people at home. Well sometimes its a little hard as far as building up our spanish teaching pool, but I do it so that the lord can work his miracles in the lives of others that we are working with. Not to mention I really do like tracting, and I am pretty sure that is when Hermana Escobar laugh the most. I mean it mine as well be fun, and we hear the funniest things. Anyway we taught Luis, and i almost wanted to burst into tears as we taught the law of chasity. Its stinks because the desire to be baptized is there and he defiantly would do it this month, but its just going to take time. I love him so much. Also yesterday Jose Valencia and another recent convert Bonifacio both were ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood after stake conference. So that was pretty amazing, and so now we have to more priesthood holders for our little group. Last night we went and taught Jose and his sister and brother-in-law Maria and Leonel. They are such a great family. It was great because Jose was just on fire and he had starting reading the book of mormon again after he was baptized and now he is almost finished with alma. Also he was making comments to his sister about how he could baptize them when they both just said they were ready. Which we found out last night that she is scared to read the book of mormon. One because she grew up catholic and she really likes church and likes when we come over, but she is afraid of changing just because traditionally thats what she is. Also they both said they wouldn't get baptized if one of us got transferred. Then of course we went on to explain that the church is still true no matter what missionaries then we got to tease them a little more about how if we both say then they have to be baptized. So we will see what happens with them they are so great, and they have so much potential. Also this week we have found 2 ladies who I guess you could say have been under the radiator. They are members, and have just been less active so now we get to work with them to come join our little Spanish group. Also last night we were able to get in and see a potential investigator Elia who is a pretty strong Cristian, but we have gotten in to teach her about twice. Well last night she opened up so much to us about her whole life story. She is a single mom. Her husband left her about 7 years ago to go to Mexico to visit his family but ended up meeting another woman there so he never came back. So it left her to raise her four boys here. At this point she had never worked because she would stay in the home as he husband worked. So she basically had to start for scratch because she didn't know English, and didn't have a job. Last night she just opened up so much about the last 7 years of her life and not feeling like a good enough mom. Or how she works so hard and its under appreciated. She was just crying the whole time she was explaining everything. She is so amazing,
and it really is so amazing how fast you can grow a connection with people. Well she invited us to come over on Thanksgiving
so we will be making an appearance. Her oven doesn't work so she is going to just buy something so we are going to make a pie and take it over.
Oh also this week I had my last interview with the president. It lasted about 5 mins it was super quick, and basically he just was like well your almost done. Work hard, and know that the choicest blessing will come in your next few weeks in the mission field. I totally got all teary eyed. Then at stake conference it was all about missionary work. It started with someone who just got there call, then to a RM, then to a convert, and then all of the other leaders. The whole theme was missionary work, and how the gospel is moving. Then a member of the 70 came and was talking about when he was a stake president and how he would set apart missionaries, and give them one of the most sacred callings that they would have. Then he went in to explain how it was when they got released. Then once again I got all teary eyed. I don't know whats happening. Its just a lot of mixed emotions, and since timing is the weirdest thing ever it feels so close but not really.  They even talked about what it was like for the parents to drop missionaries off.
I guess I have just had a few moments as so many memories kept flooding back into my mind from the beginning. Crazy. Well family just know that I am so grateful for all you do and being such amazing supporters in the decision I made to serve a mission. Of course always listening to every up and down, and all your prayers. Have the best holiday!!! I love you all so much, and just enjoy every moment. Also transfer calls are this week so P-day will be Tuesday. Just know your in my prayers. I miss you all. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to POPPOP!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CHELS!!! Love you both.
Love Always Hermana Grimes.

Hey Family

Good Morning Family,
How are you? I keep hearing how much snow Utah is getting, but than again it is that time of year. Which means ski season is right around the corner!!! Which I am not going to lie I am defiantly look forward to doing a little bit of that real soon. Which I know it will be here before I know it. So I am just going to enjoy every moment good and bad. I am not going to lie this week I have just felt like a balloon that keeps getting blown into, and pretty soon I might just pop. I know missions have rules and regulations, but man sometimes I never feel like I do anything right. Not that I do anything to break the rules, but sometimes the pressure of missionary work is just a little more than I think I can handle. Than again its supposed to make me into some better person which I don't know why its so much harder to recognize your own strengths. Another thing to is I am still just Linds, and so I don't really feel that I have changed that much. Then again maybe its more than I see, and I should learn to give myself more credit. I always wondered why if this is the best thing I could be doing right now, and probably the best I have ever been. Why we always think we are never doing good enough. I guess its all part of the gospel to keep progressing because if you not than your regressing. I guess I will just take little baby steps and see how this goes.
Well as far my week we are really focusing on finding people to teach. Like always, but we really have got to find the ones who are ready. I keep hearing the field is white already to harvest, but I think the hardest part is believing that its true. I guess that's OK because a lot of people have our cards unless they put them in the trash. I know no missionary effort ever goes in vain.
Now with our investigators we had a lesson with Luis this week. Sad part is he didn't come to church so something probably came up. Well actually none of our investigators came. Anyway Wed he let us come over to his house. His "wife" stayed back in the room the whole time. I am telling you this seems to be a common denominator here right now. Why can't spouses just be on the same page? Anyway we get into his house and he already has 3 water bottles on the table and all of his books ready to learn. He is so great, and I know that when he gets baptized he will be a great member. He even called us his angles which I thought was really sweet. The only thing is the girls he is living with is not his wife so they would have to get married, and they are both still married to other people. So right now he is on date for the end of the month. The thing is when he said that I just sank in my chair because a divorce would take at least 3 months, and since they both need divorces. Then they would have to get married so that just seems so far in the future. I guess he also has the option of moving out which could happen as well. Logically in my mind I don't quite see how this is going to work. Now I just have to work on doing what I can so that the Lord can do what he can. Obviously his vision is way better than mine, but this logical human brain that I have doesn't quite know how this situation is going down.
Also we got in to see Alma. I seriously love her. She liked church, but her biggest doubt is the book of Mormon. Which makes sense since it is the keystone of the religion. You have to have a testimony of the book of Mormon to know the church is true, and to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. Well she wants to read it, and she was really interested to read about lehi and his family who left Jerusalem. What I like about her is she is just so honest, and sincere. She didn't come to church yesterday because her daughter is sick, but when we went to knock on the door she was a least awake. So she is making progress, and I know she really wants it for her family. She did tell us that she just doesn't want the pressure, but she will read the book of mormon. Also she did agree to meet with us because she wants to learn. Also she invited us over for Thanksgiving so i am quite excited about that!!! I really love her, and her family. So I want her to keep progressing.
Then another funny thing we got in to teach Veronica and Angel her son. They haven't been at church because of sickness so hopefully next week they can step it up. Its just hard because you have a time when they are prepared and ready. You have to make sure they keep that desire. Anyway we were teaching the 10 commandments with hand signals. Another little girl that was there who is about four when we got to number 6 about not killing. She says well I have a 33 pistol de agua I was laughing so hard. Then angel said that number 10 was is favorite commandment. Then we asked what commandment 10 was, and then he said quiero una sticker. Once again I was laughing!! Just because he is five and really probably doesn't understand, but it just worked out perfect. Just so you know its the CTR stickers that you sent me in my package so they are being put to good use.
Well family I am still hanging in here, and I was thinking I just need a little helium to last just a little longer. Don't worry i will be just fine, and I know that every trial and hard time pay off. Just know I love you all, and am so grateful to have your support. Enjoy every moment. Love you Always Hermana Grimes

