Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here we are again!! I can't even believe that we only have about 2 more weeks until Christmas!!! I am so excited to call home I can't even handle it. Mom and Dad your packaged arrived and I am so excited to open it and start counting down!!! I am going to do that as soon as I get home. Also, just a heads up you all know me way to well so I already have a package on the way...opps!! Its nothing crazy big just a little something, but DO NOT open until Christmas!!!
This week went by so fast. My email is arriving a little late because we got to go to the temple this morning. Which I love!! Its so nice to be able to escape and forget about everything for just a few mins. Once again I apologize for last weeks email, but it was so needed. I just had to vent, and I knew you would still love me if I vented to you all. After I sent it I took a deep breath slapped myself ( well not really) and got back to work, and lets not forget I prayed!! Which I do a lot of now a days, but I promise I am all better I just needed my moment.
One Friday night we had our mission christmas party. Well it was only half the mission, but all my buddies from my first area were all there so it was such a fun reunion. We had a nice dinner, and we watched the movie 17 miracles. I am in love!! That movie was amazing, and very inspiring. Then saturday morning we had breakfast with the cardanas family. They treat us so well, and already extended an invitation for us on Christmas Eve. So we already have Christmas Eve and Day plans. Saturday night was our first ward Christmas party we have another one next week. It was cute because this older gentleman Hermano Mayorga and his sweet wife bought us some choclates from costco for chirstmas, and gave them to us at the party. We went over to visit them and let us try them, and of course we loved them. (hello its chocolate) Well they remembered and gave us some for our christmas present. I love this BRANCH!!! We get treated so well, and they are like a family away from home.  Anyway we had so many members bring friends, and an investigator Miriam come. I felt like I was running around the party like a chicken with my head cut off because i was going around talking to so many people. It was such a crazy night, but a very needed blessing to have so many nonmembers so up. This week we are working on getting appts with them and turning them in to progressing investigators. There was one guy who came with his wife and daughter to the party. I ended up talking to him for about 1:30 mostly because he is a talker. He is very intelligent, but wants to learn more so he could be a hard one to crack. The lord can crack anyone right. Since we talked for so long I am pretty sure I can figure out how to get in his home. Especially because the conversation was not just about the gospel but school, families, friends, and just anything and everything. He offered to make me dinner since he is a chef ( one of his many jobs) so I am going to take him up on it, and then teach him. I will let you know how it goes. Now as for Miriam she is a single mom with 5 kids. She was being taught by the elders, but they were having a hard time with her. When we came in the area they just said all you can do is love her, and maybe she will be baptized. We have gone over to see her a few times, but both appts were kind of crazy. Its always hard to talk to her because she has so many distractions, and we werent really sure if she was keeping any of her commitments. We invited her to church, but said since she has a baby boy who is a few months old she didnt want to take him out in the cold. During our planning session her name was at the bottom of the pile we just figured we would have to wait until she was ready to actually do something. Hispanics like to party so we called her about the christmas party, and she mentioned she was already on her way. It was so fun to see her come in with all 5 of her kids. She has met people in the ward before so everyone was so loving, and welcoming towards her. Through out the night and talking to her she mentioned how she was thinking about baptism!! Which is huge, but she told us she was going to come to church, and didnt. Keep her in your prayers we need our Christmas Miracle. Now speaking of Church i had to speak in church on sunday along with my companions. It was quite intresting people tell me I did a good job, but they are probably being nice. I still feel like I can't express my self in spanish like i can in english. Dont worry I managed, and the spirit speaks the same language so hopefully they got something out of it. Other than that we are working our little bums off trying to figure out how to get our investigators to become progressing so if you have any grand ideas they would be greatly appreciated!! Like I said keep praying for our christmas miracle!! Well I love you all so much!! Dad just so you know the reason I dont give you my "real" address is because
1. I dont really know it.
2. If you get transferred its a lot harder to get your mail so I would rather be sure!! The mission office gets it sent out right away!! I Live in Bellevue so I get it extra fast. You never know when your being transferred so then if I did that I would have to warn you every 5 weeks to send it to the mission office just in case I leave the area. Thats why.
