Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here we are again!! I can't even believe that we only have about 2 more weeks until Christmas!!! I am so excited to call home I can't even handle it. Mom and Dad your packaged arrived and I am so excited to open it and start counting down!!! I am going to do that as soon as I get home. Also, just a heads up you all know me way to well so I already have a package on the way...opps!! Its nothing crazy big just a little something, but DO NOT open until Christmas!!!
This week went by so fast. My email is arriving a little late because we got to go to the temple this morning. Which I love!! Its so nice to be able to escape and forget about everything for just a few mins. Once again I apologize for last weeks email, but it was so needed. I just had to vent, and I knew you would still love me if I vented to you all. After I sent it I took a deep breath slapped myself ( well not really) and got back to work, and lets not forget I prayed!! Which I do a lot of now a days, but I promise I am all better I just needed my moment.
One Friday night we had our mission christmas party. Well it was only half the mission, but all my buddies from my first area were all there so it was such a fun reunion. We had a nice dinner, and we watched the movie 17 miracles. I am in love!! That movie was amazing, and very inspiring. Then saturday morning we had breakfast with the cardanas family. They treat us so well, and already extended an invitation for us on Christmas Eve. So we already have Christmas Eve and Day plans. Saturday night was our first ward Christmas party we have another one next week. It was cute because this older gentleman Hermano Mayorga and his sweet wife bought us some choclates from costco for chirstmas, and gave them to us at the party. We went over to visit them and let us try them, and of course we loved them. (hello its chocolate) Well they remembered and gave us some for our christmas present. I love this BRANCH!!! We get treated so well, and they are like a family away from home.  Anyway we had so many members bring friends, and an investigator Miriam come. I felt like I was running around the party like a chicken with my head cut off because i was going around talking to so many people. It was such a crazy night, but a very needed blessing to have so many nonmembers so up. This week we are working on getting appts with them and turning them in to progressing investigators. There was one guy who came with his wife and daughter to the party. I ended up talking to him for about 1:30 mostly because he is a talker. He is very intelligent, but wants to learn more so he could be a hard one to crack. The lord can crack anyone right. Since we talked for so long I am pretty sure I can figure out how to get in his home. Especially because the conversation was not just about the gospel but school, families, friends, and just anything and everything. He offered to make me dinner since he is a chef ( one of his many jobs) so I am going to take him up on it, and then teach him. I will let you know how it goes. Now as for Miriam she is a single mom with 5 kids. She was being taught by the elders, but they were having a hard time with her. When we came in the area they just said all you can do is love her, and maybe she will be baptized. We have gone over to see her a few times, but both appts were kind of crazy. Its always hard to talk to her because she has so many distractions, and we werent really sure if she was keeping any of her commitments. We invited her to church, but said since she has a baby boy who is a few months old she didnt want to take him out in the cold. During our planning session her name was at the bottom of the pile we just figured we would have to wait until she was ready to actually do something. Hispanics like to party so we called her about the christmas party, and she mentioned she was already on her way. It was so fun to see her come in with all 5 of her kids. She has met people in the ward before so everyone was so loving, and welcoming towards her. Through out the night and talking to her she mentioned how she was thinking about baptism!! Which is huge, but she told us she was going to come to church, and didnt. Keep her in your prayers we need our Christmas Miracle. Now speaking of Church i had to speak in church on sunday along with my companions. It was quite intresting people tell me I did a good job, but they are probably being nice. I still feel like I can't express my self in spanish like i can in english. Dont worry I managed, and the spirit speaks the same language so hopefully they got something out of it. Other than that we are working our little bums off trying to figure out how to get our investigators to become progressing so if you have any grand ideas they would be greatly appreciated!! Like I said keep praying for our christmas miracle!! Well I love you all so much!! Dad just so you know the reason I dont give you my "real" address is because
1. I dont really know it.
2. If you get transferred its a lot harder to get your mail so I would rather be sure!! The mission office gets it sent out right away!! I Live in Bellevue so I get it extra fast. You never know when your being transferred so then if I did that I would have to warn you every 5 weeks to send it to the mission office just in case I leave the area. Thats why.
3. Oh and Dad I am way cooler than jason white...just sayin.
I hope you all have an amazing trip!! Enjoy the sunshine, and take in a few rays for me!! Its starting to get pretty cold, but i just dress warm. Luckily not as much rain as I would have been expecting, but I am sure its coming. What do you have planned to do why your there? Your going to have an amazing trip!! Take lots of Pictures, and I can't wait to hear all about it.
Can I just tell you how amazing i think you all are!! Seriously I have the best family in the whole word and I am not baised at all. I am so excited to play secret santa this past week we have had a few people express concerns for christmas- no members. I cant wait to be able to put a lot of thought into making some feel so loved all because of you!! So stay tuned!!! I got toree's wedding invite. Love that girl, and she gets married Saturday!! Maybe you could just write her a little message on face book, and tell her I would be there in a heart beat if I could, and that I am going to be thinking of her!! 
 Would you please go to her reception for me on the 27th?!!
Enjoy Everything. I am always praying for you.
Love Always, Hermana Grimes!!!

A rough week

Good Morning to my Amazing Family,
Ok gang I am going to apologize right now because I am NOT OK!!! I am so fustrated, and right now I just have to vent. So I am saying sorry in advance becasue it probably won't be the best email you have ever recieved from me. What probably doesnt help is I am on my period which is a good excuse for everything so I am going to take it for whats it worth. Also the fact that I am so sick of feeling like a frumy sister missionary, and wearing skirts. I see all the pictures I get from the family, and everyone looks so good. I mean come on my Brother brought a pair of nice jeans. Who would have ever thought!!!  I want to wear cute clothing. First off all my fustrations started on Friday night during our planning session. I dont know what it was that exactly triggered it, but I was so MAD!!! It was probably nothing that big of a deal, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. It was something that we were supposed to have breakfast with a family in the branch a family that I happen to love.  I have said over and over again its the small things. Well she feels like guilty or doesnt really feel like its that big of a deal. The elders gave us a referral for someone who spoke spanish, and they happened to set up the appt for saturday during breakfast time. Of course the referral is way more important...ya I know. But still. Let me tell you something about these hispanics who I love so much they are FLAKY!!!! During planning it ended up trying to figure out what should be filled at what time. Yes, I know Dumb. Of course I still remained nice sweet linds, but everyone just has a very different way of doing missionary work. I love my companions really I do. One day I might regret sending this email, but not now. Well Hermana Stout I Love we just have clicked since day one so no problems. Hermana Baek on the other hand is super sweet and such a hard work. Like I said we have very different ideas of what is considered productive, and what is not. Really Friday I was just bugged with her like to the point it was better to just keep my mouth shut or I would have said something not so nice. She is just so quite, and never shows her feeling so its hard for her to be sympathetic or talk to her about how your feeling. If you get what I am saying. I am sure we will be great friends after the mission, but I can't say we would have been friends if it wasnt for the mission. Then it just made me miss all my friends. Lets face it I loved them, and we always had such a good time. Then it made me think of how my best friend is getting married in just 2 short weeks, and guess who wont be there...ME. So needless to say I went to bed mad friday night. Which is never good because then I woke up still so bugged at the situation, and not even wanting to talk to Hermana Beak. Of course I was nice, and tried my hardest. We go to the apartment complex for the "appt" oh and guess who wasnt home?!! Oh the Referral!! Then our back up plan was tracting for like 3 hours!!! By this point I did cheer up, and we ended up having a great day. Then Saturday night came. I wanted to attended the Christmas Devotional so bad!!! If it was up to me I would have just gone, but no we have to be obedient and ask the zone leaders. We ask the zone leaders and they say we cant go unless we have an investigator. Come on elders this is the prophet seriously. Did I mention we dont have investigators. We have been working our little bums off starting from scratch in this area. Me being the nice person that I am tried so hard to get them to change their mind.They said they would like about it and let us know.  Then at church the Cardanas( the same family I mentioned earlier) invited us over for "dessert" and they would happen to have the devotional playing in the background. I love them. Hermana Baek didnt quite feel that was the best idea, but she agreed anyway. Sunday afternoon we had to call the zone leaders to get and address. They asked if we had found an investigator for the devotional we said no. Really had tried so hard to get someone there. Then he says well "sacrafice brings for the blessings of heaven" Seriously Elder what the heck do you think a mission is... ya a sacrafice so dont you think we could go listen to the prophet!! Well sunday afternoon we went to check on so many people, and none of them were home. Finally at 4:30 we were in an apartment complex and found some spanish people so we started talking to them, and ended up visitng with them for about 40 mins so if you do the math thats a little past 5 the time of dessert. Right before we left we invited them to attend the devotional, and they said yes. I was feeling a little bit better about only being able to hang with the cardanas for a few mins, but then again way hesitant if they really were going to come. We had a quick dessert, and left for a dinner appt. Then at seven we headed over the church to watch the devotional. We got there a few mins late, and the zone leaders are there. We walk in, and they give us the worst look. Like a look of what the heck are you doing here. We go over and explain we have investigators who are coming. Then one of them says "well if they dont show up then your going to have to leave." Oh its a good thing I am a missionary or I would have killed him. Of course our investigators show up and my companions decide we should leave. Ok girls serioulsy we are already in the stake center we should have just stayed. If was up to me we would have. I mean I am not going to hell for listening to the prophet. At this point in time I am pissed ( sorry for my language) because everyone plan/backup plan we had fell through. I wasnt in the mood to waste time for an hour driving when I could have been spiritually uplifted. So nope I didnt get to watch the devotional!!! Really thats what the night was a waste of time after that point, and to be honest. I really wasnt in any type of mood to teach anyone or have the desire to visit with anyone. We get home sunday night, and I am doing ok because tomorrow is P-day. Seriously this day is inspired they need to give you a day to chill so you actually can make through another week. Then we get a call for some elders who had another referral for us, and they set up the appt on TODAY!!! Yes, my day to chill, and I day I really need right now. The appt was at 11 so this was just like the cherry on top of my weekend. That is cutting it to my personal time which I dont get much of it. Of so we check on the appt, and guess who wasnt home!!! AHH!!! Well there you have it.
Once again I am really sorry, but I promise next week I will try and send something better. Dont worry I am going to be fine, and I am still happy and postive. But I human so I still tend to get bugged, and mad. This week will be better. I really do love the area its hard but I love it. I love the branch and they take such good care of us. This week we have a mission chirstmas party on friday, and breakfast with cardanas saturday and a branch chirstmas party on saturday. We do have some people we are working with that will hopefully come. We do have people that we are working with we just need to get them to church. I guess considering that we were whitewashed and are opening the area, and the elders left us nothing!!! I have to give myself some credit. Everyone person we are working with we have found in the past 3 weeks. Once again sorry I just had to vent this email. One the upside I met myself a boyfriend. His name is Andrew, and he is three years old. We had a dinner with them last night, and me and him had so much fun. We played trains together. Just him and I. When it was time to leave his parents were like ok say goodbye. He starts kind of crying and whining come and grabs my hand and starts pulling me the opposite direction of the door. It was the cutest thing, but he was so sad when I left. I will have to get a picture with him and send it. I am in Love. Well have a great week, and know that I am praying for you!!! I think we are going to the temple next week so P-day might be tuesday. I Love you!!!
Love Always
Hermana Grimes

