Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Crazy week

Hola to my Amazing Family!!!
Well Here we are again!! I LOVE email day because I get to tell you all about my crazy up and down week!! This week was just that. You know its a good thing I like Roller coaster's because I am in one for the Next 14 months. Let me just fill you in on how it all went. The Rainy Season is officially in full force which means I use my Rain coat every day. I will probably start to look a little scary because you know I am getting WET!! So don't judge, and I promise I am still trying to be the cutest sister missionary ever. Yesterday we took our Culture day and went into the City!! I Love the City. Of course we did it all the Space Needle, Pikes, the Gum Wall, and some Troll thing under a bridge. I will attach a few pictures, and a video so hopefully it works, but its just a sneak peek because I will have a CD of pictures coming next week sometime. I loved the view from the space needle. Pikes was so fun, and I probably could have spent hours there, and of course I had to go put a piece of gum on the famous gum wall.
As for updates on my investigators. We had a Lesson with Carolina on Thursday, and it had been a few days since we have seen her. Anyway it was such a spiritual lesson we basically just told her how it is of course with Charity. We read in Mosiah 18 and talked about the importance of Keeping the Sabbath day Holy, and Baptism. She said the closing prayer, and cried. The spirit was so strong, and I love her so much!!! She was all ready to be baptized today, and was supposed to have her interview on Sunday. We went over on Saturday, and had a lesson with her kids. We talked to each of them about the importance of baptism, and had them answer some questions for us. I LOVE children they are so cute!!! They come up with the cutest answers. Well anyway at 6:35am on Sunday we get a call from Carolina telling us she was so sorry, but she got called into work. Not only that she will be working double shifts all week long. She couldn't come to church which means her baptism will be pushed back a few weeks once again. Remember that roller coaster ya so exacted so excited ...then back down. We are going to visit her sometime this week, and I know she will be baptized. Her testimony is not even a question for me at all she is so ready. Dang Satan!!! Just keep them in your prayers.
Next we have Sarah. Who we hadn't visited in a few weeks basically we just needed to figure out what was holding her back. She lived in Utah for a year and attended Church, and pretty much knows it all. For some reason we couldn't get her to be baptized, and she was hard to get a hold of. Well Saturday night we had such a good lesson. Once again we shared Mosiah 18 because it was perfect for her as well. Basically we walked in the lesson not knowing what to share, but I had been studying Mosiah 18 during personal study it was just perfect for both. Anyway she told us how she reads every day, and needs to be baptized. What was holding her back from being baptized in Utah was she was not married, and living with her boyfriend. Well she got married over the summer so that's not an issue anymore, and she has the support from her Husband. So we committed her to baptism on October 29, 2011, but guess who didn't come to church!!! Once Again Roller Coaster!!! Which blows my mind because less than 24 hours earlier she told us how she needed to be there, and right before church started she called us to tell us her husband was going to take her an she would see us soon. We even had a ride set up for her and everything. I am not sure what happened there, and she is still ok to be baptized at the end of this month but she has to come to church.
Then Alejandra. Who is a single mom, and is in the process of going through a divorce. She used to work on Sunday's so I had only met her once up until last week. She called us and said she no longer works on Sunday's, and wanted to come to church. That was right before general conference. We arranged to have someone pick her up, and we watched the Sunday afternoon session of conference with her. We had two visits with her last week, and they were so good. Basically I feel like a counselor, but she needs someone to talk to and someone to listen to her. She was supposed to come to church too, but GUESS WHAT she didn't. Her ex- husband was supposed to come, and pick up her son but he never showed. I mean she had a good reason I guess, and we went to visit her last night she felt so bad. Its hard because I see how much each of these people need the blessings of the Gospel, and they are all so close!!! So needless to say Saturday night I was so excited just to go right back down on Sunday. I think I figured out that's why they have P-day on Monday. Its so hard not to get disappointed, but my mission president said it best. "Disappointment leads to a lack of faith....(so true) Godly Sorrow leads to an increase of Charity." Its hard at times to keep the faith, and stay strong especially because we are going to feel disappointed because we love these people. That's where we just have to trust in the Lord. The upside Joel attended church so hopefully sometime soon we can get him committed to baptism. In the meantime I guess I will just enjoy the ride!!! As for the ward we have been visiting a Less Active Member Laura Nunez, and her Children. She has quite the story, and it has been fun getting to know her. She had us over for dinner on Sunday, and then over for a birthday party thing yesterday. She is so sweet, and I love playing with her kids. One of the pictures is her daugher Alessia (4) and I. Oh man that kid is crazy, but I love her so much. She always comes and gives me hugs, and kisses (more like sucks my face off)  I love them so much, and we have so much fun!!
Thank you for your amazing support, encouragement, and prayers.  Be good, and know that some missionary in Seattle Loves you!!! Enjoy every moment.
Hermana Grimes

