Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Lessons + Heavenly Father's time frame

Good Morning Family!!!
Ok so I have tons to fill you in on so I am going to try and make this as quick as possible. Well as you know it was transfers, and guess who got moved!! ME!!! I am going to try and just fall in love just like I have everyother place, but Bellevue sure was a tough place to leave. I am sure you are all curious to know where I am at now. So I am in SEATTLE!!! Yep the city including the space needle, pikes, and everyother lovely thing. My new companion is Hermana Spiller, and she is from Texas!! She seems like such a sweet heart, and I am super excited to get to know her. I was super sad to say goodbye to my bestie in the mission Hermana Stout, but I know we are going to be buds for life. Not to mention we get pulled apart right before our hump-What the Heck? Thats ok we ended up taking a picture together anyway because its super close. Can you believe it?!! We were talking about it just the other day, and it really has gone by super fast but you better believe that I know I have lived everyday!!! Do you want to know something my sweet trainer Hermana Heywood just got home yesterday!!
I don't know to much about the area or the people so I will have to fill you in on all of that next week!!! Just stay tuned for my new adventure.
So on Sunday it was probably one of the biggest meetings we have had. It was so great to see so many people. Also Miriam had her little baby blessed, and then she shared her testimony. It was so simple, but so powerful. Now let me tell you on of the greatest things as a missionary is seeing your recent convert continue to progress in the gospel. Our gospel principles class in held in the bishops office and it was jammed packed with at least 20 people, and that has never happened. At least it was a good way to finish out, and just looking around the room at how many people I love so much!!! Of course how many have made such a big impact on my life!! Its amazing, and Steven its one of the best things you have to look forward to. Speaking of Miriam and her family they weren't home yesterday so I didn't get to say goodbye. Which is sad, but I am hoping to boomerang my way back here in the next 9 months. I was showing Yazmin a picture of Adam and Eve they have all there children around them.
Yazmin said " I didn't know they had children"
Me "Well how do you think we got here"
Yazmin "GOD"
It was so cute!!
 Now Sunday evening we went over to see Hermana Escamilla who is an older lady, and she has been really sick for the past few weeks so she hasn't made it to church. We have gone over there to visit with her, and of course help her out. Well we get over there and she just gives us the biggest hug, and says I am so glad you came. Then she just starts crying, and keeps telling us how she wanted a blessing. She was explaining to us how there is so many things she wants to do, but because of her health she just cant. So we call Hermano Cardenas to come over. Hermana stout and peak leave to go let him in the apartment building, and she just starts crying!!! We are in her bedroom so I just go and put my arm around her as she cried into my shoulder. It was so sad, but such a touching moment. Once everyone arrived she asked if he would be willing to administer the sacrament to her, and then offer the blessing. He goes and gets everything ready in the kitchen, and we start with a prayer. Its amazing how strong the spirit was, and such a tender moment to have. I have a precious daughter of our heavenly father just lying on my shoulder with my arm wrapped around her as we see the priesthood in action. Its amazing, and probably one of my favorite things is to see the priesthood in action. Its moments like this where I really understand, and recognize the importance of why I am a missionary.
Now we have Jacira who we haven't seen in a few weeks because she has been sick. Well yesterday we were able to have the chance to visit with her for a little bit at the home of Hermana Stander. Actually we went on splits so me and hermana stout were only there for a little bit, but we had so many people who wanted to say goodbye. Anyway she calls us her angles, and remember that this lady is my favorite!! I have said since day one that we have a special connection, and we get inside to tell her i am leaving. She just said " No, mi Chiquita y mi amor" then starts crying, and don't worry we probably hugged for about 5 Min's. It was so sweet. Well guess what she is back on date for baptism for april 1, 2010!!!  The second we walked out I put my head up looked at the sky and just said "I don't get it." This is the lady that I have prayed, and fasted for, and I make sure we call her or text her everyday. The lady I never lost hope or faith in, and now that I am leaving things are going to work out for her baptism!! I am so SAD, and I know I am going to learn something real great from this. When I tell you what it is I will be sure to let you know. The thing is I promised her I was going to be there, and so just keep it in your prayers that I can find a way to make that work. You better believe I can't miss this one!!!