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hola from Bellevue

Buenos Dias from Washington!!!
It sure sounds like you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! I don't have tons of time to read about my emails until I get home so I will finish reading about your exciting weekend. I will begin to fill you in on how another week went in Bellevue!!! I seriously love this place, and I couldnt be more excited to spend the Holidays here. Obviously its no home, but the branch has really taken us under their wing. Every day some one is telling us how grateful they are to have sister missionaries.
Ok first thing on Tuesday night we were gone all day pretty much, and it came to be about 5 we were starving. We didnt have time to run home so we figured we would just stop and grab something. I like going out to eat...sometimes, but Hermana Baek choose Red Robin which I love. Really but I did not want to spend the money on food, but since I am just a go with the flow kind of person we went with it. Anyway we finished our dinner, and our waitress brings over the receipt and said "someone from your Church already paid for you meal." Oh my gosh I wanted to cry. We have no idea who it was and probably never will, but isnt that just the sweetest thing!! Its all the little things that mean so much.
Now on to the Thanksgiving festivities. On Wednesday night we had a service project to go and help out at the salvation army. Our whole zone was there, and we got to debone turkeys and get them prepared for the next day. Which actually was quite fun. I attached a picture. Now for Thursday in the morning we had a mission activity with just 2 of the zones. Which was so much fun!! It was for 3 hours in the morning so from 9-12, and we got to just hangout!! It was so fun, and I felt kind of like a real person. Not that I dont every other day, but you know what I mean. I played airhocky, crud-a game on the pool table, and Foosball!!! Its always so much fun when you are able to get together, and hang with other missionaries. Then after we had to weekly plan-gag me!! I hate planning!! Some weeks its not bad whats the worst is when your so dang tired all day, and you have to plan for a half hour at night. Really I wont miss that!! Anyway for dinner we were invited to eat at the Barrios home, the family Perez, and Calles were there as well. One day I will send pictures so you can try to put name to a face. Anyway we walked it, and the table was decorated all festive. They are amazing guests, and we weren't allowed to help with anything. I was about to get up and take my plate to the sink after dessert, and Hermana Barrios screamed and scared the crap out of me. She was such an incredible host, and treats us so well. One more side note a dinner calendar was passed around yesterday in church for the month of December and her name was written on 5 out of the 10 days!! Oh that woman makes me laugh. You of all people know how much I love pie. Really that's the only thing I cared about all day. Before we walk into the house I say "watch us have flan." Which you know some Mexican dessert not my favorite at all, and different. Anyway we started the meal with potato soup, then we had some of the traditional menu items such as turkey, cranberry-the one I like, rolls, some apple fruit salad, and some spaghetti casserole-made with some type of chili and cheese- kind of different but so good. I did manage to stay away from the mashed potatoes!!! All in all very yummy. So right after dinner guess what they bring out FLAN!! I just smiled, and ate it. Little did I know it was more of a cleanse your pallet type thing becasue later they brought out pie!!! We only had one pie, and guess what kind it was? Homemade CHERRY with a criss cross crust!!! I seriously freaked out it my chair, and wanted to cry!! It was so special, and such a tender mercy. Mom it wasn't as good as yours, but it was a piece of home away from home. It was a good day, and holidays feel a little different on missions but it was a good day.
The next day I was in a super weird mood. Not bad just weird in the since that I wanted to be home because everyone is home for breaks, and I wanted to go black friday shopping, or actually sleep past 6:15, but yep nope. Then we got a call for the Cadana's family who I love. They invited us over for breakfast. It was great!!! Dont worry it ended up being a good day.
We have such an amazing support from the branch, and all the members. I really do LOVE THEM!! They have made us feel so welcome, and they take such good care of us. Last night we had dinner with the Bassett Family and had homemade pizza. Everyone just makes us feel part of their family. Which is a tender mercy especially this time of the year.  I have gotten so close to everyone, and it has only been 2 weeks. They really are more than willing to help us out. We are still trying to build up our teaching pool. We are doing tracting, asking for referrerals, and really trying to work hard. Which I actually quite enjoy tracting for some odd reason. Its not always the most effective, but you gotta have fun while doing it. We are still trying to figure out who is ready, and who is not. I have to have the faith that the lord has others prepared for us to teach. Angelica is a very strong catholic but at this moment she is very confused about both churches. She doesnt think is ok to be baptized twice and she is confused because she has grown up catholic her whole life. Don't worry as missionaries we figure all sorts of ways around this type of thing so hopefully she will come around. Who knows. We are teaching her sister sara who seems very intrested, but she hasnt been able to come to church because of work. She is reading, and she really does want something more in her life. We just keeping pressing forward, and know that the lord will bless us. Some days it can be discouraging because we are working hard, but we have such an amazing branch who is very missionary minded. We have been blessed in so many ways. Yes the bellevue temple is in my Area we do get to go sometime this month!! I am not exactly sure when, but sometime. Also this week they are having a nativity thing by the temple so we get to go and help with that this week, and another night some elders asked if we would go with the single lady investigator. As I drive around we see all the christmas lights on house, and it really is such a fun time of the year. Oh and for our christmas tree since there is billions of pine trees all over washington we pick up looks pine tree branchs off the ground. Kind of pathetic, but hey why not as of now we have about 2 which we have sitting in a bucket a home by christmas it will be full!! We are even going to decorate our little tree.
Your chirstmas plans sound amazing!!! I wont lie I may or may not have teared up while reading it!! Only because I want to be with all of you!!! I know its just not the time right now, but it makes me appreciate the holidays with family that much more!! Not that I didnt, its just different in the field. Your going to have so much fun, and I am so exited that you all decided to enjoy the sun!!! Plus I get to talk to you all on Chirstmas and honestly thats really they only thing I want. Dont even worry about me!! It will be a christmas I will never forget, and I will be excited to hear all about it!!! I am sure we will be more than taken care of.
Linnea and Dad- as for tights I dont really think they can have crazy designs. I mean maybe something little, but not argyle or anything crazy. Color YES!!! I need all the color I can get.
Well time is running out, and I want to attach more pictures!!! I love you all, and I cant thank you enough for all of your support. I pray for you always!! Enjoy every moment.
Love Always, your favorite missionary
Hermana Grimes ( Linds)