Welcome to November

Good Morning Family,
Happy Election Day!!! Its so crazy and quite funny because we have been getting quite a few comments. So a few weeks ago we met an older lady named Virgina. and she said well our next president is Mormon. Another guy told us he was voting for Mitt Romney because he was closer to god than Obama. Then another guy told us that Romney was against women's rights, and slammed the door. So I am sure that someone will keep us posted to let us know what happens. Also since it was election day at our apartment they were giving out a free "breakfast on the go". Well since you know we are up for anything that is free we got in our car at 7:50 am before our personal study just to drive up the the exit, and then we drove up an around to enter in another way just so that we could get breakfast. We were dying of laughter the whole time because of how stupid we probably looked, but really it was worth it.
Also Thank you so much for the most amazing Halloween package ever!! I got it the day after, but don't worry I still got the candy and pencils out. Thank you so much for all "my goodies." You all never cease to surprise me, and just so you know it means the world. Also I am expecting pictures of what you all dressed up as. Our Halloween was pretty chill it makes it a little hard to knock doors when kids are asking for candy so we couldn't tract after 7:00, and then everybody has lives so our appts fell though. We were able to stop by a see a few people, and the best treat ever we went to check up on our investigator who works at a pie company and she gave us a huge pumpkin pie. The pie was fantastic, but she had to drop us because know that she is working she doesn't have time to meet.
Other than that my week has been about a normal as it can get. Normal I guess as much as it can for being a missionary. We have been able to get in and teach our investigators Irma and Veronica. Luis came to church on Sunday, but came late so he was only there for the last hour. I was so excited to see him!!! I love that guy, and he was so apologetic for showing up late. I know he tries so hard, but his wife really is not really into the whole idea of mormons. So the fact that he is coming is the best thing ever. He always has the most sincere questions just because he wants to learn, and do whats right. Then we had a potential named Alma come to church. We have only been inviting her since July to come to church, and she always told us that she would but then would never get up in the morning. We just figured it wasn't her time so we gave her some space. Well on Saturday night we had a feeling to stop by, and she said she would get her kids up and come. Sunday morning when we stopped by like we told her we would she was actually up and ready to go with all her kids!!! She told us that she wasnt going to make any promises or it probably won't be an everyweek thing, but we told her she would never know if she never came. WE were able to get an appt set up with her for later on this week so we will see what happens. Also Jose Valencia and another recent convert that was baptized in July so before I came to Federal Way both blessed the sacrament for the first time. That was really sweet because they did it in spanish!! Oh and Dad we hit fast sunday #17!!! On friday night we had a lesson with Danielle and Alfonzo and boys. Well alfonzo was only there for about the first 5 mins, but the spirit in their home was so completley different. Its amazing how much the gospel really can changes lives, and how much of a difference I felt. It was amazing, and I am so excited for this family!! They were at church on Sunday, and they love it!! The boys went straight to primary, and sean loves the young mens group. When we were over there on Friday they were just answering the questions with no problem, and sean had a question about when the angles came to give joseph smith the priesthood. They really are such a great family, and I am so blessed to have been able to work with them.
Well family we are off to the temple today, and it is probably my last temple trip here in seattle as a missionary. Crazy!! Well just know I love you all so much, and pray for you always. Keep up the good work, and just keep being the best you can be. Enjoy every moment!! XOXOX Love Always Hermana Grimes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Good Morning Family,
How is it going? I hope you all had a good week. Also do you have any plans for Halloween? I totally have an idea of what I am going to dress up as next year. I know not that it really even matters at this point in time, but hey it doesnt hurt to plan ahead. There is this cute girl who I love she is 6, and anyway we were talking about halloween a little while ago. I asked what she was going to be for Halloween, and she told me a witch. Then she said "well what are you going to be?" I just said well I think I will just be a missionary. Then this week we were at there house for dinner she is sitting over by me, and says "are you still going to be a missionary for halloween?" I just laughed and said yes I am. I expect to get pictures next week of all your costumes!! On Saturday we had our little ward Halloween Party. It was actually combined with another ward so it was so crowded, but it was fun to see all the kids dressed up man they sure do get creative. Then we had a trunk or treat. Ealier that day we had a lesson with our investigator Irma, and we invited her to come to the activity. Well she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to come, but she wanted to buy treats just in case. She had us follow her to walgreens so she could by candy for us to pass out in behalf of her. So that was really sweet. Other than that it was pouring so we were a little wet by the end of the night. Luckily a sweet lady let us climb in the back of her van to pass out our candy.
Even though Irma wasn't able to come to the activity she did make it out to church!! She is somebody who already qualifies to be baptized its just helping her feel the confidence so she can gain her own testimony. Saturday she was sitting on one side of the room and she said ok if the wall on the other side was baptism i would say I am getting closer. She stands up and starts telling us how much closer she is feeling. Honestly I thought she was just going to take one step which I would have loved because then I know she is at least thinking about it. Well she takes a giant step and then just keeps taking them she didn't get quite to the wall, but she is right there. Also yesterday at church was our primary program which I love. I feel like such a baby because I always tear up. Whats happening to me? It was really sweet because they invited the missionaries to come up and sing we'll bring the world his truth with some of the older primary kids, and then we did the second verse in spanish.
Also Luis who I love accepted a date to be baptized this month!! We had such a good lesson with him this week, and it was so cute because he was nervous that if accepting a date to be baptized he would have to be a missionary. His concern was that he wouldnt know enough. I thought it was the sweetest thing. He did he took some sincere time to think about it, and then he said well yes I will be baptized why not. The sad thing is he didn't come to church yesterday which is so not like him so we have to figure out what happend. 
Now on to the most amazing news ever!!! Sean and Riley were both baptized yesterday!!! The spirit was so strong I can't even describe it. I think what made it the most amazing is just the feeling of accomplishment of what they have gone though, and how much this is really going to bless there family. So let me give you a little bit of background information. The boys had there interviews last week, and were all set up to go. Now with child baptisms you have to have parent permission well mom has been completely on board the whole time. You could just tell how much she was ready to come back to church, and have this for her family. Well Alfonzo has been a little bit more hesitant, and he has a crazy work schedule so he wasnt present for a lot of the lessons. Well when we were talking to them he said that he wasn't sure if they could get baptized because they werent prepared enough. Well Danielle said at interviews that they were going to just do it anyway because she was thinking that maybe it was alfonzo who wasn't quite prepared to make the changes. This week Alfonzo had a meeting with the bishop just because he kind of has some different ideas like stuff that is kind of out of our control, and stuff that we really don't want to mess with. Then we had a lesson with Danielle and the boys, and danielle mentioned how she wasn't sure that they were going to be able to be baptized because alfonzo had been more hesitant about them being prepared. By this point we were really just stuck because everyone wanted it now it was just getting the permission for dad. Friday we decided to fast so that we could some how get him to recognize how important this was for his family. I am not going to lie I wasn't so into the idea of fasting. I know kind of selfish but I knew it was out of our power, and I needed to support my companion. I decided to just pray for the desire to do it, and I know that now I really do have a stronger testimony of fasting. Well friday we just dropped by for just a min, and then saturday we tried to set up a lesson with him but he wouldn't commit because of his schedule. Well Saturday we drove by and saw his truck so we were able to have a really good lesson with him. We talked about how the gospel will bless his family. We talked about how the boys need to have his support, but they can all do it together. We bore testimony of the importance of children and how easy they are to recognize what is good and true. He softend his heart, and said that if they wanted to be baptized he would let them because he didn't want to hold them back. We brought the boys in and talked to they right away of course they both wanted it. Danielle and the boys came to church. I actually went to the first part of primary with them so that they could feel more comfortable, and sean went off to young mens. Then the baptism was later on that evening. The whole family was present, and it was just amazing!!! The boys asked Hermana Escobar, and I to give talks so she did the one on baptism I did the one on the holy ghost. Then for the baptism we went and stood in the girls bathroom with Danielle so we got the back stage view, and then on the other side you could see alfonzo and the boys. Riley who is 9 is such a stud I am so excited for that kid he was so nervous, but he did such a good job!! There was so much support and love from everyone who was present, and now we have 2 more members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!
Well family thats the update for my week. I think we might be going to the temple so p-day will be on tuesday. Just know I love you all, and pray for you always. Enjoy Every Moment, and I miss you all!!! Love always Hermana Grimes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Morning