3. Oh and Dad I am way cooler than jason white...just sayin.
I hope you all have an amazing trip!! Enjoy the sunshine, and take in a few rays for me!! Its starting to get pretty cold, but i just dress warm. Luckily not as much rain as I would have been expecting, but I am sure its coming. What do you have planned to do why your there? Your going to have an amazing trip!! Take lots of Pictures, and I can't wait to hear all about it.
Can I just tell you how amazing i think you all are!! Seriously I have the best family in the whole word and I am not baised at all. I am so excited to play secret santa this past week we have had a few people express concerns for christmas- no members. I cant wait to be able to put a lot of thought into making some feel so loved all because of you!! So stay tuned!!! I got toree's wedding invite. Love that girl, and she gets married Saturday!! Maybe you could just write her a little message on face book, and tell her I would be there in a heart beat if I could, and that I am going to be thinking of her!! 
 Would you please go to her reception for me on the 27th?!!
Enjoy Everything. I am always praying for you.
Love Always, Hermana Grimes!!!

A rough week

Good Morning to my Amazing Family,
Ok gang I am going to apologize right now because I am NOT OK!!! I am so fustrated, and right now I just have to vent. So I am saying sorry in advance becasue it probably won't be the best email you have ever recieved from me. What probably doesnt help is I am on my period which is a good excuse for everything so I am going to take it for whats it worth. Also the fact that I am so sick of feeling like a frumy sister missionary, and wearing skirts. I see all the pictures I get from the family, and everyone looks so good. I mean come on my Brother brought a pair of nice jeans. Who would have ever thought!!!  I want to wear cute clothing. First off all my fustrations started on Friday night during our planning session. I dont know what it was that exactly triggered it, but I was so MAD!!! It was probably nothing that big of a deal, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. It was something that we were supposed to have breakfast with a family in the branch a family that I happen to love.  I have said over and over again its the small things. Well she feels like guilty or doesnt really feel like its that big of a deal. The elders gave us a referral for someone who spoke spanish, and they happened to set up the appt for saturday during breakfast time. Of course the referral is way more important...ya I know. But still. Let me tell you something about these hispanics who I love so much they are FLAKY!!!! During planning it ended up trying to figure out what should be filled at what time. Yes, I know Dumb. Of course I still remained nice sweet linds, but everyone just has a very different way of doing missionary work. I love my companions really I do. One day I might regret sending this email, but not now. Well Hermana Stout I Love we just have clicked since day one so no problems. Hermana Baek on the other hand is super sweet and such a hard work. Like I said we have very different ideas of what is considered productive, and what is not. Really Friday I was just bugged with her like to the point it was better to just keep my mouth shut or I would have said something not so nice. She is just so quite, and never shows her feeling so its hard for her to be sympathetic or talk to her about how your feeling. If you get what I am saying. I am sure we will be great friends after the mission, but I can't say we would have been friends if it wasnt for the mission. Then it just made me miss all my friends. Lets face it I loved them, and we always had such a good time. Then it made me think of how my best friend is getting married in just 2 short weeks, and guess who wont be there...ME. So needless to say I went to bed mad friday night. Which is never good because then I woke up still so bugged at the situation, and not even wanting to talk to Hermana Beak. Of course I was nice, and tried my hardest. We go to the apartment complex for the "appt" oh and guess who wasnt home?!! Oh the Referral!! Then our back up plan was tracting for like 3 hours!!! By this point I did cheer up, and we ended up having a great day. Then Saturday night came. I wanted to attended the Christmas Devotional so bad!!! If it was up to me I would have just gone, but no we have to be obedient and ask the zone leaders. We ask the zone leaders and they say we cant go unless we have an investigator. Come on elders this is the prophet seriously. Did I mention we dont have investigators. We have been working our little bums off starting from scratch in this area. Me being the nice person that I am tried so hard to get them to change their mind.They said they would like about it and let us know.  