Happy thanksgiving week

Buenos Dias to my Amazing Family!!
Hello From Bellevue!!
I am loving bellevue!! Of course its never easy to leave a place, and you of all people know how I am with that kind of stuff. I loved Hermana Heywood, and I know me and her will continue to be friends even after the mission. Its all part of the process I guess, and the people are really the ones who make it all worth it. I truly have been blessed by not only having amazing companions, leaders, but branches, and people I serve. There is just other things I have to learn maybe one day I will be able to look back, and tell you what that is but as of now Here we go!!
This week has been great. Of course since we are in a new area and taking over what the elders have been doing we are still trying to figure out what has been going on in the branch, and how the work has been progressing here. We spend tons of time planning, and really trying to figure out what is the path the lord wants us to take. I can't say planning is my favorite thing I dont mind it lets just say it will be one thing i wont miss.
The branch has been so welcoming, and they keep telling us how they are so excited to have sisters. They really are so sweet in saying that we all bring such a special spirit, and that there is work here for us to do that the elders couldn't. Not that I dont love elders they are great. In this particular branch this is the first time they ever have had sisters, and they are so excited!! The second we met them you could just feel there love for us. I know that they expect great things from us, and its not going to be an easy task. We have to work hard, and we are digging through are area book to find formers or potential investigators. Lets just say the elders didn't really leave us with much so we have to work on building up the teaching pool with solid investigators. Bellevue is such a great area, and it has so much work that needs to get done. I am here to help get it rolling, and the branch is more than willing to help. They are so excited to have some new faces.So stay tuned!! 
 I have amazing companions, and we all get along so well. Which is huge!! You all now how much I love Hermana Stout, and Hermana Baek is a work horse, and does anything to get the job done. At first I was super nervous about having a three some, but we dont have any problems. Of course it is much easier to teach with only two people, but its been great!!! We are all still learning together so I will keep you posted.
Last week we found Angelica who the elders referred her to us. Anyway she is amazing, and we had such a spiritual lesson with her. She is Catholic, but that really doesn't scare me because when they say they are catholic that means maybe they attend church once or twice a year if that!! She so cute, and I felt such a strong bond with her. She is super funny, and just so sweet. She even told me that I looked like I was rich, and worked at a high end business office which was nice. The whole night she kept saying how pretty all of us were. Which who doesn't love complements?!  Anyway she just gets it so keep her in your prayers. We tried committing her to baptism, but she wants to learn more which is totally understandable. 
Now as for Saturday we has such an amazing meeting with Dallin H. Oaks as well as two others in the quorm of the 70. Dallin H. Oaks is so cute, and when he laughs his soulders shrug up and down. Well and being sisters we always have to sit in the front rows of meetings, and I was on the very front row, he was sitting right in front of me. It was an amazing experience to have an apostol of the lord visit our mission. Each of us had the opprotunity to shake his hand!! As he shook our hand he said each of us by name which is amazing that he would take the time to shake 250ish missionaries hands. So Below are a few of my notes!!
 Elder Phillip K. Bussey
challenged us as missionaries to do three things:
Learn the language of the Spirit.
Understand the Plan of Salvation
Understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband
quoted from page 156 of Preach My Gospel:
"Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach." He challenged us to be constantly searching for the elect or nothing else will happen:
"And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts." (D&C 29:7)
He promised us that there were tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of the elect in our mission just searching for the truth but not knowing where to find it
Elder Rasband challenged all of us to get out of our caves and to leave depression, despair, and hopelessness behind so that we can go and find the elect who are waiting for us.
Sister Oaks
Talked about eliminating selfisness in our lives, and loving where we serve. This time is not about us, its what our heavenly father wants us to be. We are on his time.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
He explained how the more important part of his talk was not about what was said, but what we heard.
He talked about how difficult it is to travel the world and to go into every meeting and hear the person conducting say something like, "This is a Servant of the Lord and he has a message for you." Each time he knows that expectations are high and that everyone who came that day is looking to hear something powerful and profound that will change their lives forever. The thought always occurs to him in those moments, "What can you say?" Missionaries often feel the same way each time they begin a lesson. He explained that no one is adequate to this challenge without the Spirit.
He also talked about the importance of partaking of the sacrament each week. Its the one covenant we can do for ourselves every week. Your only baptized for yourself once, or taking on the covenants of the temple or marriage. He explained how important is us for us to make sure we are taking of the sacrament each week as well as our investigators. Teaching the investigators about that very important ordiance. He also talked about the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost being seperate beings, but one in purpose. He also talked about how we live in a time of Anti. Where we have opposition in all things which is how it is supposed to be. Be we have equal forces of good. We are the strong generation to combat the evil. He said "The greater visablity the stronger the oppostion." We are threats to the adversary. He talked about the role of other christian religions, and how they opened the door for others to want to hear about christ, and believe in him. We are here to give the fulness of the gospel.
Well sorry this is long, but hopefully its worth it. It was a great amazing experience. I cant believe its Thanksgiving!!! It sounds like you all have some fun plans. Steven have fun in St. George!! I love that place. Everyone else have fun with the Walkers, and please send my love. I was super worried we werent going to have plans but the branch has taken care of us so well, and so of course they wouldnt leave us hanging. So yes I am having so kind of thanksgiving with a few members in the ward!! Its going to be a blast they are great. Who knows if it is going to be the traditional thanksgiving, but it will be one to remember for sure. Also that morning we have a mission activity so that will be fun. Its sad because the mission is divided in two groups and of course my kent peeps are in a different group. Oh well!!
I Love you all have a great week!!! I am sending pictures soon so maybe with the holiday you should have them by this weeked. Please pray I get some Pie!! Thats my favorite part. Also I am going to hurry and write some christmas ideas becasue Friday is a great day to get some awesome deals.
1. GPS- Garmin Nuvi ( so something like that) hopefully its not super expensive, but you can pick out something great. This is something that would be so practical, and I would get tons of use out of it.
2. Slippers- there are ones like Linnea and Rebecca but at  KOHLS and not target. The ones at kohls are just so much softer. Hopefully they know what ones i am talking about.
LOVE YOU!!!! I will be thinking of you especially Thursday!!! I am sad I cant be with you it will be different for sure, but dont worry I am being taken care of!!!
Love Hermana Grimes

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hello from my new AREA

Good Afternoon to my Amazing Family,
Well I got transferred!! Listening to the transfer call is the most stressful thing ever!! So i am glad that is over with it is always hard because you hear names on the phone call of friends who have become so close through out the transfer. Of course the call doesn't come until about 10:00pm so you are anxious all day long!!! Well obviously my name was mentioned, and it was sad. Hermana Heywood and I got along so well. Of course I had my days, but that happens no matter who you are with. These past 12 weeks really have been a blast. We both think we are pretty cool, and we like to have fun. Not to mention leaving a area is never easy!! Its like leaving home all over again as you say good-byes, and not even realizing what is in store. Its amazing the amount of charity you have for people within just a few months of knowing them. I guess the Lord just needs me somewhere else which I will tell you where as soon as I fill you on what has been going on. So this past week felt super long for some reason, but it went by fast!! Its crazy!! Well Hilda and Lulu Franco taught hermana heywood, and I how to make chocolate flan. Flan is some custard type thing then we made it with a chocolate cake mix. Really its not my favorite dessert of all time, but is super Mexican so you kind of have to know how to do it. Then we had a spanish meeting for all the Spanish missionaries so that was a fun little reunion. Its always fun when you have times to get together with other missionaries. On Saturday we had an appointment set up with Enrique, and Lily who were a referral from the elders. The elders found them tracting one night. Anway a few weeks ago we were driving at it was about 8:30 and we had to be back to our apt by 9:00 so we didnt have tons of time. We drived past the apartment complex, and I mentioned hey lets just quickly go stop by the referral. That day we had set up the appt for the following saturday. Well the next sat the appt we weren't able to meet with them because of some mis communication with time. We ended up having the appt this past saturday. They are so nice, and humble. They had mentioned something about seeing an ad for the finding faith in christ DVD so we ended up making that the lesson. Then at the end of the lesson we asked it we could kneel in pray to close the lesson. We asked lily to be the one to say the prayer as she prayed the spirit was so strong, and half way through she started crying. It was an amazing lesson, and they have such a desire to learn more. Obviously I am not in kent, but its moments like that on the mish that make it all worth it. The on Sunday we had our zone fireside which was a testimony meeting since it was the end of the transfer. That is always bitter sweet. Then monday we went to visit with quite a few people as I had to say my good-byes. You never know maybe one day I can come back to serve in Kent, but thats not something you can predict. We went and saw Marixa at the pupesaria and she made us lunch. I had to go say good-bye to my one of my favorite families Laura Nunoz, and her children. She made us dinner that night, and we had a good talk with her. She has been on the focus 5 families for the branch, and she has been through a lot. I love them so much, and she treats us so well. I cried leaving there house it was awful. Her kids are my favorite, and the whole night they just kept saying "Hermana Grimes we love you, and we are going to miss you." Of course tons of hugs and kisses as well. I got some cute pictures so I will make sure I send them your way very soon. Then I had to go see the Mercado Family another on of my favorites, but i know that they will be a family that I will keep in touch with after the misson. Then of course saying goodbye to elders that have become my good buddies. Even though you have so many changes, and it something I am just going to have to get used to. You quickly realize that there is something one else who needs you, and other things you need to learn. Even though things change every 6 weeks. What never changes is the Gospel or the testimony I have of the Restored Gospel. So for the new area..... I am in BELLEVUE!!! Its the craziest thing because there has been elders in bellevue before, but never sisters. I am in a 3 some with Hermana Stout, and Beak!!! Who would have thought that we would have been together this soon!!! The three of us get to rock Bellevue!! It will be fun because since we are the first spanish sisters to serve here we dont know what the heck is going on, and all of us our new to the area so we have a lot of learning together. Hermana Beak is only one transfer ahead of me and H. Stout so we are all pretty new still in the mission so like I mentioned a lot of learning. It will be fun for the branch, and everyone keeps telling us they are going to love us because we are sisters. Other than that we are opening the area up for sisters so here it goes!!! I was a little nervous for the 3 some at first, but it is going to be a blast!! I love Hermana Stout already, and who knew she would be such a big part of my mission!! Its funny because at our spanish conference we were joking about how me and her were going to open an english area together. Little did we know that we are going to be white washed spanish sisters!! Hermana Beak is Korean from LA California she went to school at BYU!! She is a very hard worker and very on the ball, and smart like most asians. She seems super sweet, and I can usually get along with everyone so its just meeting new friends!!! I will have to fill you in on the people next week as soon as I start to meet them. Yep this is where I will be spending Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Oh and Guess what Dallin H. Oaks is coming to speak to our mission this Saturday!!! I am stoked for that, and whats else is nice is i get to see all the mission buddies again!!! Its amazing whenever you have a group of missionaries together there is always such a special spirit. I didnt have time to read your emails before i wrote this but I will get a real letter in the mail soon!!! Just know I love you all, and I hope you are doing well. Know I pray for you always. Enjoy every moment!! Love you. Oh mom I met Tammy Son Elder parsons!! He is serving in Bellevue so we are in the same zone!! Oh and i have run into Elder White a few times as well so thats kind of fun.
Love Lindsey