Well I said a lot of Goodbyes, but i am so grateful for every amazing person in this area!!! It has been more than I could have ever expected. I sure love you all, and am so grateful for your support. Have the best week!!! Enjoy everything, and you should celebrate on Thursday because we are half way!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
Simpre Amor
Hermana Grimes!!!

To my Favorite People

Good Morning from Bellevue!!!! I get so excited to check my email its a tad pathetic, but guess what thats when I get to hear from the people I love the most. I have so many things to tell you so I better get typing.
First of all I cried like a baby Wednesday night, and my heart was pounding. I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!! That was the best surprise ever!!!! I can't believe it Steven I am so proud of you, and Santiago Chile is going to get the best missionary in the entire WORLD in just a few short months!!!! I LOVE YOU!! Not to mention it was the best hearing your voices, but sad thing is I think i was so in shock that I can't remember if I said I love you. Really I love you so much, and I don't care whatever rules you had to break because that was the best moment ever!!! Thank you so much, and I am so excited to get the pictures!!! Get ready for the biggest roller coaster of your life buddy!!! You better believe I am going to be here supporting you every step of this crazy process. AHHH!!! Oh man I am so EXCITED!!!!
Now I hope you are all having the greatest week!!!
OK so First of all I attached a picture of Estela and her Gang. I love them so much, and I love how creative we have been getting in teaching them the lessons. So Estela's father joined the church, and after went crazy so she really doesn't have any interest. Well actually I think deep down inside she really does she is just nervous. One because she always lets us come back, and she is always actively participating in the lessons. Whats good is she is letting her kids make their own decisions so she is more than willing to let her children come to Church. One of her daughters Brenda who is eleven gets so excited every time we come over I am pretty sure she is one of the reason we get to keep coming back. We had given her a picture copy of the book of Mormon so she could read all of the stories. Of course being missionaries we always follow up so we asked "are you reading the book we gave you?" She said yes, and so we asked what she had been reading. She then explained to us how she read the story about how some boy found these golden dishes in the ground. Isn't that the cutest thing in the entire world? Golden plates- Golden dishes close enough. It was the sweetest thing, and helped me realized why we are supposed to come like little children. They are so open to new ideas, and I love how their little brains work. Anyway well guess what family came to church? The children of Estela so yesterday we had her 2 older teenage boys Pedro, Humberto, and her daughters Brenda, and Marisol. We are making progress!!! Its going to be a little bit of a process with them, but I am so excited that they came to Church!!! 
 Saturday night we had a church tour with Max who is now on date for baptism the end of the Month!!! So stay tuned for more details to come. We also invited him, and Emigdio to attend a baptismal service that night and they were both in attendance. Speaking of Emigdio he still has to work so he hasn't been able to make it to church, but he is still one of my favorites. He is such a tease. On Wednesday we had a lesson with him now this guy has tons of questions, and really needs to stop thinking so much. Anyway so he had is bible sitting on his lap, and I asked if I could see it. So he puts it right in front of my eyes, and quickly pulls it away. Then I ask OK can I touch you bible (not catching on to his teasing acts at this point in time) he lets me touch it, and then once again quickly pulls it away. By this time I know what his mind is thinking so I ask May I use you bible and he flat out says No!! What a punk, and then just starts busting up. Then I called him a tease, and I said it in English. Then at the baptism he comes up to me, and says will you right that word down that you said. So Funny!!! Man, good thing I love him oh and he is probably like in his upper 50's or so it makes it that much better.