You know this has been quite the week. Of course just like any other week they never cease to suprise me. Well the cold has officially hit, and sometimes I ask how the heck I did it last year. Then again I really do have a love for the rain, and not to mention it really is beautiful so I really can't complain. Now are you ready for the update? Ok first of all lets talk about breaking my heart. Gustavo and Mireya investigators that we worked forever with who I grew to love we had to let them go because they just weren't acting!!  Then also Marisa I don't know if you remember her, but she wants to progress so bad. The thing is her husband heard something about how we do baptisms for the dead, and now he is all against her coming to church. Which is so sad because he is not even willing to talk to us or let us explain. Its just so sad because she wants its so bad, but then it causes that conflict with her husband. I think what makes it even worse is yes its sad when someone uses their own personal agency to not want to progress, but its even more sad when its someone else who is stopping them for progressing.
Now on to a little lighter note. Last tuesday Hermana Escobar and I made pupusas for Danielle and her boys we went and had dinner with them. We have been teaching them all of the final little things to help them prepare to be baptized. We had a lesson where we brought the elders quorm president, and he was asking them just different things about why they wanted to be baptized. Riley who is nine says "I have gotten in some fights before, and I know that God doesn't like that. The missionaries said that I could start over." I was so proud!!! He is such a stud. They are such great kids, and they were going to be baptized friday, but they slept in for church. Which totally stinks because we had only been talking to them the whole week about how important it was that they came. Apparently the youngest was awake Logan he is 6, but didn't wake up his family because he didn't want to go to primary. I was like what a little punk dont worry we teased him about it because we totally had it planned that I was going to go to primary with them. Right now the plan is for next sunday.
Also guess who came to church Luis!!! I wanted to freak out because he actually came late, but when we walked in to sunday school he was sitting there. I love that guy. He is so great also we found out that his wife is not on board or doesn't really want anything to do with the mormons. What is it? Anyway he just told her well I am going to church, and I will be back. We have appts set up with him to teach him at the church since she doesn't want us to come over.
Then we had veronica at church. We met her a few weeks ago. Actually it was pretty cool because we contacted this guy in an apartment complex who was not intrested. He said that his ex-wife/girlfriend was a mormon. So of course we took her information. We go and check up on her thinking that she is just less active well she is not a member. We ended up teaching the whole first lesson on the door stop, and then after she let us inside. Ever since then we have been meeting with her once a week, and the lessons are so good!! She is so amazing, and really just takes it all in. We went to her house yesterday at about 8:30 and she had just gotten up, but she hurried and got ready and followed us there. Also she has the cutest little 5 year old ever his name is angel. I was sitting by him during sacrament, and pretty much just stayed entertained by him the whole time. Since we have headsets for translating he of course wanted a headset. Then he would play with the volume, and make me put on his headphones. Then he would talk so loud because of the headphones he couldnt tell how loud he was actually being. I probably have about 10 sticky notes that have his name written on them. The cutest thing ever he was sitting between me and hermana escobar. When the sacrament came around well the water I was holding the tray, and he picked up a little cup and after I said tu puedes ponerlo aqui as I pointed to the spot where he could put his cup. Then he helped me pass the tray to Hermana Escobar, and after she took the water as was about ready to put her cup in he says tu puedes ponerlo aqui. I laughed so hard he is such a cutie!!
Then of course we have had some pretty intresting moments doing our tracting. We were knocking on a door of a potential and a little kid answers the door. Then we see the dad sitting on the couch with a blaket, and he totally invites us in. Well his wife wasn't home so we couldn't which worked out in our benefit because then the next thing he apologized that he couldn't answer the door because he was naked. Ok really some people just give way to much information or why would you even answer the door. Then another door we are knocking at I promise some people think we can't hear them, but its actually quite funny. So we knock and we hear someone coming to the door looks through the peep hole and says " dos muchachas bonitas son tus amigas." Oh we laughed so hard. Then the lady answers and we had met here before we were acutally teaching her older daughter who probably early 20's. The funny part was that he totally stood there in the door way the whole time.
Well thats about the update from my week. Just know I pray for you always, and I hope you all have to best week. Enjoy every moment. Love Always, Hermana Grimes XOXOX

Staying in Federal Way

Well I am staying here in Federal Way with Hermana Escobar!! So we get to kick it here for another 6 more weeks.
Which is actually quite nice because we are working with so many amazing people. On Sunday we had 5 investigators at Church!! I wanted to just freak out!! Because if you remember the whole month of September was a little on the rougher side we hardly had anyone at church and no progressing investigators. Amazing things are starting to happen.
First of all Danielle and her boys came to church!! The boys are set to be baptized at the end of the month. I love them so much. Then we had gloria who came. Another lady who I love. The only thing is with gloria she is really hard to see during the week because she is so busy. Then we had another investigator Luis he reminds me of Lucio. Now let me tell you about Luis. So the other day we had exchanges so I was with Hermana Palacious. Anyway we had two church tours set up and confirmed and of course they both fell through. Then we are going to our back up plan which was to visit a lady in the ward Sister Jiggetts. Well the problem is I couldn't exactly remember which apartment number she was in. Another things its those apartment complex's where the outside doors are locked on each building so luckily the first building we went into we asked someone outside to open the door.  Well we get in the building, and as we are walking around I am thinking this is the wrong building. We walk back outside to the next building once again we were lucky enough to have found a lady who just got home so we walked with her inside the building. First thing we do is head up to the top floor, and knock on a door that could be it. Well it wasn't, but apparently somebody with the same named lived there last year so the guy just kept telling us she moved. I knew she hadn't moved we had just seen her a few weeks before. Then we go down to the second floor, and now this is starting to look familiar. I just wasnt sure if it was the first or second door. You know as missionaries you have no problem knocking on random doors even if it happens to be the wrong person. So we started with door number 2, and suprisingly enough they were actually spanish. We didn't even say who we were, and he let us right in. We shared the message of the restoration with him and his wife. The spirit was so strong. Some people you just get the feeling like they are already members, and I totally felt it with them. When were asking them about reading the book of mormon and coming to church Luis just said well why not, and expressed his desire to come. Later that week we had another lesson with them and read in the book of mormon. Once again it was such a great lesson, and he told us he would come to church. Well Sunday morning we always make a billion phone calls, but we didnt call him. Which actually was amazing because he walked into sacrament meeting on time!!! We didn't even have to call and wake him up or remind him. He just did it, and stayed for all three hours!!! His wife didnt come, but he said that he would be here next week.
Well thats about the update from my week. Things are going really well, and I am excited to see whats coming because really you never know. Well I love you all and I Hope you have the best week!!! Enjoy everything, and know that I love you and miss you. Love Always, Hermana Grimes XOXOX