Welcome to November

Good Afternoon to the Best Family in the World!!!
Can you believe that it is November!! Want to know something kind of sad? Yesterday in our ward correlation meeting our ward mission leader was talking about how the week of thanksgiving his family was headed to visit family in Wyoming, and he would be gone the whole week. It hit me for a second that everyone has work off, school, and that's when everyone heads home for Thanksgiving, but for me this year that won't be the case. This is home for the next little while. It was super weird. Good thing I am loving my mission more and more everyday. Not that it didn't love it from the get go or anything, but the more time that passes the more I love it. By all means that doesn't mean that I don't have hard days because I do that's pretty much expected. Really some days are hard no matter what your doing. Yesterday morning we got to attend Marixa's confirmation, and it was amazing. The spirit was so strong, and she just looked radiant!!! Also the member work that we have been doing has been paying off because we had over 100 people in our little branch yesterday which is HUGE!!! It was such a great day. I am loving spending time with members, and they are a huge part in working with the investigators. Every convert needs a friend has been the big push the last couple weeks. The members treat us so well. We had a fun lesson with Mercado family, and we played the candy bar game. We have had some amazing dinners with members. I am going to come home an AWESOME Mexican cook so be excited!!! Also I decided I might be turning into a little bit of an "Apple Snob" because you see Washington is the state of apples, and the have the honey crisp apples which are so delicious. They taste exactly how their name describes them...crispy!! One other thing I love about washington the SKY!!! I probably have already mentioned that, but i wouldnt be the Lindsey you all know and love if I didnt saythings a few times.. Right? I can't even get over how amazing the sunsets are, and pictures just dont do it justice.
I hope you all had a awesome Halloween. You know how I said we were going to dress up as elders well we didnt. I know I am way disappointed because you see these elders have known we were borrowing there clothes for a good solid month. Then for what ever reason something happened they totally fell through, oh but they managed to have time to show us there awesome costumes...Punks!!! Maybe next year. We did still go to a corn maze as a zone which was pretty fun, and I did attached a picture of that as well. We had zone conference last week!! Which I loved it was my first offical one, and I think what is so great about it is being surrounded by so many missionaries. There is such a powerful spirit when your all united together, and its fun to see some other people in different zones. Not that I don't love my zone I do, and we get along so well. Plus they are stupid if the dont get along with the sisters because lets face it we are pretty dang cool. Anyway we talked about our "Mormon Moment" right now in our mission we are having a campain. Where we have signs on buses, billboards, and even TV commercials. Its going to be sparking a lot of intrest over the next few months in our mission. Which is pretty dang cool if you think about it. We talked a lot about the support the church is getting right now, and how we are having people defend the church that never before would. President Larkin showed a video clip in zone conference where Anderson Cooper was defending us(church) against some Pastor. It was so legit, and it is such an amazing time to be spreading the news of the Gospel. Obviously I am a little out of the loop, but its happening all over the world that people are hearing about who we are.
Just so you are aware we have transfer calls this week!!! I am freaking out!!! It makes me quite up tight, and I am super nervous to see what happens. I Love my area, and I dont want to leave!!  Where ever we are headed next transfer is where we will spend the holidays which is freaky because its all about the unknown. The reason I am telling you is becasue P-day will be switched until tuesday so I will let you know what happens. I hope you had fun spending time with everyone!!!
I love you all, and pray for you always. Enjoy every moment. Have an awesome week. Know I am thinking about you, and couldn't do it with out your support.
Hermana Grimes

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Buenos Dias to my Amazing Family,
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I cant even believe it is the end of October!! Where the heck did it go? I hope you all have something fun planned. Halloween has never been on the top of the list for favorite holidays, but its not so bad as a missionary. I really don't have to worry about dressing up since my costume choice is a little limited this year.  Which every year I always tell myself at the beginning of the month I am going to be something cool an then on Halloween I end up just throwing something together not a problem this year. Actually Hermana Heywood and I are borrowing some Elders clothing, and yep we are dressing up as "Elders." I think we think its more funny than anyone else will. Really it will just be to take a few pictures. So stay tuned for next week!! Also since its P-day we are having a zone party at the corn maze. Which we be super fun, but we are going to freeze our little butts off. Then tonight we have Dinner with the Franco's, and they always make us the best stuff!!! Which we will be something Mexican. Then we cant be out past 7 unless we are in members homes so its going to be an early night, and since we have 2 other sets of missionaries that live in the same apartment complex we will probably have a little party in the lobby until about 9. Halloween actually hasn't been to shabby this year. On Friday Night we had our Branch party which was combined with another ward so us missionaries decided to switch name tags... oh man aren't we cleaver!! All the kids were dressed up so cute, and we even had a truck or treat so we passed out candy for that. Now I have to tell you the funniest story. I attached a picture of my friend I think its the third one. I didn't ask him his name so you can just make one up for story purposes. I was standing in line by a bunch of kids, and I see this one little boy. I start talking to him, and I ask him what he was for Halloween.
He made a little grunt noise "You don't know what I am for Halloween"
Bud, your just dressed up so good. Are you Batman? Vampire?
" NO, nobody ever knows what I am"
Well can I have a hint?
"The first word is Halloween, and the second word starts with a P"
In my head I am thinking, freak I don't have the slightest idea. Once again I say really bud your just dressed up so good.
His voice gets increasing louder by this point it time " I AM A HALLOWEEN PRINCE"
Really who would have guessed that. This ten year old boy was seriously angry with me, and it was quite funny.
So he walks away to go play some doughnut game. In the meantime I was telling the one of the elders this story.
After he is done playing he comes up to me like we are best friends, and starts telling me all about the game. The Elder who I just told the story to said "Hey, can I guess what you are for Halloween. Are you a Halloween Prince?" He smiles, and then looks, points his finger at me and says "Did you tell him?" Well, of course not buddy. ( yep I lied)
By this point me and him have become the best of friends. He is giving me hugs, and we are just have a great conversation. I told him when he goes out to truck or treat he had to come find me. Then about 30 Min's later I am sitting in the back of the truck, and this little boys yells " There you are!!!" Runs up to the car, and gives me a hug. He is so funny, but he hated me just one hour prior now all of a sudden its like we have been life long buddies.
Well this week has been pretty uneventful. Hermana Heywood has been sick so that's never fun. We did have some great lessons with members. Remember how I said last week we are on repair duty for the branch. We went to visit with the Mercado Family, and I LOVE THEM!!! I have gotten to know them so well!! The mom was headed to the Dominican Republic for about 6 weeks, and by next summer there going to probably be moving there. Which is  super sad, but on the upside she said we could visit anytime. Yep, I have hook ups in the Dominican Republic!! We went to visit with her before she left because who knows if we are going to be here when she gets back with transfers and all. Anyway we ended up talking to her about for about 2 hours, and she just opened up about her life, and kids. I love getting to know people on that level, and having them really trust you that they do tell you everything.  
Yesterday evening we had our baptism!! I love Marixa, and she was so prepared. Its amazing how the people I think are the most prepared really aren't, and then the Lord has someone completely different in mind. She is amazing, and she looked so happy last night. It was beautiful. Of course we had a nice little dinner after the baptism the castillo family is amazing. I attached a few pictures for the baptism. So enjoy. Well I love you all. I hope you have an amazing week!! Just know I am thinking about you, and praying for you always. Its sounds like you have had some fun with having Grandpa, and Uncle Rog in town. A small part of me Mom wishes I could be curled up by the fire place watching Lion King with all of you, but I know thats not where I am supposed to be yet. Keep doing whats right, and enjoy every moment. Know that someone in Seattle Loves you!!!
Love Always, Lindsey

4 Months out

Buenos Dias to the Best People in the World,
This week went so fast!!! I can't even believe it.

This week has been amazing, and we have had some amazing lessons. Of course we always manage to have fun. 
We have been fighting against Satan for our investigators, and it really is a fight!!  Sara was our on date investigator who we had two lessons with last week. One we talked about the importance of a prophet, and we watched his latest general conference address. Then Saturday I was on exchanges with Hermana Stout, and Beck. We went over to stop in we shared 2 nephi 31:20, and talked about the blessings of enduring to the end. Both lessons were very uplifting, and her bearing her testimony. She told us all week long she was coming to church. The lesson on Saturday she was even counting down the days to her baptism. Well we had member who was willing to give her a ride to church, and called her about an hour before church to just finalize plans. She had mentioned that her Husband didn't have to work, and he would be taking her to church. I know we should have a little more faith in people, but we were skeptical so we even called her 20 minutes before church started just to make sure. She had told us that she was on her way, and would see us soon. We even made sure she new how to get there.  Well she didn't show up to church-SURPRISE, SURPRISE for reasons that I still don't know. I mean she has a testimony, and when we asked her the baptismal interview questions it was amazing to hear her testimony. Which means since she didn't come to church she fell off date. During Sacrament I was not going to let it get me frustrated because it was the Primary Program. It was perfect, and I even Cried during the program. Yep, Cried during the primary program. The kids were adorable saying their cute testimonies in Spanish as the teacher whispered it in there ear. You have the cute kids who are so shy, and you can barely hear. Then you have the ones who are practically eating the microphone. Then you have the parents sitting in the congregation smiling from ear to ear. I know a little pathetic that I cried, but the spirit was so strong. Who knows whats going to happened the day I actually have kids in the program. I guess just plan on bringing tissues.
 Then it hit me during Sunday School about how I was so disappointed that she didn't come to church.  I was getting really down on myself. Asking what am I doing Wrong? We have so many people who are so close, and I don't know what else I can do. I was getting really discouraged, and started to wonder why the heck I decided to do this. I mean its a sacrifice to pay the money to be here. I could just be working saving money, and finishing up school. Then I started to get to the point where I didn't care. You know if there not coming to church I don't know what else to do for them. They have to gain their own testimony, and they only way they can do that is by reading, praying, and attending Church- you know keeping commitments. I know its awful that I was thinking that, but really I have had it. I had done everything in my power that I knew how. I mean these are people that I am constantly studying for, and praying for as well. They are just not keeping any commitments. I have to continually work on having faith, but I have faith. Faith in Jesus Christ, and Faith knowing that with God all things are possible. I am working on having the confidence that it will happen Church did get better because we ended teaching the Young Women's lesson which I loved.  Sunday afternoon we had a correlation meeting, and our branch is hanging on by a thread. The members need some serious strengthening. We have detected a plan, and I am all for changing the way we are working things because as of now what I am doing is not working. After Sara coming to church was just a reason to change and really work on building the members then having them do the member missionary work. Obviously what we are doing know is not working so why not change. Since we are in a Hispanic branch, and they know how to party. We get to go party it up with the members, and do missionary work. Sounds like the best of both worlds. It really is what this branch needs!! The spirit was so strong during this meeting. We talked about how we are anonymous servants of the Lord sent to do his work. A lot of the times we are just pushing a wall not knowing if your ever going to have success. Or even being able to see the results of things you do, but you just somehow keep pushing, and your the one who gets stronger, and stronger.
  Later Sunday night we had an appt. with Marixa. We had received this referral from some elders, and she works with a strong LDS family (Castillo's)  at a restaurant the Pupuseria. Which is so good!! Anyway all of our appts we had set up with her throughout the month had fallen through. To the point we decided one day we would go in and find her at work. We set up the appt for wed. well she called a few days prior to cancel, but she did reschedule for Sunday. Not only that the Castillo family would be present for the lesson. The spirit was so strong, and the Castillo family is amazing. They even participated in the lessons, and were bearing their testimonies. We taught her lesson one, and she has been attending Church with the Castillos for the whole month of October. We taught her the doctrine of Christ, and asked if she would be baptized. She Accepted!! We didnt even do anything. The Castillo family has played a huge part in this, and of course the Lord. She is READY!!! She is getting baptized Sunday October 30th, and it is a Miracle!! She told us she had received her answer, and doesn't want to wait any longer. To end the lesson we sang I'll go where you want me to go with everyone. It was such an amazing experience. The castillos have 4 kids 3 boys and 1 girl. The little girl is 7 and she lead us in the hymn with pencils, and then the rest of us sang. Of course the boys sang at the top of their lungs, and it was so off pitch. Probably one of the little but best moments!!! Marixa has been reading the book of Mormon, and we gave her all the pamphlets yesterday. Today we had a lesson with her, and she has already ready almost all of them. We went over the interview questions, and she has such a strong testimony. She is on fire. The lord truly blessed us, and I am so grateful. It was exactly what I needed!!! Then you have moments like this, and it makes it all worth it.
I love you all so much!!! Thank you for all the emails, and letters. I pray for you always. Have an amazing week!!! Any big plans for Halloween?

