Monday, May 30, 2011

My Little Sis

Miss Rebecca Lee Grimes,
Guess what on May 30, 1994 this pretty girl was born!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY B!! I can't believe your already 17 where the heck does time go....seriously?! I of course could not go today with out writing a little note, and letting you know how much I love you. Here goes yet another Birthday shout out to my favorite little sis. B, I just love you. First off your so dang funny, and you can always make somebody laugh. You are on the high school drill team. You are quite the dancer, and I wish I could dance half as good as you. Maybe one day you will actually enjoy dancing in front of your family at any given time..ha ha.

You have so many clothes in your closet its insane. You might be one of the most particular people about your clothes that I know. I mean your closet is color coordinated. You always have the cutest outfits. When she grows up she wants to be a hair stylest. She is quite the makeup artist, and I know I can always count on you to make me look good. I have never met anyone with a bigger sweet tooth than you, you pretty much like anything and everything with sugar.

Sharks are not your thing. In the winter you can find her cruising down the ski slopes. In the summer you can always find her outside catching some sun rays. School for you is six hours of social time. I am sure if that was a class you would have passed with flying colors I mean that is the whole reason you go....right?!  You are quite the social butterfly. She might be the most gullible person I know other than me we actually share this trait in common. You are the queen of pulling funny faces in pictures. You and I kick butt at the fish face.

 B, I know I can always come talk to you. Even if you say name that movie in serious conversations. Speaking of movies half of her vocabulary consists of movie lines. You might be the one person on this planet that I have the most inside jokes with. I mean just to name a few..."Where's the oranges, Red Robin...enough said, True True False False...middle finger."  Oh man I dont think I ever laugh so hard with someone as I do with you. You are quite the bed hog, but some how I still enjoy having sleepovers. Rebecca you are gorgeous!! You have the prettiest smile. I know I can always come talk to you even if you give me a hard time for going into way to much detail. We have so many fun memories, and I am so blessed to have such a sister like you. I love you so much. I hope you have the best birthday!!

Love Always, Lindsey

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lets head Home

Ok so I seriously have the greatest group of friends. We call ourselves the Fab 5 cleaver I know, but really we are just that fabulous. One of these days I am sure I will add pictures from all of our crazy adventures, but for now I just have to explain our home town weekend. Whit and Trumbull both live in St. Geoge so need less to say we have spent many nights over at their house. Which I love they both have the greatest families, and not to mention they're country boys. We have been introduced to all sorts of fun things. Who ever thought you would be disappointed when you missed a baby calf being born, or being chased by a pig, calling animals that stand on all fours your boyfriends, and horseback riding. Ok ya thats us I guess you can say we might be a little hooked. We decided it was time to head up north and show them are stomping grounds. So we had a little home town weekend like off the bachelor just because we're that cool. Friday afternoon we got all packed up and started are little road trip me, toree, trumbull, and whit. Which I love road trips especially with friends music, laughing, and great conversation what we talk about in the car stays in the CAR...right?! Anyway the first stop was my house which we had a nice dinner with my family.  Then we played phase 10 and of course B won ....punk. I just love my family so thanks again for everything.
 Saturday morning we got up early and made are way to Heber whit and trum both had siblings participating the Rodeo so we went to cheer them on. Of course they kicked butt because thats just what they do. That afternoon we made our way to Brigham City to meet Toree's family. We grabbed lunch at a little local place by that time Karlie meet up with us then we turned into the Fab 6.  Of course we had to meet Kar's family as well. They let us take the four wheelers out for a couple of hours which was so much fun. Good driving skills Whit considering the fact that we are both still alive. Stef was MIA for friday night, but meet up with us right before fourwheeling good timing kiddo. Then back to Toree's for a nice dinner with her family. After which we headed over to crystal hot springs it was extremely ghetto, but if any group of people is going to have a fun time just about anywhere it would be us. The best part about it was the slide -hydro tube we did just about everything and anything you could think of going down that slide. It was a blast we were all laughing, and just being our crazy selves we did get a little banged up by the end of the night I was beat. We went and sat around the fire for a little while (which I may or may not  have been a little out of it at this point)  then we headed back over to Toree's, and had a huge sleep over in her family room some of us slept way better than others....sorry guys.
Me, Whit, Toree, Karlie, Stef, and Trumbull