Then at church the Cardanas( the same family I mentioned earlier) invited us over for "dessert" and they would happen to have the devotional playing in the background. I love them. Hermana Baek didnt quite feel that was the best idea, but she agreed anyway. Sunday afternoon we had to call the zone leaders to get and address. They asked if we had found an investigator for the devotional we said no. Really had tried so hard to get someone there. Then he says well "sacrafice brings for the blessings of heaven" Seriously Elder what the heck do you think a mission is... ya a sacrafice so dont you think we could go listen to the prophet!! Well sunday afternoon we went to check on so many people, and none of them were home. Finally at 4:30 we were in an apartment complex and found some spanish people so we started talking to them, and ended up visitng with them for about 40 mins so if you do the math thats a little past 5 the time of dessert. Right before we left we invited them to attend the devotional, and they said yes. I was feeling a little bit better about only being able to hang with the cardanas for a few mins, but then again way hesitant if they really were going to come. We had a quick dessert, and left for a dinner appt. Then at seven we headed over the church to watch the devotional. We got there a few mins late, and the zone leaders are there. We walk in, and they give us the worst look. Like a look of what the heck are you doing here. We go over and explain we have investigators who are coming. Then one of them says "well if they dont show up then your going to have to leave." Oh its a good thing I am a missionary or I would have killed him. Of course our investigators show up and my companions decide we should leave. Ok girls serioulsy we are already in the stake center we should have just stayed. If was up to me we would have. I mean I am not going to hell for listening to the prophet. At this point in time I am pissed ( sorry for my language) because everyone plan/backup plan we had fell through. I wasnt in the mood to waste time for an hour driving when I could have been spiritually uplifted. So nope I didnt get to watch the devotional!!! Really thats what the night was a waste of time after that point, and to be honest. I really wasnt in any type of mood to teach anyone or have the desire to visit with anyone. We get home sunday night, and I am doing ok because tomorrow is P-day. Seriously this day is inspired they need to give you a day to chill so you actually can make through another week. Then we get a call for some elders who had another referral for us, and they set up the appt on TODAY!!! Yes, my day to chill, and I day I really need right now. The appt was at 11 so this was just like the cherry on top of my weekend. That is cutting it to my personal time which I dont get much of it. Of so we check on the appt, and guess who wasnt home!!! AHH!!! Well there you have it.
Once again I am really sorry, but I promise next week I will try and send something better. Dont worry I am going to be fine, and I am still happy and postive. But I human so I still tend to get bugged, and mad. This week will be better. I really do love the area its hard but I love it. I love the branch and they take such good care of us. This week we have a mission chirstmas party on friday, and breakfast with cardanas saturday and a branch chirstmas party on saturday. We do have some people we are working with that will hopefully come. We do have people that we are working with we just need to get them to church. I guess considering that we were whitewashed and are opening the area, and the elders left us nothing!!! I have to give myself some credit. Everyone person we are working with we have found in the past 3 weeks. Once again sorry I just had to vent this email. One the upside I met myself a boyfriend. His name is Andrew, and he is three years old. We had a dinner with them last night, and me and him had so much fun. We played trains together. Just him and I. When it was time to leave his parents were like ok say goodbye. He starts kind of crying and whining come and grabs my hand and starts pulling me the opposite direction of the door. It was the cutest thing, but he was so sad when I left. I will have to get a picture with him and send it. I am in Love. Well have a great week, and know that I am praying for you!!! I think we are going to the temple next week so P-day might be tuesday. I Love you!!!
Love Always
Hermana Grimes

Friday, December 9, 2011

Hola from Bellevue

Buenos Dias from Washington!!!
It sure sounds like you all had an amazing Thanksgiving!!! I don't have tons of time to read about my emails until I get home so I will finish reading about your exciting weekend. I will begin to fill you in on how another week went in Bellevue!!! I seriously love this place, and I couldnt be more excited to spend the Holidays here. Obviously its no home, but the branch has really taken us under their wing. Every day some one is telling us how grateful they are to have sister missionaries.