It's a beautiful day in Washington

Hola to my Amazing Family!!
Les Amo Mucho!!!
Well here we are again. Guess What it is a beautiful day in Washington!!! Not even a cloud in site!!! Gotta Love it. I am beginning to have a love for the rain, and cloudy skies but maybe because its only the beginning of many months ahead. Washington is beautiful, and I could see my self living here one day in the future. I guess I should just get through this crazy thing I would like to call a Mission!!! Not much has really happened this week its been a little uneventful. Of course I am still doing missionary work, and working my little butt off. Carolina has had to work a double shift this past week oh so guess what she didn't come to church. Maybe one day in the future she will be baptized. I pray that I get to be here for it. The Lord is really testing my patience, and faith especially at this moment in time. Its amazing how this is a time for you to completely forget yourself and go to work, but I am going to be the one who does the most growing. A lot of times people say that if the only person you change is yourself than that's enough, but the more I think about it. For me that's not enough. I know all I can do is my best. At this moment in time there really is nothing better I could be doing, but yet your always feeling like your not doing a good enough job. Its hard because we have about 5 people who are just one step away from being baptized, and for some reason something always comes up. For instance Sara we went over the baptismal questions with her Friday night, and she answered them perfect!! She has such a strong testimony, and knows so much about the church. For some unknown reason she didn't come to church even when she told us she was going to be there. The Lord is testing my faith right now and its really working. There are a few lessons I am learning. 1. Its his time frame and 2. People have the wonderful gift of agency. On the other hand Alejandra came to Church. We had a lesson with her Saturday and read Alma 32. She said she wants to be baptized, and just feels like she needs to learn more. We are trying to help her strengthen her testimony, and trust in the Lord.
Now I have a few funny stories. Lets face it you have to have fun, and I think I am pretty funny. Ok so there is an elder in my district who is way negative all the time, and very quite serious. He is nice don't get me wrong. Anyway he was asking me if I had a good birthday a few weeks ago, and I said yes of course. Then asked when his Birthday was, and he wouldn't tell me. Which is so dumb because I love birthdays, and Like to know things. So every day we text him and wish him a Happy Birthday. One hand he probably gets annoyed, and on the other hand he probably likes the attention. He always responds. Its not my Birthday!!! Then of course me having a little sassy side always says Prove it. Its so funny. Next we received a referral from some elders who ran into a "spanish" lady had a doorstep lesson, and left her a book of Mormon. So Saturday we go and check up on the referral, and guess what she speaks English from Hawaii. So technically she is still there investigator. Me once again being the funny person I am figured I would just joke with them. About 15 Min's later I called them, and had them put the phone on speaker. Then I went on to tell them that she had read the introduction to the Book of Mormon, and the first 7 chapters of 1 nephi & committed for baptism. They were so excited, and then I had them tell me about the lesson they had with her, and what they taught. Then told them to keep up the good work then after about 5 Min's I had to tell them I was kidding. What really happened is we get up to the door and say HOLA, and she is say "I don't speak Spanish" so then I had to joke with the elders about the difference between English and Spanish. Classic, and the next night at zone fireside they gave me props for getting them good. One more thing we were leaving are apartment on saturday, and realized some guy was fixing his car. I got out to ask if he needed some assistance my comp stayed in the car and was making some phone calls to see if we could get someone to help him. Anyway I ended up talking to him for a little while. He is from turkey, and has been in the united states for about a year and he works at a gas station. Well he ended up figuring out the problem before we could get anyone to help. He expressed his gratitude to me for stopping to talk to him and help. He mentioned that many people have come int he parking lot, and know one asked if he needed help. So then he proceeded to them me that he wanted to do something. Of course I said No, thanks I was just seeing if you needed help. Then he offered to buy me coffee, and me being a missionary just said you know I dint drink coffee, but I do have a book for you to take. Yep he took the book of Mormon, and then made me take his phone number. Kinda Funny!!! Thats ok because I am going to give the referral to the elders because I managed to figure out where he lives. We will see what happens. Not only do we teach the gospel, we are detectives, stockers, and counselors.
The Life of a Missionary!! Love it
Well family I love you so much!! Thank you for all your love, and support. Keeping doing whats right, and know that I am always praying for you. Seriously I don't stop praying. Have an amazing week, and know that a missionary in seattle LOVES YOU!!!
Love Always
Hermana Grimes

Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Crazy week

Hola to my Amazing Family!!!
Well Here we are again!! I LOVE email day because I get to tell you all about my crazy up and down week!! This week was just that. You know its a good thing I like Roller coaster's because I am in one for the Next 14 months. Let me just fill you in on how it all went. The Rainy Season is officially in full force which means I use my Rain coat every day. I will probably start to look a little scary because you know I am getting WET!! So don't judge, and I promise I am still trying to be the cutest sister missionary ever. Yesterday we took our Culture day and went into the City!! I Love the City. Of course we did it all the Space Needle, Pikes, the Gum Wall, and some Troll thing under a bridge. I will attach a few pictures, and a video so hopefully it works, but its just a sneak peek because I will have a CD of pictures coming next week sometime. I loved the view from the space needle. Pikes was so fun, and I probably could have spent hours there, and of course I had to go put a piece of gum on the famous gum wall.
As for updates on my investigators. We had a Lesson with Carolina on Thursday, and it had been a few days since we have seen her. Anyway it was such a spiritual lesson we basically just told her how it is of course with Charity. We read in Mosiah 18 and talked about the importance of Keeping the Sabbath day Holy, and Baptism. She said the closing prayer, and cried. The spirit was so strong, and I love her so much!!! She was all ready to be baptized today, and was supposed to have her interview on Sunday. We went over on Saturday, and had a lesson with her kids. We talked to each of them about the importance of baptism, and had them answer some questions for us. I LOVE children they are so cute!!! They come up with the cutest answers. Well anyway at 6:35am on Sunday we get a call from Carolina telling us she was so sorry, but she got called into work. Not only that she will be working double shifts all week long. She couldn't come to church which means her baptism will be pushed back a few weeks once again. Remember that roller coaster ya so exacted so excited ...then back down. We are going to visit her sometime this week, and I know she will be baptized. Her testimony is not even a question for me at all she is so ready. Dang Satan!!! Just keep them in your prayers.
Next we have Sarah. Who we hadn't visited in a few weeks basically we just needed to figure out what was holding her back. She lived in Utah for a year and attended Church, and pretty much knows it all. For some reason we couldn't get her to be baptized, and she was hard to get a hold of. Well Saturday night we had such a good lesson. Once again we shared Mosiah 18 because it was perfect for her as well. Basically we walked in the lesson not knowing what to share, but I had been studying Mosiah 18 during personal study it was just perfect for both. Anyway she told us how she reads every day, and needs to be baptized. What was holding her back from being baptized in Utah was she was not married, and living with her boyfriend. Well she got married over the summer so that's not an issue anymore, and she has the support from her Husband. So we committed her to baptism on October 29, 2011, but guess who didn't come to church!!! Once Again Roller Coaster!!! Which blows my mind because less than 24 hours earlier she told us how she needed to be there, and right before church started she called us to tell us her husband was going to take her an she would see us soon. We even had a ride set up for her and everything. I am not sure what happened there, and she is still ok to be baptized at the end of this month but she has to come to church.
Then Alejandra. Who is a single mom, and is in the process of going through a divorce. She used to work on Sunday's so I had only met her once up until last week. She called us and said she no longer works on Sunday's, and wanted to come to church. That was right before general conference. We arranged to have someone pick her up, and we watched the Sunday afternoon session of conference with her. We had two visits with her last week, and they were so good. Basically I feel like a counselor, but she needs someone to talk to and someone to listen to her. She was supposed to come to church too, but GUESS WHAT she didn't. Her ex- husband was supposed to come, and pick up her son but he never showed. I mean she had a good reason I guess, and we went to visit her last night she felt so bad. Its hard because I see how much each of these people need the blessings of the Gospel, and they are all so close!!! So needless to say Saturday night I was so excited just to go right back down on Sunday. I think I figured out that's why they have P-day on Monday. Its so hard not to get disappointed, but my mission president said it best. "Disappointment leads to a lack of faith....(so true) Godly Sorrow leads to an increase of Charity." Its hard at times to keep the faith, and stay strong especially because we are going to feel disappointed because we love these people. That's where we just have to trust in the Lord. The upside Joel attended church so hopefully sometime soon we can get him committed to baptism. In the meantime I guess I will just enjoy the ride!!! As for the ward we have been visiting a Less Active Member Laura Nunez, and her Children. She has quite the story, and it has been fun getting to know her. She had us over for dinner on Sunday, and then over for a birthday party thing yesterday. She is so sweet, and I love playing with her kids. One of the pictures is her daugher Alessia (4) and I. Oh man that kid is crazy, but I love her so much. She always comes and gives me hugs, and kisses (more like sucks my face off)  I love them so much, and we have so much fun!!
Thank you for your amazing support, encouragement, and prayers.  Be good, and know that some missionary in Seattle Loves you!!! Enjoy every moment.
Hermana Grimes