Now on to Eddie. We were in Issaquach at some apartment complexes trying to find a certain referral, but of course we didn't have the apartment number so we just decided that we would tract. We start knocking doors because we can pretty much tell which was actually might speak Spanish. We are getting ready to leave, and a I see an apartment that I want to knock on. I am positive that they speak Spanish one because they have a dish-500, two low ride truck, and three there is a taco bell dog sitting in back window. I know what they are called, but I can't spell it so you get the idea. So I walk up the stairs by myself while my comps wait at the bottom. This white guy answers the door speaking English so I do my little spill about how we are missionaries, and gave him a mormon.org card so he could check out the website. Then I asked well I actually teach in spanish so do any of your neighbors speak spanish? He goes on to point out all these different doors around him, but still hasn't said anything about him. I just had the impression Ask where he is from. So I ask, and he says Mexico entonces habla espanol? He of course replies in spanish, and then we ended up having about a 30 min lesson on the door step about the restoration. It was pretty sweet, and It was just me who taught the lesson. I don't know if anything will come of it, but a least it was a good seed.
Miriam is still doing really well she was actually going to have a baby blessing for Taylor on Sunday, but she wasn't feeling well so that is being held off until next week. Poor thing, but it was really actually kind of fun because Saturday we had a crazy day so we ended up going on splits, and since Miriam is a member I got to hang out with her. Well hang out is not the best word because I helped her organize her thoughts because after the blessing she is going to share her conversion story, and her how she felt after she was baptized. It was the greatest thing ever. I love that lady even though she does have her share of trials she is the sweetest person ever. As I was writing some her thoughts down she mentioned to me how she knows that she still is going to have problems, but how now she just feels so much comfort because she knows that god is there to help her.
Also I got Kristen Beckers Invite!!! Its darling!!! They are way cute together. Also I got Whit's so they are both on my refrigerator. All my friends are getting married what the heck its like its some new and everlasting covenant or something. Its exciting
Anyway just so you know TRANSFERS are next week so p-day is tuesday, and you all know that you should pray I stay here!!!
Well family I hope you have the best week ever!!! I love you all so much, and just enjoy everything. Know that your in my prayers.
 Love your favorite missionary HASTA MAY 9, 2012 then that title will gladly be passed to the best brother in the WORLD!!!!!
Siempre Amor,
Hermana Grimes

Welcome to March

Hello Family,
TO THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!! Ok so it is Tuesday and the reason why P-day is switched is because we were able to attend the temple this morning. Sorry about not giving you any notice, but I didn't find out about it until after I had already written my email. Welcome to March!!! Dad we hit fast Sunday number 9!!! Crazy!!! Well I hope you all are doing well it has been such a great week here in Bellevue, and I am super excited to fill you all in.
First off this week were were able to meet with a lot of new people which is always good so we have some more potential there which is always good. Well Saturday night the Cardenas family hosted a Family home evening, and a dinner for one of our investigators. Of course the food was amazing as always, then they provided the lesson, and then we ended with uno and dessert. That night we had two dinner appointments set up so we ended up doing splits, and I was lucky enough to go with the Cardenas. Anyway we invited Emigdio over, and I don't think I have told you about him yet. We met him about 6ish weeks ago when we had that huge snow storm. We have been having appts with him about twice a week, he has come to the church for a church tour, and he is keeping all of his commitments. The only problem is he has to work on Sunday, but hopefully they will be hiring a new cook for the restaurant that he works for, and then he might be able to come. So basically he is doing everything he can be doing up to this point in time. He is so great, and it was fun to be able to have a FHE because that way he gets involved with the ward members, and See's that we have fun.  