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

100 baptism in a month and a Birthday recap

Linnea I am so glad you liked your birthday package. I was so worried that the jam wouldn't get to you in one piece. You can also share with the rest of the family as well. I made that Jam with fresh picked blackberries by yours truly all the way here in washington. I really hope you had a good day, and just know I was thinking about you all day!!! My day was pretty much like any other day. Are alarm went off at  6:10, and Hermana Escobar sang me Happy Birthday. We went for our little jog, and then came back to get ready for the day. She also made me breakfast which was really sweet. We had these breakfast burritos which were way yummy, and she even had a little something for me. As part of our companion ship study I opened my packages which were delivered to me that morning by my district leader. Which was really sweet because I am pretty sure the zone leaders made a trip up there so I could have them on time. Thank you so much for all the packages!! I loved them all, and it means so much to have all of your love and support. We did stop by a recent converts house, and they sang me happy birthday. Then after we had just a pretty normal day actually a lot of our appts fell through, but I am sure we planted so great seeds for some day in the future. Then we went to the relief society broadcast, and dinner was served there which was some chicken pesto pasta, rolls, and salad. Then Hermana Escobar and I watched the broadcast. We wanted to watch it in spanish so we went into the spanish translation room, and yep we were the only ones. Which was fun, and I absolutly loved the Broadcast!! It was amazing so that was a really nice treat. It was pretty a relax day, but thank you so much for making it extra special. Of course all the cards and notes from family and friends made me fell loved. Then actually last night we went to have a lesson with Gustavo and Mireya and he got a job working at some pie company. Last night I was able to get my "birthday pie" it was even cherry!!! Also they let me take a few pieces home as well.

This week has been amazing. First of all Gloria came to church!!! Then last week we met this amazing lady name Marisa. She used to attend church about 9 years ago in Arizona so she at least knows about the church. Well she is great we have been able to get in and teach her. Friday we had a church tour set up with her well she doesn't drive, and we were having a hard time finding someone to give her a ride. So we decided to take the bus, and the best part is she was all for it. She brought along her two little girls, and we made our way to the church to have a lesson. Then the best part is she came to church on sunday. She had her husband drop her off with her daughters before he went to work. Then he couldn't come and pick her up until about 1:30 so after church the elders were having a baptism so she stayed for that, and then we just went outside to wait with her. Basically she is so prepared, and I love her!!! Another thing amazing this week is Alfonzo and Danielle are less active members who haven't been to church in 5 years. Well anyway last week there whole family came to church. This week we were able to get and and teach there boys they have 3 and 2 of which are baptismal age. Well they want to be baptized so we are helping them get prepared for the end of the month!! I love them so much, and they are just the cutest.

Also another thing this weekend was our final countdown. We have had a goal of baptizing 100 people in a month for a while, and it is something that has never happend in the Washinton Seattle Mission before well September was the MONTH!!! Well Family just know I love you all so much, and I am praying for you always. Enjoy confernce, and know that I will be watching it!!! Have the best week, and enjoy every moment.


There has never been nor ever will be a Mission President and his wife who are more proud of their missionaries than Sister Larkin and I are proud of you this day! There simply are no missionaries in this world who are as diligent, as exactly obedient, or as full of faith as the missionaries in the Washington Seattle Mission. You are the holiest and the finest missionaries in all the world." President Larkin

Monday, September 17, 2012

Release Date

                             Hip Hip Hooray!!! She has a release date. Let the countdown begin.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Good Morning Family,
How are you? Can you believe that Steven is on his way to Chile right now?
Also buddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! I sent a card so I sure hope you got it. Sorry nothing crazy, but something little to let you know I was thinking about you. Go rock it out there bud, because Chile is about to get the best thing that ever happened to them. Since I already made you a birthday list I will just add on
Reason #20 of why I love you....
Not only are you the best brother in the entire world who I actually quite enjoy bragging about!!
You are serving a mission, and giving your family yet another reason to be so PROUD of you!!
Happy Birthday to Mormor as well on Friday!!!
Well Fam, sounds like your 4th of July was pretty sweet. Also, Steven I remember the 4th of July in the MTC was probably one of the coolest things ever. I really can't complain because it ended up being a pretty good day here in Washington as well. First of all it was beautiful!!! Which sometimes isn't the normal around here. We had a breakfast in the morning, district meeting, and then we just went out contacting, and chatting with people like normal. Then the Adams invited us over for a BBQ so that was pretty fun, and I even made a yogurt pie to bring. Then after we ended up having a lesson with Luis outside at the stake center. Then since we have to be back home at a certain time it was a little to light for us to watch fireworks. Don't worry because as we were planning we kept hearing them go off so we would run outside of our apartment to watch them. Which we did end up watching a few. It made it a little hard because our apartment complex is surrounded by trees don't get me wrong its beautiful but for watching fireworks its a little difficult. I LOVE FIREWORKS so I did make sure we a least got to catch some.
Also that night while we were outside having a lesson a former investigator drove up in the parking lot just because he saw us outside. His name is Arthuro. Hermana Peak and I met him the first day of the last transfer. It was actually pretty cool because we were grocery shopping, and speaking in Spanish. We decided that we needed to do it more often its funny how when your in America English tends to be spoken more often. Also its pretty dang fun because not really many people can understand. Anyway so we are walking down a isle, and all of a sudden Arthuro comes up to us. He starts talk to us asking us how we know Spanish, because he heard us speaking Spanish when we first walked in the store. He thought it was pretty weird that two white American girls were speaking Spanish. Obviously it led to us talking about missionary work, and he had heard some things about the church. So we got his information, and gave it to the elders. Well the Elders ended up meeting with him a few times, and he came to church twice. Then they weren't able to have contact with him then a few weeks later we saw him in the grocery store again, and asked the elders Hey have you had contact with Arthuro? They told us that they hadn't been able to get a hold of him, so we would send him a few text messages now and then just to invite him to church really we didn't think much of it. Then randomly on the 4th he pulls up in the parking lot, and we set up a return appt with him. Which we are now going to be the ones to teach him. We had a really good lesson with him on Friday. It was pretty funny because after we started the lesson with just a little small talk he asked can I be frank with you? Of course when someone says that your just like alright bring on the questions and your doubts. Turns out he just wanted to tell us that he is willing and ready to do whatever he needs to learn, and come closer to god. How is has a "boring" life compared to the world, but he has his priorities where they need to be. Anyway he is on date for this month to be baptized, and Sunday he made it to church!!! He is super great so keep him in your prayers. Speaking of church all 4 missionaries were asked to speak in church for yesterday so that was pretty sweet. We were asked to talk on the Forth Article of Faith, and since there are 4 of us we each took a different point. Somehow I ended up with Repentance, but it actually turned out pretty good. Now with our other boys. I have really no Charity for Victor I don't know what it is, but he kind of weirds me out. Like I am not so sure of his intentions of wanting to learn so like i said we need to see what direction he is going to go or just give him to the elders. Now as far as Luis and Lucio I absolutely love them both!!! They are both so great, and they just need to accept a baptismal date. We are still working on them so that they can feel more prepared and ready. It was sad because they couldn't make it to church on Sunday because Luis car broke down, and he is the one who gives Lucio a ride. By the time Lucio called us it was right before church, and since we were speaking we didn't get it until after. He felt bad that he couldn't come listen to our talks. What made it good is for our dinner appt we asked if we could invite an investigator so Luis was in attendance for that. Which is perfect because he is from Guatemala, and so is this family so we are getting him awesome fellowship. Which is great because the social conversion is definatly happening. This family is rock solid so they shared their testimonies, were able to answer questions as well, and it was really quite fun.
Oh also on Saturday we met this guy sitting outside in his truck from El Salvador. Of course I love pupusas so I started some small talk with him about that, and told him how I wanted to learn how to make them. Well guess what he let us come in is home, and his sister was actaully getting ready to start making pupusas so she let me help!! Then of course they let us eat with them as well. How sweet is that? Thats what is so great about being state side spanish I get to learn so many different cultures!!!
Well thats about the update from Seattle. Thanks for all your prayers, and support. I love you all. Know that you are always in my prayers!!! Have a great week, and enjoy everything.
LOVE ALWAYS, Hermana Grimes