1st bday and General Conference in the mission field

Hola to the most amazing people in the World!!!
First off I am so sorry about not warning you, but yesterday was transfers so P-day is pushed until Tuesday.I am so sorry, but hopefully today will be a nice surprise. I am attaching tons of pictures so be excited hopefully I will get time to explain them all.
Well hermana heywood and I are staying together, but that really was no surprise!! I love my area. I am going to ball like a baby when I have to leave, but lets not talk about that right now. I have only been here for one transfer, and I absolutely dread transfer calls!!! Its so intense, and they call at like 10:00pm on Sunday night to tell you your leaving!! At that moment in time you don't know where your headed ya doesn't that suck!! It was a little rough because our zone is losing some great elders who are really going to be missed. We had so much fun this transfer, and became so close.
I hope you all had an amazing conference. I absolutely loved it!! I will give you some of my favorites. Of course any talk about missionary work kind of just hit home. I loved President Ucthdorfs- On how we are nothing compared to god, but to god we are everything.
Carl Cook- "Look up, Step up, Cheer up." The view is better if you look up. One of my favorites for sure!!
Todd Christofferson- Amazing Talk on Repentance
Dallin H. Oaks- No middle ground- being in full force
Which ever apostle gave to talk on the lines through circles about the bible, and the book of Mormon. I thought that was great, and I will probably steal the idea on day in a lesson.
I also love the one about "what it means to wait on the Lord"
Then the one about how making time for things that matter most, and the things of the Lord matter most.
Basically I just loved all of conference. It was different for sure this year, and I of course couldn't use it as a day to chill in my pajamas. There is something amazing about being dressed up in the stake center, and have 16 missionaries watching conference in the same room. It added a little more meaning, and spirit. Not that it hasn't in the past, but you know. I watched all sessions of conference in English except Sunday afternoon. Which was OK because I got out what I needed to. I am pretty sure I missed a lot, but its all good because we had an investigator there so I can't complain. Which for the Saturday afternoon session we were supposed to have an investigator so I was going to have to watch it in Spanish, and I was a little bitter. One because I wanted to understand every word of what was going on, and two there is something about hearing their voices you dont get that in Spanish. Then our investigator didn't end up coming, and I realized I was being extremely selfish so I had a change of heart by Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I thought about each of you because we were doing the exact same thing and that moment in time. Kinda cool
Now on to my Amazing Birthday!! I can't thank everyone enough for the cards, and Love that I have received this past week!!! Ok so that morning I work up...obviously but my sweet companion wished me a Happy Birthday!! Then we exercised, and got ready. After which we opened the presents that I had. Which one was from mormor filled with my favorite Swedish candies. Then I was opening Linnea's big box!! Which of course I got cried as I read the sweet card, but what else is new. Then I pulled out the Most amazing Quit EVER!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Linnea I cant even express to you how much I loved it!!! It is so cute, and colorful. Probably the most thoughtful gift I have ever received. You are the best. Then after we had yet another secret meeting. I dont know what is up with these meetings but I Love them. Its only about 50 missionaries, and we still have no idea why we are picked to go we probably never will. President Larkin spoke, and it was amazing. He talked about Charity, and being true followers of Christ. In order to be a true follower of Christ we have to have temperance and diligence, and how we are on the battle lines with Satan. You walk out of those meetings just so filled with the spirit, and determination to do what ever it takes. That was a fun way to spend the afternoon. Then my companion took me out to Lunch at panera bread which was so sweet of her. Then we headed back to the apartment for our weekly planning. Which is not the funnest, but we have learned to make it fun. We have so much potential in our area right now. We have set a goal of baptism's we are going to get this month so its going to be amazing. Then we had a lesson with a lady that evening, and she fed us dinner. She is a great cook. Then Manuel who is a recent convert had us over to his house along with the Spanish elders. He made arroz con leche which is rice milk not really my favorite, but it was really sweet. Then the elders made me some cake batter gummy cookies so no desserts like pie or mocha ice cream, but its all good. Then Manuel gave me a NY hat for my birthday, and it was quite funny because he asked if I like New York then pulled out his hat and gave it to me. Its a Large, and he said he has only worn it a few times and I could have it. Through out the day I received cute happy birthday text messages from all the missionaries in the zone. Then of later that night I went on exchanges with Hermana Stout so me and her just chatted that night, and then called it a day around 10:30 pm. I know party animals. Then Friday night when I was back in my area our good buddies Elder Hall and Van Komen who live in the same apartment complex brought over two other Birthday Packages. One was from Toree!!! Love that girl who hooked my up with some cute nail polish, and of course my favorite chapstick. Then Family I received your package!!! I Love it. It was so sweet. Thank you so much for the curling iron, missionary purse, and Clothing!! Mom you did well, and are still keeping my stylish. It was different not being with all of you, but it was such a good day. I have felt so much love from so many people. Thank you for making my day so Special. I attached tons of pictures. I Love you all.
Really quick update on the amazing area of Kent. Carolina and her kids set a new date for baptism this month so keep praying. We are making it happen this month!! We are winning this battle with satan. Then sunday night we had an amazing lesson with Joel. He basically told us he knows the church is true, and we shared a scripture with him in Acts chapter 2. After we read it he got a little teary eyed, and stood up and said "I have to Change. " The spirit was so strong, and we are texting him every day because this week he is completely stopping drinking and smoking. He has made so much progress, and is so close but he slips up around his friends. We keep praying for him, and he is so close!!
Well I love you all. Thanks for the EVERYTHING!!! You are amazing, and I pray for you everyday. Keep doing whats right, and enjoy every moment.
Love you favorite Missionary
Hermana Lindsey Grimes

Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday Week!

Well here we are again!!! Can you believe we are in the last week of SEPTEMBER!!! Which means I have quite the day coming up this week!! I am so excited. Its going to be especially different this year being that I wont be able to be with all of you!! I just get to spend it with other friends that I have made. I don't have any super exciting plans as of yet, but that doesn't mean it wont just be the greatest, and really its all about the attitude. HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to an Amazing and Beautiful SISTER!!! I Love you Linnea!! You better celebrate hard for the both of us.... OK. Maybe even have some mocha almond fudge ice cream seeing that's not really the thing I should be buying at the grocery store, and some pie!! I got a little teary eyed as I read your sweet email. You are the best, and you keep me going. I cant wait to open your present. I don't have it yet, but they should deliver it sometime before Thursday. Have the best day ever!!! Of course I sent something home for you as well because that's just what I do. So be excited, and don't you dare open it until 9/29. Take lots of pictures for me. Oh and guess what you will be 23 when I get home.... ha ha. Love you. Also its TOREE's Birthday Tomorrow, so someone can write on her facebook page or something to tell her that I Love her.
OK so this week has been really good actually. We have found some new investigators with some really high potential. They have committed to reading the book of Mormon, and they are still allowing us to come and teach them which is always a good sign. Like I have mentioned before its finding the people who are really ready to make the change. We met this lady and I really cant remember her name which is sad, but it was the most interesting visit ever. We knock on the barley pokes her head out, and after a few minutes she finally lets us in. She knows quite a bit about the gospel. We just have to set a few things straight. I think she might have been taught by the Jehovah Witnesses at one point in time, and that's never good. She is 26, and has been married for about 10 months now. She is so nice, but a little different we definitely have to figure out what is going on because she was open to reading the book of Mormon, but when we were quoting the first vision she told us to stop because she is sick. Then she wouldn't let us end with a prayer because of her sickness...Weird. Not to mention she talked to us for about 20 Min's about how we should make sure we get and education. Then another 15 Min's on Boyfriends, and making sure we marry someone who is going to treat us well, and that we can be happy with. It was quite funny, so I call her "potential" because she has a lot of it. I will keep you updated on how she turns out. 
Now have to fill you in on Carolina and her family. Last week like I mentioned they didn't come to church. Monday night we went over to visit them, and found out that she was in a car accident. What to know when...yep when she should have been at church. I am not going to judge, but not only was she not a church she was shopping. Which just a few days before we taught her keeping the Sabbath day holy!!! What the heck. Hopefully its a little bit of a eye opener to her. I love her really, but she is super busy and is a little lazy when it comes to getting to Church. This week we have to make her realize the blessings that can come from attending church because she didn't come yesterday either!!! We had a short lesson with her this week because she needed some help with her insurance stuff from the accident. She expressed how she felt bad that she missed her baptismal date, and she is still keeping the commitments of reading, and praying. So once she comes to church she can finally make the baptism step. I keep praying, and staying positive. I just have to stop thinking about it, and let the lord do his work. So hopefully this month, but don't hold your breath.
We had a zone fireside last night. Which we have every sunday night to discuss new things in the mission or just how everyones week went. Last night we just had a testimony meeting, and talked about the zone conference we had a few weeks ago. Missionary Work is hard, and nothing really prepares you for it until your actually here. Its more emotionally hard as your trying to be the best missionary you can, getting people to church and make the necessary changes in their lives, and being away from every thing thats comfortable. Some one shared a quote from a talk saying "Missions are made up of disappointments, and spiritual experiences. You just dont remember the disappoinments." Its so true!! This week I have really realized how its the people that make it all worth it. Some examples from this week.
1. A cute little girl about 3 years old giving me a kiss on the cheek as we leave a lesson.
2. Another little girl learning my name, and repeating it to me about 5 times. I had met her once before, but its been a few weeks since I have seen her family at church. She comes up to me after "I remember you, I just dont remember your name."
3. Carolina giving me the most genuine hug, and telling us she is so grateful for how she feels when we are in her home.
4. Being in someones home, and being a conselor as they share everything. Which I still only catch about 50% of whats going on.
5. Kneeling with Carolina and her family for prayer before her kids went to bed.
6. Having people be excited when you show up to there home.
Its just the simple things, but it gives it purpose. Even though its hard you just have to look for the small things. Some exciting News Dallin H. Oaks is coming to our Mission on November 19th!!  Also on thursday night (our birthday)  I am going on exchanges with Hermana Stout!! So I get to have a sleep over with her that night, and then do some missionary work with her friday!! That is going to be fun to just catch up with her.
Oh and wasn't Dieter F. Uctdorfs talk AMAZING in the relief society meeting. I know the talk was given to women all over the world, but I kind of think it was just for me. Isn't that amazing how it can apply to all of us in the different stages, and hard times in our lives, and it being exactly what we need to hear. I loved it. Enjoy conference this week!!! I am super excited for that as well. I wil be watching it the same time you will just in a different place.
Linnea please UPDATE my BLOG!!!!
Well family I love you all!! Your amazing, and I hope you have the best week ever. Know that I always am thinking about you, and praying for your success. Keep doing whats right, and enjoy every moment. Love your favorite missionary!!! Les Amo Mucho!!!
Siempre Amor
Hermana Grimes