Ok first thing on Tuesday night we were gone all day pretty much, and it came to be about 5 we were starving. We didnt have time to run home so we figured we would just stop and grab something. I like going out to eat...sometimes, but Hermana Baek choose Red Robin which I love. Really but I did not want to spend the money on food, but since I am just a go with the flow kind of person we went with it. Anyway we finished our dinner, and our waitress brings over the receipt and said "someone from your Church already paid for you meal." Oh my gosh I wanted to cry. We have no idea who it was and probably never will, but isnt that just the sweetest thing!! Its all the little things that mean so much.
Now on to the Thanksgiving festivities. On Wednesday night we had a service project to go and help out at the salvation army. Our whole zone was there, and we got to debone turkeys and get them prepared for the next day. Which actually was quite fun. I attached a picture. Now for Thursday in the morning we had a mission activity with just 2 of the zones. Which was so much fun!! It was for 3 hours in the morning so from 9-12, and we got to just hangout!! It was so fun, and I felt kind of like a real person. Not that I dont every other day, but you know what I mean. I played airhocky, crud-a game on the pool table, and Foosball!!! Its always so much fun when you are able to get together, and hang with other missionaries. Then after we had to weekly plan-gag me!! I hate planning!! Some weeks its not bad whats the worst is when your so dang tired all day, and you have to plan for a half hour at night. Really I wont miss that!! Anyway for dinner we were invited to eat at the Barrios home, the family Perez, and Calles were there as well. One day I will send pictures so you can try to put name to a face. Anyway we walked it, and the table was decorated all festive. They are amazing guests, and we weren't allowed to help with anything. I was about to get up and take my plate to the sink after dessert, and Hermana Barrios screamed and scared the crap out of me. She was such an incredible host, and treats us so well. One more side note a dinner calendar was passed around yesterday in church for the month of December and her name was written on 5 out of the 10 days!! Oh that woman makes me laugh. You of all people know how much I love pie. Really that's the only thing I cared about all day. Before we walk into the house I say "watch us have flan." Which you know some Mexican dessert not my favorite at all, and different. Anyway we started the meal with potato soup, then we had some of the traditional menu items such as turkey, cranberry-the one I like, rolls, some apple fruit salad, and some spaghetti casserole-made with some type of chili and cheese- kind of different but so good. I did manage to stay away from the mashed potatoes!!! All in all very yummy. So right after dinner guess what they bring out FLAN!! I just smiled, and ate it. Little did I know it was more of a cleanse your pallet type thing becasue later they brought out pie!!! We only had one pie, and guess what kind it was? Homemade CHERRY with a criss cross crust!!! I seriously freaked out it my chair, and wanted to cry!! It was so special, and such a tender mercy. Mom it wasn't as good as yours, but it was a piece of home away from home. It was a good day, and holidays feel a little different on missions but it was a good day.
The next day I was in a super weird mood. Not bad just weird in the since that I wanted to be home because everyone is home for breaks, and I wanted to go black friday shopping, or actually sleep past 6:15, but yep nope. Then we got a call for the Cadana's family who I love. They invited us over for breakfast. It was great!!! Dont worry it ended up being a good day.
We have such an amazing support from the branch, and all the members. I really do LOVE THEM!! They have made us feel so welcome, and they take such good care of us. Last night we had dinner with the Bassett Family and had homemade pizza. Everyone just makes us feel part of their family. Which is a tender mercy especially this time of the year.  I have gotten so close to everyone, and it has only been 2 weeks. They really are more than willing to help us out. We are still trying to build up our teaching pool. We are doing tracting, asking for referrerals, and really trying to work hard. Which I actually quite enjoy tracting for some odd reason. Its not always the most effective, but you gotta have fun while doing it. We are still trying to figure out who is ready, and who is not. I have to have the faith that the lord has others prepared for us to teach. Angelica is a very strong catholic but at this moment she is very confused about both churches. She doesnt think is ok to be baptized twice and she is confused because she has grown up catholic her whole life. Don't worry as missionaries we figure all sorts of ways around this type of thing so hopefully she will come around. Who knows. We are teaching her sister sara who seems very intrested, but she hasnt been able to come to church because of work. She is reading, and she really does want something more in her life. We just keeping pressing forward, and know that the lord will bless us. Some days it can be discouraging because we are working hard, but we have such an amazing branch who is very missionary minded. We have been blessed in so many ways. Yes the bellevue temple is in my Area we do get to go sometime this month!! I am not exactly sure when, but sometime. Also this week they are having a nativity thing by the temple so we get to go and help with that this week, and another night some elders asked if we would go with the single lady investigator. As I drive around we see all the christmas lights on house, and it really is such a fun time of the year. Oh and for our christmas tree since there is billions of pine trees all over washington we pick up looks pine tree branchs off the ground. Kind of pathetic, but hey why not as of now we have about 2 which we have sitting in a bucket a home by christmas it will be full!! We are even going to decorate our little tree.