1st bday and General Conference in the mission field

Hola to the most amazing people in the World!!!
First off I am so sorry about not warning you, but yesterday was transfers so P-day is pushed until Tuesday.I am so sorry, but hopefully today will be a nice surprise. I am attaching tons of pictures so be excited hopefully I will get time to explain them all.
Well hermana heywood and I are staying together, but that really was no surprise!! I love my area. I am going to ball like a baby when I have to leave, but lets not talk about that right now. I have only been here for one transfer, and I absolutely dread transfer calls!!! Its so intense, and they call at like 10:00pm on Sunday night to tell you your leaving!! At that moment in time you don't know where your headed ya doesn't that suck!! It was a little rough because our zone is losing some great elders who are really going to be missed. We had so much fun this transfer, and became so close.
I hope you all had an amazing conference. I absolutely loved it!! I will give you some of my favorites. Of course any talk about missionary work kind of just hit home. I loved President Ucthdorfs- On how we are nothing compared to god, but to god we are everything.
Carl Cook- "Look up, Step up, Cheer up." The view is better if you look up. One of my favorites for sure!!
Todd Christofferson- Amazing Talk on Repentance
Dallin H. Oaks- No middle ground- being in full force
Which ever apostle gave to talk on the lines through circles about the bible, and the book of Mormon. I thought that was great, and I will probably steal the idea on day in a lesson.
I also love the one about "what it means to wait on the Lord"
Then the one about how making time for things that matter most, and the things of the Lord matter most.
Basically I just loved all of conference. It was different for sure this year, and I of course couldn't use it as a day to chill in my pajamas. There is something amazing about being dressed up in the stake center, and have 16 missionaries watching conference in the same room. It added a little more meaning, and spirit. Not that it hasn't in the past, but you know. I watched all sessions of conference in English except Sunday afternoon. Which was OK because I got out what I needed to. I am pretty sure I missed a lot, but its all good because we had an investigator there so I can't complain. Which for the Saturday afternoon session we were supposed to have an investigator so I was going to have to watch it in Spanish, and I was a little bitter. One because I wanted to understand every word of what was going on, and two there is something about hearing their voices you dont get that in Spanish. Then our investigator didn't end up coming, and I realized I was being extremely selfish so I had a change of heart by Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I thought about each of you because we were doing the exact same thing and that moment in time. Kinda cool
Now on to my Amazing Birthday!! I can't thank everyone enough for the cards, and Love that I have received this past week!!! Ok so that morning I work up...obviously but my sweet companion wished me a Happy Birthday!! Then we exercised, and got ready. After which we opened the presents that I had. Which one was from mormor filled with my favorite Swedish candies. Then I was opening Linnea's big box!! Which of course I got cried as I read the sweet card, but what else is new. Then I pulled out the Most amazing Quit EVER!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Linnea I cant even express to you how much I loved it!!! It is so cute, and colorful. Probably the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. You are the best. Then after we had yet another secret meeting. I dont know what is up with these meetings but I Love them. Its only about 50 missionaries, and we still have no idea why we are picked to go we probably never will. President Larkin spoke, and it was amazing. He talked about Charity, and being true followers of Christ. In order to be a true follower of Christ we have to have temperance and diligence, and how we are on the battle lines with Satan. You walk out of those meetings just so filled with the spirit, and determination to do what ever it takes. That was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Then my companion took me out to Lunch at panera bread which was so sweet of her. Then we headed back to the apartment for our weekly planning. Which is not the funnest, but we have learned to make it fun. We have so much potential in our area right now. We have set a goal of baptism's we are going to get this month so its going to be amazing. Then we had a lesson with a lady that evening, and she fed us dinner. She is a great cook. Then Manuel who is a recent convert had us over to his house along with the Spanish elders. He made arroz con leche which is rice milk not really my favorite, but it was really sweet. Then the elders made me some cake batter gummy cookies so no desserts like pie or mocha ice cream, but its all good. Then Manuel gave me a NY hat for my birthday, and it was quite funny because he asked if I like New York then pulled out his hat and gave it to me. Its a Large, and he said he has only worn it a few times and I could have it. Through out the day I received cute happy birthday text messages from all the missionaries in the zone. Then of later that night I went on exchanges with Hermana Stout so me and her just chatted that night, and then called it a day around 10:30 pm. I know party animals. Then Friday night when I was back in my area our good buddies Elder Hall and Van Komen who live in the same apartment complex brought over two other Birthday Packages. One was from Toree!!! Love that girl who hooked my up with some cute nail polish, and of course my favorite chapstick. Then Family I received your package!!! I Love it. It was so sweet. Thank you so much for the curling iron, missionary purse, and Clothing!! Mom you did well, and are still keeping my stylish. It was different not being with all of you, but it was such a good day. I have felt so much love from so many people. Thank you for making my day so Special. I attached tons of pictures. I Love you all.
Really quick update on the amazing area of Kent. Carolina and her kids set a new date for baptism this month so keep praying. We are making it happen this month!! We are winning this battle with satan. Then sunday night we had an amazing lesson with Joel. He basically told us he knows the church is true, and we shared a scripture with him in Acts chapter 2. After we read it he got a little teary eyed, and stood up and said "I have to Change. " The spirit was so strong, and we are texting him every day because this week he is completely stopping drinking and smoking. He has made so much progress, and is so close but he slips up around his friends. We keep praying for him, and he is so close!!
Well I love you all. Thanks for the EVERYTHING!!! You are amazing, and I pray for you everyday. Keep doing whats right, and enjoy every moment.
Love you favorite Missionary
Hermana Lindsey Grimes