The rainy season has begun!

Well I had quite the interesting week!! I can't say it was the best one by any means. Its seems this week we had a lot of appts that we had scheduled, but they all pretty much fell through. No one was home!! Its so frustrating  because Hispanics really are kind of flaky I love them, but they are flaky!!! They really have no sense of time either so when you say Wednesday night at 6 it could be anywhere from 4- 9 that they might be home. I just have to keep telling myself there must be someone else we have to see instead. It makes you feel a little bit better. Its hard because the Lord has a time that he wants people to be ready to hear and accept the gospel, but everyone has to use there agency. I just want to say to them " you know I am doing you a favor, this is your eternal salvation we are talking about." It doesn't quite work that way though!! Oh well. Also some other disappointing news, Carolina didn't come to church which means she is being pushed back again!! I am so sad. She is so ready to be baptized, and she has been to Church before. Its just hard because of her work schedule. Another thing with Hispanics in the states is they work on Sunday's, and jobs are hard to come by for them because some of them are here illegally so they cant really just quite. The goal is hopefully for next week, but don't get your hopes up. Just keep praying it works!! 
This week we had a zone conference and Keith R. Edwards-( I think he is in the quorm of the 70) came to speak with us. It was amazing. You always walk away from those kinds of meetings just feeling pumped, and ready to go. He talked about the spirit of revelation and using the spirit of prophecy to teach. Only the spirit can change people, so we need to make sure we invite the spirit. Then he talked about Abraham and how he was commanded to sacrafice Issac. How we have to be willing to put it all on the altar to come to know Christ, and do what he needs us to do. We are the ones who signed the paper, and submitted the papers to be the missionaries he needs us to be. It was just encouraging, and always adds something a little different to the week. He mentioned its supposed to be hard because Jeffery R. Holland said it best "Salvation is not a Cheap Experience" we are here to represent Christ, his journey wasn't easy for us with the atonement so, what makes us think that we are going to have it easy. There is a special calling in bringing forth the work. We are promised that if we do our best we can and will make up the for the rest.
Also its started raining so needless to say I no longer stay  dry!! Which means I start to look a little special because I am not going to be doing cute things with my hair, and then  5 mins later have is soaking wet, so don't judge. Mom that cute rain coat has become quite handy especially with the HOOD!!! I am thinking more and more I will learn to appreciate the rain. People arent kidding when they say Washington has two seasons August and Rainy. Gotta Love it! Well we do get a few sunny days here and there, like today!! Of course because its P-day, and its the one day we can a hangout inside in our warm and comfy sweats. Oh well, Its just the beginning.
Well family I love you all so much, and I can't thank you enough for all your support. Each of you have such exciting and big things happening in your lives. Know that I pray for you always so keep being the best you can. I Love getting all of your emails. Until next week. Also saturday is the Relief Society Broadcast, and I cant wait!! So mom and Linnea just know at the exact same time your watching it so will I- well an hour later, but still!!!
Siempre Amor
Hermana Grimes

Another amazing week in Seattle!!

My Amazing Family,
Hello, Again!! Thank you for your emails!! I love email day, its the best to open the inbox and see your emails. I know life is getting busy with school and work, mail has really started to slow down so hearing from you is the best. It just is the tender mercy that keeps you going. Linnea I am so sorry about not sending you a letter last week, but this week should make up for it. I already have it written, and it will be going in the mail first thing tomorrow morning. Be excited!!! I hope you had fun at your concert, and I cant believe that Lion King is this week!!! I LOVE LOVE that play, and steven is going with you, man your going to have a blast. Also that nashville tribute thing so sounds cool!! I totally would listen to the CD mom but we have a dumb rule that we can only listen to Hymns. Dont get me started! I dont know why but I am so bitter about this rule. Its because of a few stupid missionaries that the whole mission gets punished. I love hymns dont get me wrong, but there is so much other good inspiring church music thats not hynms. Whatever. I am going to have a great appreciation for regular music when I get home. The other day we were having a little chat outside with a lady and her neighbors were blasting the Kings of Leon song "Use Somebody" and it was great!!! Well Carolina and her Kids are just as amazing as ever I cant even describe how much I love that family. As of right now she is scheduled to be baptized on the 20th of this Month!!! We taught her the word of wisdom last week, she is a coffee drinker and she had absolutly no problems with it at all. She didnt come to stake conference last week because she got called in to work which was a huge bummer. She has to come this week or we are going to have to push the baptism back another week. She is still going strong. Speaking of church this last week we had stake conference. It was broadcast from Salt Lake City!! We got to hear from Elder Snow, Sister Dalton, Elder Holland, and Elder Packer. It was amazing at least the parts of the talks that I happened to understand. I had to watch it in spanish which I was a little bummed about. We just had our little spanish branch in the Relief Socitey Room while everyone else was in the chapel. I was a little bitter about it, but I got the gosple part of each talk. I didnt quite understand every little story or personal experience they were using. A lot of the talks were on the importance of the holy ghost, and how there are 3 places in our life that need to be a santuary, are family, church, and the temple. Last night we had a lesson with Joel, and he is doing a lot better with drinking and smoking. We had the Elders come over and give him a blessing and it was amazing. He just kept explaining how its not easy because obvioulsy he has grown an addiction over the years, and all of his friends drink so its a social thing as well. It was mentioned in the blessing that Heavenly Father is aware of him, and his difficulties so I am sure that will help give him the strength. It was powerful. This week and Last we are finding new people to teach, and really figuring out which of our investigators are really ready to make the commitment. Last week about 50 missionaries were invited to a meeting with the President. I was one of them along with my companion. We are still not sure why he called all of us there he said there was a common thread between all the missionaries there, but he wouldn't tell us what it was. Anyway basically he talked about Gideons Army, and the 50 of us need to be Gideons Army for are mission. We have a yearly goal of baptizms in the mission which of course was set by the mission president. He talked a lot about that goal, and how he wants us to be a part of making that happen the next 4 months. It was way intense, and I felt very honored to be there. It was such a spiritual meeting, which every meeting I have had with the president is, he is a spritual giant. This morning we got to attend the temple. I attached some pictures. Then afterwards we went and had a little zone party at deseret book while each missionary was in amazment looking at everything. The things you get excited for. Then a few of us went to lunch at dairy queen. I love making friends with the elders it adds something a little more to the mission, and we have such a fun time. Ok I have to tell  you about my experience yesterday with food. It was the typical missionary food experience. Ok so I made myself a small lunch around 12 which consisted of a fruit smootie and some crackers- healthy right. I am trying. Then we had an appt at 2 with the Branch President so we get over there and his wife gives us some yogurt. Ok thats just fine. Then she asks if we want lunch we politely say yes so she makes us 3 eggs I dont think I have ever eaten three eggs, the we have rice with some type of mexican seasoning, and tortillas!! Then after we have cake. I havent had sweets for a week!! The first thing I have is some leftover birthday cake thing with strawberries between both layers, and thick frosting. It was a good meal I am not complaining, but I was pretty content by this point. Like I would have been fine with out food the rest of the Night. Then at 4 so 2 hours later we had another appt with the relief society presient. We get over there and she is feeding her kids-of course. Her mom lives with her as well, so with an older mexican lady you have to be careful with not offending. So they feed us more!! So we had rice, and some type of batttered chicken, with tortillas. I was dying!!! My comp just took it like a champ, but I really was not even a little hungry because 2 big meals with in 2 hours. None of these were supposed to be dinner appts. Then She brings out more chicken!!! By this point I will throw up if I put one more thing in my mouth so we ask her if we can take it to go. Then the cute little grandma the whole time we are eating she just keeps pointing out we have vegtables, and pico. I dont know how my comp did it. I have never eaten that much before it was worse than a thanksgiving, probably because there was no time for any digustment whatsoever. After we had about 30 mins of a little break, we both went home and curled up on the floor. I told her I was never doing that again. I refuse to get fat!!! Its nice because the elders are in some biggest loser competition with each other, and they always say Hermana Grimes you dont even have anything to lose. Thanks guys, but really I was dying. It was not even a little funny, and I love every meal we have its all good food so thats never the concern. At least now I have one of those stories. Also saturday night we had a less active/ recent convert teach us how to make tortillas I am going to come home an awesome mexcian cook!!! I attached pictures of that as well.
Well You all have an awesome week. I still always pray for you!!! Enjoy
Also Birthday ideas
1. Purse- needs to fit scriptures, and a camera-side strap kind of stylish
2. Slippers- Like the ones Linnea and B have from Target
3. All sorts of Tights- different colors as well.
Love you All!!! Thanks for your amazing Support.
Love Always Lindsey