What a week!

Letter from June 30th
Good Morning Family,
WELCOME TO JULY!!! Dad we hit fast Sunday number 13 yesterday!!! I hope you all had the best week. Well I read that you are going to the Stadium of Fire...Punks!!  I might just be a tad jealous, but next year I am partying it up!!! I can't really complain it should be pretty fun around here considering we have a branch activity in the morning, and then we are headed to the Adams for a BBQ. Other than that just soak in the fireworks for me because I don't know how much of those I will be getting to see. Also crazy to think that by the next time I have P-day Steven will be headed to Chile!!! That means you all get to talk to him really soon!!!
Well are you ready for a crazy update on my week. Like I mentioned last Monday Crystal and Misa got Married!!! We spent the day at the church helping get everything set up, and then spending time with them. It was so fun!! It was just something small, but it was exactly what she wanted. Its nice because really she is super easy going, and didn't really care which is good considering it was all done in a month. What a month it has been for the two of them!!! It has been absolutly amazing to be a part of the whole process, and I know that its a story that will be told the rest of my life. Lets be real here I will be telling a lot of stories for the rest of my life. Monday after we did all of our normal p-day stuff we headed to the church to help her finish putting the final details on everything. We had a lady in the Branch do her flowers, another lady offered to make the cake, and someone else was there helping her do her hair. They were married by the branch president, and after we had a little lunch. Which pretty much all of the food was provided by members in the branch as well. Which was such a blessing because Crystal just told everyone it was a pot luck, but not really anyone brought anything except one family brought rice.  It worked out perfect because they went and bought chicken at costco, someone else brought salads, and chips and salsa. They were so grateful for everything!!! Then on Sunday Crystal made a point to Hermana Peak and I that she wanted us to decorate her car. So of course we did, and she loved it!! It was such a good day, and she told us she felt like a princess all day long. I am so excited for them. You know they have been together for 8 years, and they just needed someone to tell them to get married. It was something that they had talked about for a long time, and they finally did it. Now it is Crystal and Misa Cardenas!!! Also the two newest members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! What a process it has been as well. You know how last week I was telling you about that crazy intense lesson that we had? Well this week made everything worth it. Like I mentioned she was able to talk to President Campbell which I have gained such a greater respect for our branch president because of this experience. He was able to talk to them so he was well aware of her addiction. Honestly I have not met anyone like them before, and President Campbell told them that they need the chance to be baptized. He also made it really clear of the things that they need to do, and that it will be a process. Since crystal has had quite the past she needed to be interviewed by President Miller who helps out our mission President. Well that happened on Thursday night he spent some time talk to President Campbell as well so they could be on the same page for the interview. Well Thursday night after the interview she threw all of her cigarettes away!! Which is huge. We all know that it is going to be a process, but if anyone can do it, it would be her.  I will have to go into this whole story one day, and give you all the other details. Well Saturday afternoon they were BAPTIZED!! It was so amazing. Crystal was baptized by President Campbell, and Misa by Hermano Solis. They looked so happy, and I can't even describe how great it was. Just because like I have said before we have seen everything through this whole process good and bad. Not to mention I know a lot about there life stories, and the things they both have gone through. Then to be a part of watching them make the change, and be baptized knowing that they get to just start fresh. For the baptism we asked some of the young women to sing When I am baptized which at the last second us missionaries got pulled in. Even though it probably wasn't the greatest because we didn't practice at all. The spirit was strong!! We sang it in Spanish and English I look over at Crystal afterwards and she just has tears in her eyes. Seriously it was such an amazing day. Of course since we are talking about Crystal and Misa we defiantly got a few laughs for the day. The first time she walks out in her white jumpsuit she says "I look like a giant marshmallow." Man I love them. Then on Sunday they were both confirmed, and received the gift of the holy ghost. Which was another amazing part being able to listen the the blessing that they were both given, and how it was just for them. My MIRACLE COUPLE!!!
Speaking of Sunday we had yet another great day at church yesterday. Victor came which I am not sure about him. He is kind of fence sitting right now so we just got to figure out which direction he is going to fall.
Then Lucio and Luis both came to church. Which is so good because they are such good friends they both motivate each other. Well they showed up a few Min's late, and I turned around. Which I tend to do because I have to watch the doors for any investigators that come in. I missed them walk in. They are sitting on the back row, and I am up towards the front on the side so I turn around and Lucio just sticks is arms up and waves!! Then in our gospel principles class we had quite the laugh attack. So in the morning when we go exercising we have talked to a couple spanish guys who are usually headed out for work for the day. Well we had been inviting this one for a few weeks now, and to our suprise he actually came. Well in class we are sitting on the front row cystal, hermana peak, and then me. To the side is lucio and this guy well this guy starts to doze off in class. He is making the whole head nods and everything so crystal points it out, and I dont know what it is but all 4 of us start laughing. It was one of those things that once you start you can't stop. Of course Lucio is trying to be more dignifed about it so he is just putting is finger over is mouth kind of telling us to be quiet, but of course you see him laughing. Which makes it even funnier. Then we finally all get calmed down, and thats when the snoring started. Well that was about it for the 4 of us because we all bursted out laughing again!! After church we were invited to have a picnic in the park with Hermano Temo Chavez because he had a bunch of carne asada left over for saturday night. Well we invited Lucio and Luis to tag along as well so that was pretty fun. Then after all 3 of "our boys" went to a child of record baptism, and what is so great about it they recieved so much fellowship from the branch.  After the baptism there was a get together with food, and just people hanging we couldnt attend because it was out of our area. There was so many people after the baptism who just went right up to them, and invted them to attend so Lucio and Luis went to that as well!!! Heck ya!!
Love Always, Hermana Grimes

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pictures from Washington.