Now on to one of our new investigators named Jorge. Ok so we meet him a few weeks ago actually because he had walked in to the apartment where we were teaching. Anyway being missionaries we of course talk to him, get his information, and set up an appt. Now let me tell you what usually happens when you set up an appt with Hispanics they end up falling through. So this was about two weeks ago, and for some reason we crazy day and didn't make it to the appt. Which I know is terrible, but in our defense a good chunk of the time they don't work. Anyway Friday we were in the area where he lives so we decided that we should go and check up on him. Well he let us in, but told us that he had to work soon and only had about 30 minutes. Now that is another thing that is not very normal because normally what happens is they tell us they don't have time because they have to work in 4 hours. Seriously...nice try, but come up with a better excuse. Since he didn't have much time we just decided to show him a quick Mormon message, but after we showed him one he wanted to watch a few more. Then after he opened up, and told us all about his past. Now by this point in time we know he has to work really soon so we say something, and he just said oh don't worry I can be late for work this is more important. OH MY!!! I about feel over please tell me who says that?! NO ONE. We ended up chatting for just a little longer, and he expressed how much he wanted to change his life. Well guess what buddy you are in the right place. We left his house, and set up an appt for this coming week. Anyway so Saturday we get a phone call, and I answer, and guess who it is? Jorge telling us that he doesn't have to work on Sunday, and is interested in coming to church. YES he called us!!! His only concern was that he didn't know where the church building was so Sunday morning we went over to his apartment so he could follow us to church. He ended up staying for the first 2 hours, but had to work so he didn't make it to priesthood. In gospel doctrine during introductions he mentioned how he was wanting to change his life. Everyone in the class was so welcoming, and just told him that they were all there to help him. So Great!!! Do you want to hear the best news of all Jacira came to Church!!!!! Love her so much. Anyway so after the gospel doctrine class guess what Jacira does goes up to Jorge, and bears her testimony about coming to church, and how she feels so much peace and so can he. How amazing one investigator to the other. Now Let me give you the up-date with Jacira after we put her on date she got really sick. Poor thing has some serious health problems. We didn't see her for about 2 weeks we would call her everyday, and send her text messages, but would get nothing in return. So needless to say it was the best feeling to see her walk into church. Whats hard is she can recieve message, but because of money or something she doesn't respond. Also she lives outside of our mission boundaries so all the times we have had lessons it has been in the church or in homes of members. The reason why she comes to our branch is because she has the fellowship, and its closer for her so she can attend in spanish. A few weeks ago we had mentioned that we could pass her name off to elders in the Everett Mission so she could have them visit her in her home, and she about freaked out. I love her so much, but she mentioned that she wanted to attend her in spanish with us. Whats good is she really does have a testimony of coming to church, and the only time she doesnt come is when she is really sick. I mean we are talking the lady who stops taking pain medication to drive, and stays all 3 hours even though she has back pain. We are supposed to have a lesson with her later this week so hopefully we can get things rolling for baptism because she needs this, and for selfish reasons I want to be here for it. She also even mentioned in Gospel Doctrine that she was working towards baptism. I am so excited for her she just needs the support, and foundation in her life. Not only that she is going to be Rock Solid. I can't even describe how good it is to see her walk into church, and I was praying for it all morning. When she walked in I was actually talking with someone else, and then turn around and she gives me the biggest hug!! Seriously I don't know what it is, but we just have that connection. Keep praying for her, and of course I will keep you posted.
Well there is a small scoop from Bellevue. I sure do love you all, and hope you have the best week ever!!!! I am excited to read your emails, and see what is going on. Enjoy Everything, and Thanks for all your support. Know I am praying for you always.
Love you.
Love Always,
Hermana Grimes

Friday, March 2, 2012

Still going

My fam,
I feel kind of bad because this week the email is going to be pretty dang boring. Really nothing new and exciting is happening or changing. It is still raining. Oh B I have a movie quote for you so do some research, and get back with me. You and I both know how well you are at naming movies, and how bad I am at it. OK so here it goes name that movie "There is 100% chance of precipitation."
I still love Bellevue. I still work hard. Investigators still go on date, and fall off. So basically everything is still going as normal the crazy life of a missionary, but yes still normal. 
So Jacira has been really sick for the past few weeks. Of course because she is supposed to be baptized. Dang Satan its always little things that pop-up everytime. That's OK because her date will probably be pushed back a few more weeks so hopefully the 10th or the 17th. Really I am going to work my little bum off because I would love to see her baptism before transfers. This lady is going to be Rock Solid. Keep her in your prayers because she struggles with health problems, and financial problems so she could use a little comfort. 