A dinner deal

My amazing Family!!
How are you all?! I hope your doing well. I am on a limited time so I didnt have time to read your emails before I wrote this letter so sorry if I didnt get all your questions answered, but I will. Dont worry. Everything is going just great, like always. First off I LOVED the package!! It was perfect so Thank you so much!! Also great job on the headband and scarf!! They are so cute, I will have to send pictures of me when I wear them. I loved everything green in the package, and it was very appropriate considering I am infact a "Greenie." This past weekend we had a little mexican fiesta with the branch, and it was so much fun!! I love hispanics. They are some of the nicest must humble people, I know. They are always open to listening to what you have to say, which is great. You just have to find what people are really ready to make the necessary changes. Anyway the party was filled with tons of FOOD!! Mexican food, which I am loving more and more. Then some of the traditional mexican dances. It was such a nice break, and such a fun way to get to know the branch better. As far as my investigators Carolina- Her and her family were not at church on Sunday we found out
 it was because they were sick, so thats a good reason. They are so ready to accept the gospel!! The still are planning on being baptized this month, but since they missed church it will probably be on the 24th. Just pray it happens this month. She is really hard to get a hold of because of her work schedule, but she is always making time to meet with us. I absolutely love her, and her kids. A few days ago we finished teaching about them about restoration of the gospel and Joseph Smith, and she started crying when were we telling her the experience in the sacred grove. Its amazing because the Lord really does have his hand in this work. Even if people are not ready to accept the gospel it helps lead you to the ones that really are. On sunday are other investiagtor Joel came to church. Joel is dating Alyson who is a member of the church, and she wont marry him unless he makes the changes in his life. He his such a nice guy, and very nice and open to change. He just has a hard time because he smokes, and drinks but its getting better. This week we are coming up with a plan of attack to try and get him to stop. I want to see him baptized before I leave this area!! He is such an awesome guy!! Speaking of plans of attack today we went to visit with a recent convert Manuel. Manuel is having a hard time with the Word of Wisdom as well, and he did really good for a long time. He has some friends that arent the best influence, and so he cracked!! We had about an hour long chat with him today about it, and he is still struggling. So, my companion and I decided to make a little deal with him. Of course he was part the decision process as well. I have to give up chocolate for a few weeks. Our check in period is in about 2 weeks!! I tried telling him my favorite thing was mashed potatoes, but he wasnt buying it!! I could give those up with no problems at all!! Hermana Heywood is giving up Peanut Butter. We have a little night planned in 2 weeks for dinner so we will see who ends up paying up. My St. George Peeps should know, but I KICK BUTT at dinner deals!!! I will let you know the results. Of course we are checking in with him everynight, and he has to let us know it he had a drink or smoked during the day. Personal Accountablity. He is such a great guy he just needs a push. Last week he took us out for fried ice cream, and he was doing great. I dont know what the heck happened he just has ups and downs. What he needs is a single pretty hispanic lady. Maybe with time.
As far as Washington goes the weather has been Beautiful!! I have still managed to keep my self nice and dry.
There is just a few things I need. Mom and Dad when you send the next package would you please enclose some of my winter sweaters because when it gets cold its going to get cold. I have them in a box in the basement. Labeled "Linds Winter" Thanks!
I LOVE YOU ALL!! I pray for you always. Enjoy Everything, and Know I am thinking about You!!!
Next week we have the temple so P-day is once again switched until Tuesday!!
Have an awesome week
Love Lindsey

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a week!

Hello to my Amazing Family,
It is so good to hear from each one of you. Of course I am sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read everything that is happening at home, and all of the amazing things each of you are doing. I have so much to fill you in on as far as this week goes, it has been crazy!! I feel like I have been here forever, and that it's going to go on forever. I know its all about just getting the hang of a new area, new companion, new language, and new people. It really has been quite eventful, and I have been so tired all week long. I don't know what it is but I am still blaming it on the lack of sleep from flying in, but pretty soon that excuse wont fly. I hit the pillow at 10:30, and I am out!! I am always so dead tired  in the MTC they said its good because that means your working hard, but really its just all the changes that our happening. Well I love my companion but what else is new. She is great. Her name is Abbie Heywood from Ogden Utah, and me and her have quite a bit in common. I really am so blessed to have the ability to get along with others it has become quite handy. Anyway she is patient, loving, non judgemental, and is helping me learn. She has been out about a year. She will hit her "Click" day September 1st so its coming up here in just a few days.
Now like I mentioned we dont waste anytime we get straight to work. Thursday we went to visit with Becky who is (11) and her mom Mercades. There oldest son Christian was baptized a little while ago, and we are working on teaching the Mom and Daughter. Its a huge issue with permission so hopefully one day Becky will be baptized, but it is taking them a little longer to grasp the concepts. Everyone has to learn at there own pace. Becky gets taught in English, and her mom get taught in Spanish. Becky is just the cutest girl ever!! Once we got there of course I introduced myself and Becky just starts throwing out all of these sweet compliments. She told me I looked like some girl off the Disney channel. Which was nice, and how she liked my hair, skin, eyes, clothes, everything. So her and I had quite the conversation getting to know each other. My companion was talking with the mom while I visited with Becky. I was telling Becky how my Spanish wasn't the greatest, and she said "I will Pray for you." Then I was saying something and used por and not para which is confusing, but I am grasping the concept. Ya, she laughed a me for about 5 minutes, but its all good. We asked her to give the closing prayer as she was saying it she said "Please bless...oh wait I forgot your name" so I whisper Hermana Grimes, and she continues "Please bless hermana grimes that she will learn English, oh wait she is already good at that help her to learn spanish." I thought it was sweet.
Also this week we have been doing our service hours at some El-Salvadorian Restaurant which is quite fun, and we get fed every time we go there so thats always nice. The food is great. The other day I was helping peel tamales or something along those lines, and this old man comes up to me asks me my name. He asked where I was from, and then he said "your really cute I want to steal you"!! AHH!! That's not something you really want to hear, and then he asked for my phone number luckily I cant give that out. Its was creepy, but funny.
Now on the Biggest Miracle of all this week. We had received a call from a lady that wanted us to go and visit her friend so of course we sent up a day and time. Then she had to cancel because of work but wanted to reschedule and meet with us another time. This was all over answering machines so we never really got a new date set. We were in Auburn a few days later and figured we would just stop by. Her name is Carolina she is a single mom from Honduras, and she has 3 kids. We started teaching the first lesson talking about how we are children of God, then we talked about families, and prophets. The second I walked in you could feel her love. She was so welcoming, and started expressing her feelings. She has such a desire to follow Christ, and you can feel the love she has for Jesus Christ. Of course in the MTC the word Baptism was drilled into our heads so that has been the focus!! I could only understand maybe a few words here and there in the lesson but me and and my companion already know that baptism is on our minds and that is our goal. My companion turns to me, and says "OK we are going to invite them to be baptized". So in my broken/ lovely Spanish  I introduce 2 nephi 31, and talk about how its the doctrine of Christ. How Christ was perfect, and he was baptized then I extended the invitation for her to be baptized. She ACCEPTED!!! So Carolina ( the mom), Kathreen (12), and Bryan (9) are put on date to be baptized on SEPTEMBER 17!! She also has one other son that will turn 8 in December. It was a miracle!! She was defiently a golden investigator, and I couldn't be more excited. She has a friend who is LDS so she has attended church before, and was familiar with a little bit about what we taught. She and her family came to church yesterday, and we are going to continue teaching them. So,  my first week we put 3 people on date for baptism!!
As for the branch that I serve in its small, but I love it. We help with English classes 3 nights a week which helps us get to know the mission leader because we work pretty close with him, and he is always helping us out. Saturday night we were invited to a Birthday Party/ Dinner at on of the members homes and of course we had Mexican food. Miram was just baptized in July and has 2 boys, she is such a sweet lady. Also Last night we had dinner with the Franco family which there is like 3 families in the branch with that last name so pretty soon I will help you know the differences between them. We had Carne Asada which is some really good meat with tortillas, rice, and beans. Its was also Elder Dickinsons Birthday ( the Spanish elder in the zone/branch) We have one set of sisters, and a set of elders. His mom had sent some packages so we were there when he opened them, and the Franco's made flan which is some pudding cake thing. I don't even know how to describe it, but it was good.  Tonight we have dinner with one of the other Franco families in the Ward. The people are so nice, and that's one thing I love about the Spanish culture. They are so friendly, and humble. I still have so much to learn, and I am trying not to get discouraged with the language. I still only get bits and pieces, but it is surely coming and I have to recognize what I have learned. I  have to remember the promises I was given in my setting apart blessing. I am realizing more why he mentioned I would learn different dialects because we have people from all over Argentina, DR, Honduras, Mexico, and many more. I am working hard and staying positive. Keep doing whats right, I pray for you always. Thanks for all your love and support. Keep praying!! I NEED this Lanugage!! Letters are on the way.
My Address is: This is the mission home its the easiest way to get mail to me, and make sure I actually get it.
Hermana Grimes
Washington Seattle Mission
10675 NE 20th St.
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LOVE ALWAYS next tuesday because monday is a holiday. Have a great Week
Hermana Grimes