Your chirstmas plans sound amazing!!! I wont lie I may or may not have teared up while reading it!! Only because I want to be with all of you!!! I know its just not the time right now, but it makes me appreciate the holidays with family that much more!! Not that I didnt, its just different in the field. Your going to have so much fun, and I am so exited that you all decided to enjoy the sun!!! Plus I get to talk to you all on Chirstmas and honestly thats really they only thing I want. Dont even worry about me!! It will be a christmas I will never forget, and I will be excited to hear all about it!!! I am sure we will be more than taken care of.
Linnea and Dad- as for tights I dont really think they can have crazy designs. I mean maybe something little, but not argyle or anything crazy. Color YES!!! I need all the color I can get.
Well time is running out, and I want to attach more pictures!!! I love you all, and I cant thank you enough for all of your support. I pray for you always!! Enjoy every moment.
Love Always, your favorite missionary
Hermana Grimes ( Linds)

Happy thanksgiving week

Buenos Dias to my Amazing Family!!
Hello From Bellevue!!
I am loving bellevue!! Of course its never easy to leave a place, and you of all people know how I am with that kind of stuff. I loved Hermana Heywood, and I know me and her will continue to be friends even after the mission. Its all part of the process I guess, and the people are really the ones who make it all worth it. I truly have been blessed by not only having amazing companions, leaders, but branches, and people I serve. There is just other things I have to learn maybe one day I will be able to look back, and tell you what that is but as of now Here we go!!
This week has been great. Of course since we are in a new area and taking over what the elders have been doing we are still trying to figure out what has been going on in the branch, and how the work has been progressing here. We spend tons of time planning, and really trying to figure out what is the path the lord wants us to take. I can't say planning is my favorite thing I dont mind it lets just say it will be one thing i wont miss.
The branch has been so welcoming, and they keep telling us how they are so excited to have sisters. They really are so sweet in saying that we all bring such a special spirit, and that there is work here for us to do that the elders couldn't. Not that I dont love elders they are great. In this particular branch this is the first time they ever have had sisters, and they are so excited!! The second we met them you could just feel there love for us. I know that they expect great things from us, and its not going to be an easy task. We have to work hard, and we are digging through are area book to find formers or potential investigators. Lets just say the elders didn't really leave us with much so we have to work on building up the teaching pool with solid investigators. Bellevue is such a great area, and it has so much work that needs to get done. I am here to help get it rolling, and the branch is more than willing to help. They are so excited to have some new faces.So stay tuned!! 
 I have amazing companions, and we all get along so well. Which is huge!! You all now how much I love Hermana Stout, and Hermana Baek is a work horse, and does anything to get the job done. At first I was super nervous about having a three some, but we dont have any problems. Of course it is much easier to teach with only two people, but its been great!!! We are all still learning together so I will keep you posted.
Last week we found Angelica who the elders referred her to us. Anyway she is amazing, and we had such a spiritual lesson with her. She is Catholic, but that really doesn't scare me because when they say they are catholic that means maybe they attend church once or twice a year if that!! She so cute, and I felt such a strong bond with her. She is super funny, and just so sweet. She even told me that I looked like I was rich, and worked at a high end business office which was nice. The whole night she kept saying how pretty all of us were. Which who doesn't love complements?!  Anyway she just gets it so keep her in your prayers. We tried committing her to baptism, but she wants to learn more which is totally understandable. 