Yes, I still need to update all of you on Lindsey's summer in the mission field. I am sorry for slacking. Please forgive me. I will get those letters posted soon. In the meatime let's not tell Lindsey that I got behind and just look at these awesome pictures from Lindsey's week in Washington. Deal?

Monday, June 18, 2012 is the same

Good Morning Family,
I hope you all had a good trip I am sure I will get details about it soon. Glad to hear you made it home safely. Happy Father's Day Dad. I know it was yesterday, but at least you have a little shout out. I did send a card nothing crazy, but just know I was thinking about you.
Also mom thank you so much for your email this morning, and making an extra effort to make sure I had it in my inbox in time!!! Your the best.  Mom really thanks again because I would have bursted into tears if nothing was in my inbox so thank you so much, and really you have now idea how much it means. Also could you please attach Stevens emails because for the past few weeks I haven't been getting them. Linnea Grimes good thing your email just came in!! Dad and B so did yours!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Well some weeks I feel like my emails are just super boring because everything is just going. Which I should be grateful that its at least all still going. You know I have never been on the biggest emotional roller coaster in my whole entire life. You know there are so many things I love about missionary work really, but one thing I am not going to miss is feeling like I am walking on egg shells. I feel like everything I do nothing is really right or the way it should be done. I try to be exactly obedient, but somehow I am human- imagine that, and that doesn't always happen. Some rules don't make sense, and some times I just wish I could just get a break or some slack cut you know.  Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself because really there is only so much I can do, but emotionally some times I just wonder how I have ever made it this long. You know and soon I will have some great things to tell you, and be able to go into more detail. You know missions are just hard which means they wouldn't be worth it if it wasn't hard. Or somehow I would grow the way I needed if it wasn't hard. I was talking to crystal yesterday after Relief Society. She turned to me and said you have a lot of patience i can see it in your eyes. I told her you know before my mission yes I would have considered myself a patient person, but now not so much. She just said no know now your getting to know more of the meaning of patience. I don't know why I loved that so much, but really I had a light bulb turn on in my head!! Sure I knew a certain level of patience or maybe the definition, but now I am getting to know it personally.  Which by the way Crystal and Misa were in church yesterday!! I love them, and they are the biggest tender mercy this transfer. On Wedensday they pulled out their wedding rings that they had bought. On Sunday the wedding was announed in sacrament meeting. Before Relief Society a cute lady who likes to make cakes hermana Maurn comes up and says I will be making your wedding cake. Next Monday is the big day!!! I am so Excited for them. Keep them in your prayers the baptismal date might have to be pushed back another week, but dont worry they will make it. I have never met a couple like them my entire mission, and it has been so fun to just watch them learn and grow. Not only that to establish a relationship with them in the gospel as missionaries, but also as their friends. Everytime we go over there Hermana Peak and I always walk out just thinking how the heck did we spend so much time in there. The lessons are that solid it just goes from one gospel topic to the next and so many good questions. Not only that they make me laugh so much, and I seriously just love them. Also victor came to church. We are still working on the word of wisdom well he is working on it, but its coming. Also with Lynda we are to the point we just don't know what to do anymore. I mean really there is only so much we can do. She told us all week long how much she wanted to come to church, and then didn't make it. She is just going through so many things right now she still smokes, and takes so many medications because of mental/ anxiety problems. We just need a little more effort you know the relationship here has got to work both ways. Same with Alex I mean all we can do is invite, but they have to be the ones that really want to change their lives. I was reading a scripture in Mosiah 5:2 where they people are talking about a change they had in themselves because of the change they had in their hearts. It has to be that way because our desires have to be linked to actions and eventually that is what is going to make us change, and want to change into the person we are or who we want to become. Basically I know so many people want to change they just don't realize that we are more than just two girls to help them feel good on a bad day. We are the way we are because of the gospel.
Speaking of that just in case you forgot guess who hits one year on FRIDAY!!!! I am almost to the point where I can say this time last year I was a missionary. Crazy. Oh man it sure has been quite the ride full of good and bad times. This somehow better make me a better person. Good thing I wouldn't trade it for anything!! Well family go out and celebrate for me. Also little tatum HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!!! Family I love you all so much, and I am glad you loved the vacation. Have the best week ever, and enjoy every moment. Love you, and a big hug from Seattle.
XOXOXO Love Always, Hermana Grimes

