Sunday, August 26, 2012


Good Morning Family,
How are you? Can you believe that Steven is on his way to Chile right now?
Also buddy HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW!!! I sent a card so I sure hope you got it. Sorry nothing crazy, but something little to let you know I was thinking about you. Go rock it out there bud, because Chile is about to get the best thing that ever happened to them. Since I already made you a birthday list I will just add on
Reason #20 of why I love you....
Not only are you the best brother in the entire world who I actually quite enjoy bragging about!!
You are serving a mission, and giving your family yet another reason to be so PROUD of you!!
Happy Birthday to Mormor as well on Friday!!!
Well Fam, sounds like your 4th of July was pretty sweet. Also, Steven I remember the 4th of July in the MTC was probably one of the coolest things ever. I really can't complain because it ended up being a pretty good day here in Washington as well. First of all it was beautiful!!! Which sometimes isn't the normal around here. We had a breakfast in the morning, district meeting, and then we just went out contacting, and chatting with people like normal. Then the Adams invited us over for a BBQ so that was pretty fun, and I even made a yogurt pie to bring. Then after we ended up having a lesson with Luis outside at the stake center. Then since we have to be back home at a certain time it was a little to light for us to watch fireworks. Don't worry because as we were planning we kept hearing them go off so we would run outside of our apartment to watch them. Which we did end up watching a few. It made it a little hard because our apartment complex is surrounded by trees don't get me wrong its beautiful but for watching fireworks its a little difficult. I LOVE FIREWORKS so I did make sure we a least got to catch some.
Also that night while we were outside having a lesson a former investigator drove up in the parking lot just because he saw us outside. His name is Arthuro. Hermana Peak and I met him the first day of the last transfer. It was actually pretty cool because we were grocery shopping, and speaking in Spanish. We decided that we needed to do it more often its funny how when your in America English tends to be spoken more often. Also its pretty dang fun because not really many people can understand. Anyway so we are walking down a isle, and all of a sudden Arthuro comes up to us. He starts talk to us asking us how we know Spanish, because he heard us speaking Spanish when we first walked in the store. He thought it was pretty weird that two white American girls were speaking Spanish. Obviously it led to us talking about missionary work, and he had heard some things about the church. So we got his information, and gave it to the elders. Well the Elders ended up meeting with him a few times, and he came to church twice. Then they weren't able to have contact with him then a few weeks later we saw him in the grocery store again, and asked the elders Hey have you had contact with Arthuro? They told us that they hadn't been able to get a hold of him, so we would send him a few text messages now and then just to invite him to church really we didn't think much of it. Then randomly on the 4th he pulls up in the parking lot, and we set up a return appt with him. Which we are now going to be the ones to teach him. We had a really good lesson with him on Friday. It was pretty funny because after we started the lesson with just a little small talk he asked can I be frank with you? Of course when someone says that your just like alright bring on the questions and your doubts. Turns out he just wanted to tell us that he is willing and ready to do whatever he needs to learn, and come closer to god. How is has a "boring" life compared to the world, but he has his priorities where they need to be. Anyway he is on date for this month to be baptized, and Sunday he made it to church!!! He is super great so keep him in your prayers. Speaking of church all 4 missionaries were asked to speak in church for yesterday so that was pretty sweet. We were asked to talk on the Forth Article of Faith, and since there are 4 of us we each took a different point. Somehow I ended up with Repentance, but it actually turned out pretty good. Now with our other boys. I have really no Charity for Victor I don't know what it is, but he kind of weirds me out. Like I am not so sure of his intentions of wanting to learn so like i said we need to see what direction he is going to go or just give him to the elders. Now as far as Luis and Lucio I absolutely love them both!!! They are both so great, and they just need to accept a baptismal date. We are still working on them so that they can feel more prepared and ready. It was sad because they couldn't make it to church on Sunday because Luis car broke down, and he is the one who gives Lucio a ride. By the time Lucio called us it was right before church, and since we were speaking we didn't get it until after. He felt bad that he couldn't come listen to our talks. What made it good is for our dinner appt we asked if we could invite an investigator so Luis was in attendance for that. Which is perfect because he is from Guatemala, and so is this family so we are getting him awesome fellowship. Which is great because the social conversion is definatly happening. This family is rock solid so they shared their testimonies, were able to answer questions as well, and it was really quite fun.
Oh also on Saturday we met this guy sitting outside in his truck from El Salvador. Of course I love pupusas so I started some small talk with him about that, and told him how I wanted to learn how to make them. Well guess what he let us come in is home, and his sister was actaully getting ready to start making pupusas so she let me help!! Then of course they let us eat with them as well. How sweet is that? Thats what is so great about being state side spanish I get to learn so many different cultures!!!
Well thats about the update from Seattle. Thanks for all your prayers, and support. I love you all. Know that you are always in my prayers!!! Have a great week, and enjoy everything.
LOVE ALWAYS, Hermana Grimes

What a week!