Now as for Saturday we has such an amazing meeting with Dallin H. Oaks as well as two others in the quorm of the 70. Dallin H. Oaks is so cute, and when he laughs his soulders shrug up and down. Well and being sisters we always have to sit in the front rows of meetings, and I was on the very front row, he was sitting right in front of me. It was an amazing experience to have an apostol of the lord visit our mission. Each of us had the opprotunity to shake his hand!! As he shook our hand he said each of us by name which is amazing that he would take the time to shake 250ish missionaries hands. So Below are a few of my notes!!
 Elder Phillip K. Bussey
challenged us as missionaries to do three things:
Learn the language of the Spirit.
Understand the Plan of Salvation
Understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband
quoted from page 156 of Preach My Gospel:
"Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach." He challenged us to be constantly searching for the elect or nothing else will happen:
"And ye are called to bring to pass the gathering of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts." (D&C 29:7)
He promised us that there were tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of the elect in our mission just searching for the truth but not knowing where to find it
Elder Rasband challenged all of us to get out of our caves and to leave depression, despair, and hopelessness behind so that we can go and find the elect who are waiting for us.
Sister Oaks
Talked about eliminating selfisness in our lives, and loving where we serve. This time is not about us, its what our heavenly father wants us to be. We are on his time.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks
He explained how the more important part of his talk was not about what was said, but what we heard.
He talked about how difficult it is to travel the world and to go into every meeting and hear the person conducting say something like, "This is a Servant of the Lord and he has a message for you." Each time he knows that expectations are high and that everyone who came that day is looking to hear something powerful and profound that will change their lives forever. The thought always occurs to him in those moments, "What can you say?" Missionaries often feel the same way each time they begin a lesson. He explained that no one is adequate to this challenge without the Spirit.
He also talked about the importance of partaking of the sacrament each week. Its the one covenant we can do for ourselves every week. Your only baptized for yourself once, or taking on the covenants of the temple or marriage. He explained how important is us for us to make sure we are taking of the sacrament each week as well as our investigators. Teaching the investigators about that very important ordiance. He also talked about the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost being seperate beings, but one in purpose. He also talked about how we live in a time of Anti. Where we have opposition in all things which is how it is supposed to be. Be we have equal forces of good. We are the strong generation to combat the evil. He said "The greater visablity the stronger the oppostion." We are threats to the adversary. He talked about the role of other christian religions, and how they opened the door for others to want to hear about christ, and believe in him. We are here to give the fulness of the gospel.
Well sorry this is long, but hopefully its worth it. It was a great amazing experience. I cant believe its Thanksgiving!!! It sounds like you all have some fun plans. Steven have fun in St. George!! I love that place. Everyone else have fun with the Walkers, and please send my love. I was super worried we werent going to have plans but the branch has taken care of us so well, and so of course they wouldnt leave us hanging. So yes I am having so kind of thanksgiving with a few members in the ward!! Its going to be a blast they are great. Who knows if it is going to be the traditional thanksgiving, but it will be one to remember for sure. Also that morning we have a mission activity so that will be fun. Its sad because the mission is divided in two groups and of course my kent peeps are in a different group. Oh well!!
I Love you all have a great week!!! I am sending pictures soon so maybe with the holiday you should have them by this weeked. Please pray I get some Pie!! Thats my favorite part. Also I am going to hurry and write some christmas ideas becasue Friday is a great day to get some awesome deals.
1. GPS- Garmin Nuvi ( so something like that) hopefully its not super expensive, but you can pick out something great. This is something that would be so practical, and I would get tons of use out of it.
2. Slippers- there are ones like Linnea and Rebecca but at  KOHLS and not target. The ones at kohls are just so much softer. Hopefully they know what ones i am talking about.
LOVE YOU!!!! I will be thinking of you especially Thursday!!! I am sad I cant be with you it will be different for sure, but dont worry I am being taken care of!!!
Love Hermana Grimes