 Remember how at Christmas time I was telling you how is like some vicious cycle getting someone on date for baptism because its so exciting, and then I end up getting my hopes up. So I decided that were going to turn this into a game or better yet a thriller movie. I will of course be the same detailed Linds as always- some things never change. Which means you will get my awesome emails everyweek. I am just going to keep you on the edge of your seats so then you won't be expecting anything.  Then BAM all of a sudden you will receive an email with the great news of someone getting baptized!!! So stay tuned because it will be coming soon to Bellevue. As far as with Linda and Leslie. Leslie is pretty sure she was already baptized into our church as a baby. Well yep NOPE not our church so we have to do some explaining on that one.  Linda is really cute, and she could still be baptized soon. The only problem is she works every other Sunday, and the "investigator" should come to church three times before they are baptized. Well with her, her grandma is leaving March 20th and wants to be baptized before she leaves, but because of work she might not make it to church three times. We are going to have to figure that on out. Until then just stay on the edge of your seats. As far a yesterday for church goes a lot of people didn't make it because they were sick. On the good side of it we are starting to have all of these random people just start popping up such a less actives who haven't been to church or people bringing friends. Which is great because its a way to have the branch grow, and opens up opportunities for missionary work.
Now I have to tell you about an amazing lady that we met named Estella, and her family. Now I am not really sure how interested they are, and so we are going to have to get creative in that sense. Anyway the first time we knocked on her door she was telling us how after her dad joined the church he went crazy so really she doesn't have a good image of the church. Well I asked if we could just share a short Mormon message, and of course she let us in. Then they couldn't find their DVD remote so we ended up acting out the story of David and Goliath. Well basically that turned into them inviting us back over because we came back the very next day. Then this week we went over to their house twice for lessons, and dinner, and then Friday they treated us to Red Mango. Anyway I love them so much they are so great, but its going to be a little bit of a slower process. Like I mentioned we have to get them to get a new image, and view on the church because they haven't had the best experiences in the past. Of course figure out a creative way to teach them, and help the recognize the importance of the gospel.
The Cardenas had us over for breakfast Saturday, and I was able to experience Eggs Benedict for the first time. It was pretty dang good. Love them, and everyother person in the branch!!! They are all so good to us.
Also this week was Birthday week so we went to our share of Birthday parties. First Yazmin turned 9 so we were invited to celebrate with Miriam, and her family. Next their was a party for the Perez family, and pretty much the whole branch was in attendance, and then Saturday a part-member family had a party. Now this is one reason I was called to speak Spanish they like to party. Well like I mentioned things are still going, and I am still doing great.
Also, Dad monday holidays we still have P-day Monday, but the libraries are closed so we get time to email Tuesday. The times when P-days are switched is when we have transfers or we get to attend the temple.
I hope things are going well with you. Just know that I love you all, and I love hearing from you each week. Its my recharge, and of course I like all the updates from your lives. Enjoy everything, and have the greatest week, and know that your favorite missionary loves you.
Hermana Grimes

My amazing family!

The people I love the most,
How are you? I hope you all had a great week, and enjoyed your 3 day weekend. I am not going to lie p-day's are so lame if I can't email. It happens to be my favorite hour on p-day because I get to talk to all of you!!! Linnea I am so glad you got my package. I so badly wanted to be there when you opened it so I could see you reaction!!! I thought it was pretty creative on my end so I hope you loved it. Not to mention Linnea your hair is so cute!!! I love it so much!!! Also, Steven I put a letter in the mail for you yesterday so its on the way!!! Come on kid I am an awesome letter writer, and always write people back so don't even worry. Now B are you still alive? If so, then you should totally use 44 cents to tell me you are. Love you. Also Mom and Dad thank you for your emails, and the wonderful valentines package. The boots arrived the same day as well so that was another nice treat. Mom they are cute you did a good job. I did have to laugh because I was really surprised when you bought sued boots!!! Do you realize where I am...Seattle aka Rains all the Time. Don't worry I sprayed them, and they actually have held up well. It just made me laugh because i know how much you worry about my "practical shoes." Also, do you want to know what else is cute Bonny Harris sent me a cute valentines package as well how nice. So thanks for all the love!!!