The next morning we headed to church with Toree's family, and then made our way to West Haven to hang out with Stef's family. They also made us a nice dinner, and we just chatted with her family for the afternoon. Then the four of us made our way back to St. George for yet another eventful car ride. This probably was one of the best weekends. Every one of my friends has the greatest families. I just love you all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a Week

Ok I must say I am just a little behind, but I have to blog about this week because seriously it was quite the week. Well it was finals week for some of course since I didnt go to school this semester it wasnt really a huge deal for me. With that being said finals week means the end of the semester which means change. Of course change is a hard thing, and most of the time I don't really like it. All in all it does happen to be part of life. This happend to be the last week of  this group of girls being my roomies. We all reached that point in our lives for us to head on different paths with graduating, missions, and weddings. Lucky for me I have established life long friendships with these girls.
So naturally we have to party it up. Monday night was the closing BBQ with the ward, and after we decided to have a pool party. Seven girls, music, water, and a camera equals an absolute blast. Tuesday we hit the gym for a zumba class. I mean who wouldn't want to dance to make a complete fool out of themselves and burn some calories?!  
Wendnesday Toree, Lou, Whit, and I decided we wanted to hike the narrows which is just some big crack in the red rocks. Anyway we have done this multiple times before, and this time we may or may not have had a little run in with the cops. Of course me being the type of person who never gets herself in trouble I might have had a small little panic attack. Luckily for us we just got a warning since we were up there after dusk. In our defense it was dusk when we started. Lets just say I have the greatest friends ever, and every adventure we end up with crazy fun pictures which I happen to love.

Thursday was cinco de mayo so naturally we treated ourselfs to a little mexican food followed by ice cream from cold stone. Whatever excuse
we can find to go out on the town is perfectly fine with me plus who wouldnt want to have a little fiesta.

Friday morning I worked at the crack of dawn, and I happend to be heading home for the weekend. When I returned my dear sweet room mate Jacki was going to be all moved home. I had to wake her up give her a hug and say goodbye. Which I happen to HATE goodbyes. I seriously love this girl we have had so many memories. I am going to miss her like crazy, but I can not wait for her wedding!! Like I mentioned I made my way up north to Provo. I met up with Kort and Linnea we grabbed dinner at chilis then had a sleepover filled with catching up on all sorts of girl talk.
Saturday May 7, 2011 I went through the Mount Timpanogos Temple for my first time. I had such an amazing experience and so many people that I love there to support me. I truly am so blessed to have the gospel in my life. I am so grateful for the chance that I have to teach the gospel to the people of Seattle only 35 MORE DAYS!! Where is time going?! Let the countdown begin.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I did it...AGAIN

Yes, I decided once again to sign up to run a half marathon. I had so much fun running the first one, and was actually quite suprised at how much I really enjoyed it. I was talking with my roomies, and Jacki decided she wanted to train and run it as well. Of course she was a lot more dedicated than I was with staying consistant. I guess I get this idea in my head that goes something like oh maybe you should register for a half marathon, and then it will actually force you to go work out. Ok I have learned that is not really the case. As we were standing at the starting line at 6:30 in the morning, and not to mention we had been up since at least 4:30 that it is a vicious cycle that never ends. In the moment your getting ready to start your thinking what the heck did I get myself into. Then the days your supposed to do a long run and your just not in the mood, but you have to because you registered. Then as the gun goes off your adrenaline is pumping, and your ready to kick butt. As your run each mile counting up to thirteen you just try and keep yourself motivated then you cross the finish line feeling so accomplished. At that point everything you did or didnt do is now over. Then you decide that you have to do it all over again because it felt so good, and you know you can probably do even better next time....see it never ends. Some how I still secretly love it.The course was beautiful with running around Sand Hollow, fields of green, orchards, and not to mention some killer hills!! Even though I didn't nearly train nearly as hard as I know I could have I finished!! That is enough of an accomplishment in itself.