Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Last Letter Home

Good Morning Family,
Well I am sitting here in the Library writing my last email. Which still just blows my mind, and It still doesn't seem real. I am actually a little nervous about when it is going to hit me. So just be prepared next week I will probably be having a few emotional breakdowns. I have been pretty good at keeping it together so far, but maybe you should all pray extra hard for me this week. Just so I can make sure I soak in every last moment. Well it was so good to see all of you on Chirstmas!!! You all look so good, and that was the best Christmas present. Don't get me wrong the package was just as sweet. Well once again it was a Christmas that I will never forget. Monday night we had dinner with Beatriz Parra the cute lady you met on skype. Then after we ran over to some members home the Vallejo family because they were having a little get together. We took a couple pictures, and basically just wished them all a merry Christmas. Best Miracle ever Guadalupe ended up getting invited to go over to her house so she mad an appearance a little bit earlier that evening. So finally our investigator and the most perfect member fellowship met!! Then Christmas Morning we opened up our packages oh and it was pouring rain. Our ward mission leader came over first thing with some chocolates. Then we had a Christmas breakfast with the Boyd family, and the power went out but every thing was cooked so it was just was funny. We ended up playing a game with them some drawing game that was actually so much fun. Then we had a distinct meeting after we got to call home!! We actually ended up going on splits so that we could still go out and see people. Then we had a dinner at the Widens home. Once again so yummy, and then it was off to tract. Which really was just more Christmas Caroling with a brief testimony of who we were. Then we went over to see a former investigator who didn't have any family in town or do anything for Christmas so we got to have a Christmas lesson with her. Then it was home for planning. I think by that point the excitement of everything just kind of weared off. As we were sitting down for planning I was just super bugged because I was tying to make our plans, and not getting any help. Then after they weren't taking any initiative to write in the area book. Then I go into the room and couldn't find a jewelry bag that contains every piece of jewelry I have received on the mission whether it be for you or other people. Then I just lost it like I said all the pressure, and excitement just hit. So I totally had a little break down which now that i think about its kind of funny. After I walk into the bath room and I have mascara running down my face. I think sometimes I do just fine, and then the littlest thing will just sent it right off. Don't worry I did find my jewelry bag so that was good. Other than that this week I got to go on exchanges with Hermana Stout!!! Love that girl we were able to have quite the good conversation about our missions, and everything that has happened over the past 18 months. Then another thing my comp wasnt feeling well on Friday or Saturday of course with only having a little bit more time I cant afford to slow down. Plus that was my exchange, and I wasn't about to miss that. I had to make phone calls so that she could be watched by members. Then this morning Hermana Laney wasn't feeling good so she just slept. I think she is doing good now, but I am just going to keep praying that they feel good. Other than that I am just going to soak it all in this week. We are going to work our hardest so Guadalupe can be baptized this week. I am going to pray so hard!!! She totally can she just wants to see a baptism before she makes it a set thing. We have been trying to get her to a baptism for the past few weeks, and something always comes up. Which just shows how hard the adversary is working against her. She was at church yesterday, and she is so perfect. I would love it if she would be baptized this weekend so keep her in your prayers, and I guess all I can do is my best. Then I just have to let the lord do the rest, and be ok with whatever that may be. Well family this is going to be a crazy week. We do have quite a few dinner appts so I am going to be well taken care of. As well as a lot of see you laters. Well this has been quite the journey one full of suprises!! I wouldnt trade it for the world!!! I love you all so much. Have the best week!!! SEE YOU SOON!!!!!
XOXOX (in just a few days those will be real.)
Love Always, one of your favorite missionaries
Hermana Grimes.

Feliz Navidad!

Good Morning to my favorite people ever!! To think that our christmas is being spread all over this year a piece in Utah, a piece in Seattle, and a Piece in Chile!!! Well fam to my suprise we were allowed to use the family history center to email home. Which totally stinks that they couldn't have told us that last week. Well this has been such an amazing week. Its crazy how fast it has gone. So Thursday night we go and check that mail, and in the mail box were my travel plans!!! Its officially right around the corner. Well family I know you are all enjoying a wonderful day in Park City!! Nice to know that the traditions haven't been broken. As far as plans we have we are being very well taken care of. Tonight we are having a dinner with a sweet lady named Beatriz who is from Columbia. She has lived her since March, and it is pretty much just her and her son so we got a invite to have dinner with them. She works on Sundays so she is less active, but we see her every week, and she is such a sweet heart. Then we also found out that a few families in our spanish group are having a get togther so we are making an apperance to that as well. We are going to try and get Beatriz to join in as well so she can get to know some more people. As of this moment its kind of up in the air. I am still not sure about tomorrow we are trying to get in all figured out, and its a bit more complicated than I would have liked. Just because we have been given some "rules" which I am taking more as guidelines, but don't worry I am just not 100% sure whats going on, but soon enough. I am so happy that Steven gets to skype home. Really the best part of Christmas is being able to call home, and this is his first phone call home!!! Well family I have a few things to fill you in on, but it will just be so much better in person. We got a challenge at the end of October to read the Book of Mormon as a mission before the end of the year. Yep we have a little reading schedule and everything. Anyway I was reading in Helaman about the signs that Samuel the Lamanite gave for the birth of chirst. I love Helaman Chapter 14 vs 3 where it explains that the sign will come the night before to give people the warning that the next day one of the greatest events would occur. I was thinking about that a lot, and how we are always given the signs even right before to let us know of the events, and amazing miracles that are to occur. I was thinking about the signs that we have now signs of Chirstmas such as the nativity, trees, stars, and everything else. How each represents something special. Then we have the signs of the restored gospel, and even more evidence of the love the god has for us, and the miracles he continues to work in each of our lives. So this Chirstmas Season you can recognize the "signs" in your life that let you feel of the love, and the miracles that we each have. Well family keep enjoying the Chirstmas Season, and know that I love you all so much!!! So I will talk to you TOMORROW!!!! Just know I love you all so much, and am so grateful for each one of you!!!  FELIZ NAVIDAD DE SEATTLE CON MUCHISIMO AMOR Hermana Grimes.