Now on to what is happening in Bellevue!!! OK so best news of all this week. Jacira has a baptismal date for March 3!!! I am so excited. I told you it was going to happen soon. I don't know what it is, but I have just a special bond with this lady. I have had it ever since the first day I met her. She is so great, and I am so excited. Let me explain how the whole process went down. Ok so it was Wednesday so February 15. Brian Carter was in town, and offered to take us to dinner. Now please tell me why everything has to always happen on the same day!!! We had a crazy day, but I didn't want to miss on the opportunity to met up with him so we figured out a way to fit it in our schedule. Well wed morning I woke up in a really weird mood. Nothing crazy just inside I couldn't tell if I was annoyed, sad, mad actually probably a combination of all three. So that day we had appts with talkers like the ones that the appt last forever. You love them they just need to talk, talk, and talk. Don't get me wrong some great lessons have come out of these, but this was our whole day. When you have one person that goes over every ones appts are already getting pushed back. Jacira was the last appt before our dinner appt. We get over to Hermana Stander's home who was nice enough to let us have the lesson in her home. Not to mention her and Jacira are really good friends. Now they are both from Brazil so they speak Portuguese as well as Spanish. For the most part the lesson was in Spanish, but then it would switch in to Portuguese so then my brain is going 100 miles an hour to try and keep up with the conversation. By this point in time I really wasn't feeling so well I had a headache, probably because of lack of food and water, and we were running late for the dinner appt. so of course added stress on top which probably didn't help. So it was just a combination of a lot of things. Then Jacira goes on to tell us this story a quite intense story.  Basically just crazy evening. Then finally we are already about 30 Min's late for the dinner appt we have set up with Brian, and Hermana Stander just say "Jacira why don't you just get baptized." Yes our amazing Member!!!! I love her so much. Well of course Jacira accepted the date for the third of March!!! I am so excited. It was a huge mix of emotions by this point because I was so excited, but also I felt like crap. Anyway one of my favorite ladies is getting baptized, and I am so excited for her to be able to have the blessings of the gospel. She needs it so much so keep praying for her!!! After we made it to dinner. Brian was nice enough to be patient to wait for us, and he treated us to a nice pizza place. What a day.
Also this week we received a referral from the church for 2 women. Linda and Leslie I guess there grandma went on the church website, and submitted their information. Which is a huge blessing in itself. We ended up meeting with them both last week and they are now both on date for March 17!!! We do have to work with them as far as teaching, and getting to church. So hopefully that is a date that they can keep. They are both so great, and have such a desire to learn. I have realized that some of the most basic doctrines that we have are they very key to answering doubts. As members growing up in the church we just know that yep we lived with god before we came to earth, and he has a plan for us. For most people they have no idea, and they are just looking for someone to answer questions, and that's how these girls are.
Ready for an insight from Linds? Ok this week I was really focusing on the value of listening. Now I would consider myself a really good listener. I know that is a lesson some missionaries have to learn even companions that I have had, but that is really besides the point. We were in a lesson the other day and this guy just was talking to us, and he is a member so he had some really good things to say. After one said "man I had so much to say, and didn't get the chance to say it." I was thinking about the power of listening. As missionaries its our job to talk and preach the gospel. I mean we share our testimonies all the time its what we do. For some people they just need the chance to share their own testimony, and experiences. We can sit and preach all we want, but the most powerful conversion is when they can actually explain their points of view, and understanding. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to, and if that's all we are there for then its good enough. Our job is to help others grow their love and testimonies in the gospel, because obviously we already have that or we wouldn't be doing what we are doing. Anyway my random thought slash vent for the week.
Well I love you all so much. I hope things are going well. Oh and guess who hits NUMBER 8 tomorrow!!!! Hermana stout and I are going to take our famous picture so I will post it next week. Her and I have spent 1,2,4,5,6,7, and 8 together!!! I mean for number four we werent companions, but we were on exchanges that day. Crazy.
Well thanks for all your prayers they are working. I miss you all, and pray for you always. Enjoy Everthing.
Love Always
Hermana Grimes