Letter from June 30th
Good Morning Family,
WELCOME TO JULY!!! Dad we hit fast Sunday number 13 yesterday!!! I hope you all had the best week. Well I read that you are going to the Stadium of Fire...Punks!!  I might just be a tad jealous, but next year I am partying it up!!! I can't really complain it should be pretty fun around here considering we have a branch activity in the morning, and then we are headed to the Adams for a BBQ. Other than that just soak in the fireworks for me because I don't know how much of those I will be getting to see. Also crazy to think that by the next time I have P-day Steven will be headed to Chile!!! That means you all get to talk to him really soon!!!
Well are you ready for a crazy update on my week. Like I mentioned last Monday Crystal and Misa got Married!!! We spent the day at the church helping get everything set up, and then spending time with them. It was so fun!! It was just something small, but it was exactly what she wanted. Its nice because really she is super easy going, and didn't really care which is good considering it was all done in a month. What a month it has been for the two of them!!! It has been absolutly amazing to be a part of the whole process, and I know that its a story that will be told the rest of my life. Lets be real here I will be telling a lot of stories for the rest of my life. Monday after we did all of our normal p-day stuff we headed to the church to help her finish putting the final details on everything. We had a lady in the Branch do her flowers, another lady offered to make the cake, and someone else was there helping her do her hair. They were married by the branch president, and after we had a little lunch. Which pretty much all of the food was provided by members in the branch as well. Which was such a blessing because Crystal just told everyone it was a pot luck, but not really anyone brought anything except one family brought rice.  It worked out perfect because they went and bought chicken at costco, someone else brought salads, and chips and salsa. They were so grateful for everything!!! Then on Sunday Crystal made a point to Hermana Peak and I that she wanted us to decorate her car. So of course we did, and she loved it!! It was such a good day, and she told us she felt like a princess all day long. I am so excited for them. You know they have been together for 8 years, and they just needed someone to tell them to get married. It was something that they had talked about for a long time, and they finally did it. Now it is Crystal and Misa Cardenas!!! Also the two newest members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!! What a process it has been as well. You know how last week I was telling you about that crazy intense lesson that we had? Well this week made everything worth it. Like I mentioned she was able to talk to President Campbell which I have gained such a greater respect for our branch president because of this experience. He was able to talk to them so he was well aware of her addiction. Honestly I have not met anyone like them before, and President Campbell told them that they need the chance to be baptized. He also made it really clear of the things that they need to do, and that it will be a process. Since crystal has had quite the past she needed to be interviewed by President Miller who helps out our mission President. Well that happened on Thursday night he spent some time talk to President Campbell as well so they could be on the same page for the interview. Well Thursday night after the interview she threw all of her cigarettes away!! Which is huge. We all know that it is going to be a process, but if anyone can do it, it would be her.  I will have to go into this whole story one day, and give you all the other details. Well Saturday afternoon they were BAPTIZED!! It was so amazing. Crystal was baptized by President Campbell, and Misa by Hermano Solis. They looked so happy, and I can't even describe how great it was. Just because like I have said before we have seen everything through this whole process good and bad. Not to mention I know a lot about there life stories, and the things they both have gone through. Then to be a part of watching them make the change, and be baptized knowing that they get to just start fresh. For the baptism we asked some of the young women to sing When I am baptized which at the last second us missionaries got pulled in. Even though it probably wasn't the greatest because we didn't practice at all. The spirit was strong!! We sang it in Spanish and English I look over at Crystal afterwards and she just has tears in her eyes. Seriously it was such an amazing day. Of course since we are talking about Crystal and Misa we defiantly got a few laughs for the day. The first time she walks out in her white jumpsuit she says "I look like a giant marshmallow." Man I love them. Then on Sunday they were both confirmed, and received the gift of the holy ghost. Which was another amazing part being able to listen the the blessing that they were both given, and how it was just for them. My MIRACLE COUPLE!!!
Speaking of Sunday we had yet another great day at church yesterday. Victor came which I am not sure about him. He is kind of fence sitting right now so we just got to figure out which direction he is going to fall.
Then Lucio and Luis both came to church. Which is so good because they are such good friends they both motivate each other. Well they showed up a few Min's late, and I turned around. Which I tend to do because I have to watch the doors for any investigators that come in. I missed them walk in. They are sitting on the back row, and I am up towards the front on the side so I turn around and Lucio just sticks is arms up and waves!! Then in our gospel principles class we had quite the laugh attack. So in the morning when we go exercising we have talked to a couple spanish guys who are usually headed out for work for the day. Well we had been inviting this one for a few weeks now, and to our suprise he actually came. Well in class we are sitting on the front row cystal, hermana peak, and then me. To the side is lucio and this guy well this guy starts to doze off in class. He is making the whole head nods and everything so crystal points it out, and I dont know what it is but all 4 of us start laughing. It was one of those things that once you start you can't stop. Of course Lucio is trying to be more dignifed about it so he is just putting is finger over is mouth kind of telling us to be quiet, but of course you see him laughing. Which makes it even funnier. Then we finally all get calmed down, and thats when the snoring started. Well that was about it for the 4 of us because we all bursted out laughing again!! After church we were invited to have a picnic in the park with Hermano Temo Chavez because he had a bunch of carne asada left over for saturday night. Well we invited Lucio and Luis to tag along as well so that was pretty fun. Then after all 3 of "our boys" went to a child of record baptism, and what is so great about it they recieved so much fellowship from the branch.  After the baptism there was a get together with food, and just people hanging we couldnt attend because it was out of our area. There was so many people after the baptism who just went right up to them, and invted them to attend so Lucio and Luis went to that as well!!! Heck ya!!
Love Always, Hermana Grimes

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pictures from Washington.

Yes, I still need to update all of you on Lindsey's summer in the mission field. I am sorry for slacking. Please forgive me. I will get those letters posted soon. In the meatime let's not tell Lindsey that I got behind and just look at these awesome pictures from Lindsey's week in Washington. Deal?