Staying in Seattle

Good Morning to my Favorite People
From Seattle to Newport to the Prove MTC!!!
I am staying here!!! My companion is still going to be Hermana Peak. Which I am not sure President made to many changes with the Spanish hermanas this transfer. Actually I am quite excited. You know for some reason the last transfer really was more on the rougher side. I am not 100% sure why I think it was probably a lot of little things that kind of just were building up. Its amazing how much my attitude had changed just the last week I was here. Not that I didn't love the people or the area, but I am starting to love it more and more. Just over the last transfer I have come to realize how much I really do love the work, and love being a missionary. There were just times where I just wasn't happy, and like I said I don't know if one thing triggered it or if it was just a bunch of small things. I realized I can't really depend on other people making me happy. I have to learn to be happy no matter the area, investigators, or my companion. I have also been praying for charity a lot, and I am actually quite excited for whats coming next.
Now we had the biggest miracle of all this week!!! You know how I talked to you about Crystal and Misa last week, and how absolutely amazing they are. So to recap: we taught the law of chastity Friday and  they talked to Branch President Sunday.  Well we had an appt on June 5th so last Tuesday. We walk into their apartment, and the first thing she pulls out is a 8 1/2 x 11 Manila envelope. Guess what was in the envelope? Their Marriage License!!! Yes first thing Monday they went and got their marriage license. We had a minor freak out. That day she also went and got her self a dress, they looked at rings, and are making all the other plans to have a small wedding. They were even able to contact the branch president who will be the one to marry them. They are getting married June 25, 2012 and then baptized on June 30, 2012!!! Can you believe it?! Also this weekend we had a stake picnic which they were both in attendance, and they were even at church on Sunday. Come to find out they weren't even feeling very well, but they didn't wanted to miss church!! Just in talking to them this week I can't even believe we have to chance to know and teach them. I mean that is the greatest thing ever to help to people not only get baptized, but help them get married so they can be living all the commandments to be baptized. Then the fact that they are so willing to do it is even better. Also come to find out the day we knocked on her door which would have be May 27, 2012 happened to be her 34th Birthday. Well Her and Misa had just had an argument, and the in her words "then we got 2 girls knocking at our door." Now nothing will ever be the same for them. Its amazing because they have been reading, and praying personal and together. Basically they are just on Fire!!! Keep them in your prayers.
Also Alex and Victor came to church. Victor has the goal to be baptized this month we are working with him on the Word of Wisdom, and as of Friday he hasn't smoked. He told us that the desire to smoke is getting less and less. So we just have to keep working, and supporting him. Now Alex on the other hand he need to gain a testimony so we are still working on that with him, but a least he is coming to church.
Now on to some funny stories because I have a few. Last Monday we were tracting and we met a younger guy named Luis. Who of course was busy at the time, but said we could come back. We set a return appt for Friday evening. Well Friday evening rolls around, and we knock on his door. He opens the door with a mouth full of food, and a surprised look on his face. Kind of like I can't believe you actually remembered. Well hello we are missionaries, and since its your salvation were talking about what makes you think we would forget. Anyway he told us he was eating. Gee never would have guessed that I think only the mouth full of food gave it away. Then he told us to come back in 20 minutes. Well 20 Min's pass and we pass by his door again and posted on the door is this note. "Disculpenos tuvimos que salir que Dios las bendiga." Which basically says Sorry we had to leave god bless. Then we write a little something back on the note, and hear dishes clashing. We just laughed, and walked away. I mean if you didn't want us to come back you could have just told us the first time come on buddy lets save our time and yours. At least we got a good laugh.
Now speaking of good laughs. This one is great. Now I have to tell you this one in person because it will be that much better, just because its that good, but I just can't not tell you. Just so you have something to hold you over. The other day we made our way up to North Seattle to teach Rey and Elsa brother and sister from Argentina. They are probably in their 50's. Now the English elders have been working with them, but they wanted our help because Elsa doesn't really understand English like Rey. Now we are tag teaching them with the elders, and its actually quite fun. They had us over for the lesson, and after the lesson they fed us dinner. OK well he went to culinary school so he knows his stuff when it comes to cooking so we had a great authentic Italian dinner. Besides the point. Anyway I always offer to help after the meal to clean up just because is polite. By this point Elsa was taking dishes into the kitchen.
So I ask Necesita ayuda con las trastes. Which means do you need help with the dishes.
Elsa says no estoy bien.
Segura, porque a mi me gusta a lavar las trastes. Are you sure I love washing dishes
Elsa in her sweet little voice just tells me she we do the dishes later.
Ok so everything gets cleaned up. Rey waits until everything is off the table. Now really quick let me just tell you Rey is just one of those guys who likes to give you a hard time which is good he has this kind of personality because thats what made the story so funny. Then he says you speak a lot like a mexican. Now remember they are from Argentina even though we all speak spanish its different. He says because you just asked to help with las trastes. Which in mexico they say that for dishes, but in places like Argentina it means ass. (Sorry for my language) Then by this point all of us our dying of laughter. Rey goes so you just asked to help wash our asses, and then you told us that you love doing it!!! Now he was not kidding, but I sure got teased about it all night long. Then another thing. You know that stuff that I sent you home for Christmas that is like the sweet carmel spread. Well Elsa pulls that out and I mentioned how much I loved it. Well guess what the word Cajeta means...the same thing. Then that gave Rey even more reason to give me a hard time. Basically I just provided the entertainment for everyone that whole night. At least we got a good solid laugh. Note to self I am going to stick with Los Platos instead of Las Trastes for everyone. Its not like I never said platos I just had no idea that trastes was so different in everyother country expect Mexico. I guess I missed that one in the MTC amazing that wouldn't teach you the swear words.
Well family I love you all so much. I hope your enjoying your vacation it sure sounds like fun!!! Know that I am thinking about you, and praying for you always. Keep doing whats right, and having fun. Enjoy the new cars land it sounds legit!!!
Love you Always, Hermana Grimes

Welcome to June

To the people I love the most,
How was your week? Welcome to Summer Vacation. You punks by the next time you get my email you will have been starting your vacation. It sure does sound like fun so I hope you all enjoy it, and I am sure you will tell me all about it. Also dad we hit fast Sunday number 12!!! Crazy!!! I was thinking about you yesterday like always, but its always a little extra on fast Sundays just because its our thing.
Well this week has been great. We had a investigator well actually he is the elders investigator Gonzalo. Who wanted to take us out for seafood. Well I love sea food so i am not going to turn down that offer. He ended up taking us to a nice place that over looks the Seattle skyline and right by alaki beach. The restaurant is named Salty's. He told us he wanted to take us somewhere nice because all the sea food restaurants around where we live they fry everything. He heard about this place, and decided to try it out. Of my gosh it was fantastic. One the view alone, and the food. It was a little pricey so I felt kind of bad. He told us we could get whatever we wanted. He actually convinced me to get my dish because he knew how much I love salmon, and told me not to feel bad about it. Even though I ordered the most expensive thing out of all of us it was 50 dollars!!  It was a copper river salmon that comes from Alaska and they only have it a certain time of the year for about a month. So I took full advantage!!! I attached a picture just because my food looked that pretty, and tasted that good. Also that purple stuff under the fish I did not consume. Luckily I had a great piece of fish, asparagus, and bread so whatever that purple mashed crap was I did not eat because I pretty sure we all know it is. At least I think it is I must have over looked that part of the menu but it worked out because I was quite full by the time I got to that point. SO YUMMY!!!
We were finally able to do our exchanges. On Friday to Saturday I got to go kick it with Hermana Stout in Bellevue. It was so needed. Its so nice being able to have a bestie in the mission because are just like little girls with so much to catch up on. Friday night of course we had some people to visit, but we went to some Burger Joint for dinner just because we could. Also we were able to stop by and see the Cardenas Family. Who I love with all my heart. It was so great, and I love they have become such a big part of my life. They are such a great family, and no matter what happens I know i will always have that connection with them. It was so good to see them. Then on Saturday once again we caught up on all shorts of crazy things, and then went out to lunch. I seriously love that girl, and we have such a great time. It was nice to have a recharge. Another thing I realized the work still continues after you leave because its the Lords work, and is never going to stop. It was part of the Restoration we were promised that it would never stop again. The greatest thing is really is all for me I just am blessed enough to be a part of it, and be able to meet people to establish these relationships, and to grow in ways I never thought possible.
Also in talking to Alicia this last week she was asking her 9 year old son Carlos who just got baptized. If there were 3 things that he could teach his friends what would they be. She said she was just asking it in general conversation just to know and guess what he spits out?
1. Word of Wisdom
2. Law of Chasity
3. Reading the scriptures.
How cute is that? We got a little laugh as she was telling me that.
Yesterday Lucio came to church!!! I sure do love that guy, and he absolutely loved it.
Now let me tell you about our other miracle for the week. So Last Sunday we had an appt to visit with some members in the branch. We arrived at the apartment complex, but were not sure what apartment they lived in. Guess what we do check it out in the ward directory. OK wrong. We go and knock on the door of the apartment we think is theirs, and some white lady answers. In our minds we are thinking OK she is not Hispanic, and not who we are looking for. I am telling you, you never know whats going to be behind the door. Its actually quite thrilling. She asked us what church we belonged to. Then of course we told her the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. She went on to explain how she used to meet with the elders and has attend church a number of times. They had moved, and hadn't had contact with missionaries. Then we go on to tell her that we teach in Spanish, and that we could get her set up with missionaries. Then she says well that's perfect because my boyfriend speaks Spanish, and he never went to church with me because he thought it was only in English. We were able to go in and get to know them Crystal and Misa. She expressed how much she wanted to be baptized because she is 34 and has not had that opportunity. We were able to go back earlier this week and teach them, and but them both on date for baptism at the end of the month. Now the thing is they are not married, and she is a smoker. Get this we talked about the law of Chasity and the word of wisdom and then invited them to church. We get a call about 25 minutes before church starts a 9 usually when that happens its is some one cancelling. Well not them!!! Then called telling us that they were already waiting in the parking lot. Then during the Gospel Principles she wanted to talk to the branch president and spent a good 45 Min's talking to him in his office. Of course he brought up the same things. She has this attitude I don't even care what I have to do or not do nothing is getting in my way!!! She already told us that they would get married because they have been together for 8 years, and just had never done it. The branch president can also be the one who marries then. She told us that if she has to quite smoking she would do it, and the president got her involved with a guy in the stake who help with addiction recovery programs. After church we had a lesson with them, and the BOTH LOVED church!!!! Misa mentioned the gospel principles class 10 times through out our whole lesson, and it helps because he works with the teacher.  Well they see each other around so it was good for him to see a familiar face. Also crystal asked a question about why there are so many different churches if their is only one god. We of course have a little object lesson planned to explain, and help people understand. You just have to know her personality but she just stops us and says " I get it, it all makes sense god just has multiple personalities or he is schizophrenic." We all busted up laughing for a good solid 5 minutes. I promise she was kidding, but we were dying so funny. Really they are so great, and I LOVE THEM!!! Lots of questions, but they have such a desire to learn, and to change.
Also talking with Alex. I don't know if you remember the story about the complements a few weeks ago that were so funny. Well i found out the reason his brother thinks I am so cute is because apparently I look like some famous Mexican singer named Belinda. So you should check it out, and let me know. Since I don't have access to that kind of stuff.
Well family I love you all so much!!! Thanks for your emails. I hope you all enjoy your week. Know that I love you and am praying for you always. Also transfers are next week!!! I can't believe I am actually saying this but I want to stay, and I would actually be OK if its with Hermana Peak. Trust me I don't know if I would have said that even 2 days ago. I have been praying for charity so much, and its coming. I sure do love what I am doing right now even though I have times where I just want to be done. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!! 
Love always, Hermana Grimes

Loving you from seattle

Good Afternoon Family,
First of all I am so glad to hear that you got the package of Seattle Chocolates. Aren't they so yummy?!! OK let me tell you the story behind it. So around Christmas time I saw some elders with chocolate wrappers that said Seattle, and I thought it would have been so cool to get some and send it home. It turns out they ended up getting the chocolate from a member in their young single adult ward so then I didn't think much about it. Well since I got called to serve in Seattle one night about a few weeks ago we were talking to a lady after a meeting we had, and she was telling us about how the factory/ retail store for Seattle chocolates here in our area that we had to go check out. Of course I was all over it so last week Hermana Peak and I had a little fun exploring the chocolate store. Well the cute lady that gave the elders the chocolates works at the store so she let us sample anything and everything. We ended up talking to her for a while just having a great time, and she is not a member but has been investigating the church. So she knows a lot about missionaries having families that live far away. Anyway turns out the one of the presidents of the company is a Mormon, and happened to come in the store when we were there. He actually told us that we could get whatever we wanted, and he would cover the bill. How sweet is that? Then the cute lady working there was like well we can just ship it to your families from here for free, and I will even take your picture to put in the package!!! I even sent one to steven so he got to be part of it as well!!!
There you have our chocolate adventure, and now you each got to be the benefit of some nice people here.
 Something funny the other day we were playing the game two truths and a lie with some of the young women. I totally said I was writing a missionary, and it stumped everyone!!! Little did they know at that time it was my bro.
Also I did receive the i-pod with Stevens farewell talk. He did a really good job!! I do have to give him props because of the little shout outs. I am not sure if you noticed, but  I sure did that right in the beginning when he was talking about the story of the Helaman and the strippling warriors he said he has liked that story "since he was like 5." Oh my gosh I laughed so hard!!! Love you kid, and you rocked it.
Now for the update from Seattle.
Well the reason why your receiving this email later in the afternoon is because we were able to go to the temple this morning so that is always a nice change. Also on Friday I was able to attend the baptism of Alicia's two youngest boys. The English elders have been teaching them, and they got baptized!!! That was a really great experience to be able to be a part of that, and just watch how in such a short amount of time she has been able to help her family. Also Lynda went to church, and had a great experience. She was telling us all last week how she really wanted to go. I think she felt really embarrassed that we had to see her in that way, but its part of what we do. What makes it even greater is how much she wanted to go to church after everything kind of went down. Another thing that happened I don't know if you remember me telling you about Alex. Anyway he is the one that is going through a really hard time with his wife, and basically has a broken heart. He is kind of pessimistic and has a little bit of an attitude just because of what he is going through. Its actually really great because he is slowly making the changes. The first time after his wife left when Hermana Spiller and I were meeting with him we couldn't even get him to pray. Just because he was so mad and hurt that he didn't even want to talk to god. The best part is that he is trying, and he keeps telling us how hard he is trying. Well he came to church on Sunday. Not only that he now prays at the end of our lessons, and he calls us angels which is really quite nice. We also had another one of our investigators at church named Victor. Then we have another older guy we are teaching named Lucio. Who is great, and I really like him. Once again just reminds me of a little grandpa. We met him a few weeks ago just walking around an apt complex. He had told us that his daughter used to meet with missionaries in Mexico, and that's how he knew who we were. He was busy that night, but he told us he would call and we could start meeting. Now when that happens you just think OK the chance of that happening are the chance of getting blink cards...just aint going to happen. (Linnea that was just for you) Well he did, and he is really interested. He came to church last week. He wasn't able to make it a few days ago because he was in Oregon. He is so interested in learning, and is so funny. He always goes in our lessons at least for the first ten minutes about how he didn't attend school, and is really interested in learning and that's why he has so many questions. We always explain to him well Lucio that's our job as missionaries is to help you learn. He makes me laugh, but he is reading the book of Mormon. One day soon he will be baptized so I will keep you posted.
There you have just a small piece of what has been happening.
Yesterday for Memorial Day we were invited to have a BBQ with the Adams Family.  Anyway we had dinner with them last week because they told us to come over anytime, and then they invited us over for a Memorial day American BBQ. They are such sweet people, and I love how I have been able to get to know them because they are in a English ward that meets in a different building. I met them last transfer because we taught Alicia, and she attends an English ward so I had seen them every once in a while when we were helping Alicia. Just to give you an idea of the kind of people they are he told us "Don't call 911 call Brother Adams." That was really fun.
Also I need to give a shout out to B!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!!! I sure love you, and will be thinking about you tons. I sent a little something nothing crazy, but just to let you know I didn't forget about you.  Party it up in a good way of course. Also I was looking at pictures and wanted to ask how many piercings in your one ear?
Well Family I love you all so much!!! I am praying for you. Enjoy every moment, and Live it up. With a big hug from Seattle. 
Love Always, Hermana Grimes.