Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another week in Federal Way

To the people I love the most,
I hope you all had the best week ever, and are enjoying the Christmas Season. I was thinking that you should all watch a its a wonderful life in behalf of me sometime this month just because its my favorite so someone needs to enjoy it for me. It sounds like Ron made it in town safe, and I am sure you all have tons of things planned. Well this week has been pretty dang good. We had our zone meeting this week which always stresses me out, but there are so many amazing things that we want to accomplish before the end of the year. I still have the added stress of having two new companions to the area who still don't know much of what is going on. So when it comes to planning at night I pretty much do it on my own. I am trying to just the best I know how, and not freak out to much because there really is no point. Of course like a normal part of missionary work you have to do sifting of people who really are prepared vs. the ones who aren't. Then we are always working on keeping up are teaching pool. We have been able to see a lot of miracles this week, and I just have to trust that things will work out how they are supposed to. Well first of all we got into see this lady Fanny who I might have mentioned before. Anyway the first time we met her we taught her the message of the Restoration. She said she had a desire to learn, but wasnt really doing anything about it. So we lost contact with her, and decided to spend our time focusing on other people. That was about a 2 months ago something well when stopped by her house this week to find alma and sent something up with her. Well Fanny wanted to set an appt up as well so we did. When we got into her house she basically just apologized for being so busy and distracted when we stopped by a few months ago to teach her. She has been reading in the book of mormon, and she really likes it. She was telling us how its like the bible. Funny how no matter how many times you say that to people you have to let them figure it out on there own. She has been reading, and marking it. I am hoping that we will be able to have more contact with her, and that she will progress. Then there is another girl named Noriko who has been investigating forever. I mean she has been through tons of missionaries had baptismal services set up, and something would always happen. Well a few weeks ago we have been getting contact with her and her husband. Her husband Mitchell is a member, but less active. I think she has a fear of becoming that way after she is baptized which makes sense. Anyway yesterday she came to church!!! I don't even know when the last she was at church, so that was pretty amazing. Then earlier this week we had a lesson with Luis. You know how I said he had plans to move out well I think those plans changed. Which breaks my heart, but I know one day he will be baptized. Then there is Serigo who loves church, but is getting a lot of family opposition. His family in Mexico is hard core catholic so he is afraid of that. Then he has adopted american parents who are against the church as well. He descibed it to us as just being pulled between us the angels and the adversary. He did come to the our Christmas Party on Saturday Night so that was good for him. Another thing that I also know was a huge hold up he family was going to come from mexico for Christmas, but he told us yesterday that they wont be making it. Which I felt really bad, but then again at the same time god works in mysterious ways. Then we also had an amazing lesson with a lady named Guadalupe who I am praying will progress, and be baptized in the next few weeks. She is such sweetheart, and we had such an amazing lesson with her. She also has a little 4 year old daughter who is disabled, and there is a Hermana in the group who also has a son has some mental disabilites. When I was telling Guadaulupe about this in the lesson her face just lite up. I talked to Hermana Maribel at the Christmas Party and she called Guadalupe, and they just had a really good connection. I am praying that everything works out. That is pretty much the main stuff of what is happening here, and really that is just a glimpse. As far as everything else this week Saturday we had the funeral in the Morning for Danielle's sister. Since Danielle called us when have been helping her put that together, and that was the first funeral I have ever been to. It just makes me really appreciate how much knowledge we have in the Gospel. The chapel was full of non-members so it was such a great moment for Danielle to step up, and want to put it together at our church. Its moments like that, that really allow you to realize the things that are the most important, and to just fall in love with everything. It also makes me grateful the plan of salvation so that we really can catch the eternal perspective doesnt mean its easy, but it gives it way more meaning.
Then Saturday night we had our ward Christmas Party with a dinner, program, and even santa came. Hermano Garcia comes up to me and says I know what your asking Santa for. I just said a hug from my family, but thats going to come a little late for Christmas this year. Then he says No... your going to ask for a boyfriend. We had quite a laugh joking about it. You got to love this time of year there is always so many fun things going on, and memories that will last forever. Well Family just know I love you all so much, and I couldnt be more grateful to have each of you in my life. I pray for you everyday!!! Have the Best Holiday Season. Love Always Hermana Grimes

Welcome to December

Good Morning Family,
Can you believe we are in December?! Also dad we hit fast Sunday number #18 who would have ever thought? Hang in there the next one will be here before we even know it. Well its so amazing to be here in this time of year I even put my Christmas pillowcase on my bed on December 1st.  There is always so many fun activities, and everyone is just in a good mood. This weekend they had a big nativity display at the stake center so we were asked to be hosts for a couple of the shifts. Then last night we totally got to watch the Christmas Devotional, and I loved it!! I don't know if you remember my big complaints from last year man that was a rough weekend. We did get to watch it this year even thought our investigator totally bailed out on us. We were already sitting down, and I couldn't really think of anything better than listening to the prophet so we stayed. I loved every single talk, and how much they talked about the gifts we have in our lives. Such as the gifts of being able to give and receive, and gifts of testimony, missionary work, sharing the Gospel, applying the atonement, and so on.
Well this week has been pretty dang good, and its gone by super fast. A lot of it has been adjusting to have two brand new companions so I have been having to explain a lot about the area, and who we are working with. Since they still don't know anything its been a little bit more stressful since I am having to come up with all the plans. I kind of feel like they could probably take a little more initiative, but I can't complain. Like I mentioned earlier I am not going to lie I was super mad for a min at my mission president for putting me back in a trio, but I know that there are things that I need to learn. Its amazing how each companion has different personalities, and ways that they do things. The first few days were a little rough just as we try and figure out our schedules are far as showers, who is going to pray, and where we are all going to sleep. Then teaching is a whole different story. I have been trying to make sure that I give them each enough time to teach so that is something that comes with time. Hermana Laney is still on the newer side so we are working on helping her get her confidence up in her ability to speak and jump into the conversations. There has been a few times this week where we have been checking up on referrals of tracting where  I just said OK I am keeping my mouth shut. Well we have definitely had our fair share of awkward moments, and I feel extra stupid because I would just jump in, but if I keep doing that it doesn't give them ways to grow. So I have had to bite my tounge and realize that its the Lords work, and it will work out how it is supposed to. Then there was another lesson this week that was an absolute disaster, but some how we have gotten a few return appts. Hermana Overy was jumping all over the place, and then started asking if she knew some story about the indians and the white god, and then mentioned something about christopher columbus. Its good because she knows her history, but I just wanted to die because she was already so confused anyway and I know that didn't help. Then it came to exercise so I like to run so I always have my comps go with me because I kind of have to. Well up to this point there hasnt been a problem. Well when I asked what they did for excersice they said they just stay in the apartment. Ok please tell me what kind of exercise is that? I mean if we have to be up I mine as well do something that is going to keep me awake. So we agreed that every other day we would go outside. Well the first day that it was on the running day we get out side, and Hermana Overy just made some comment of how much she didn't want to be out there or run. I said well you can walk, and I will run. Then she said well that would be a waste of my morning workout so they did end up running, but with some complaints. After she said sorry, and know its getting better. I really do love them both, and I promise I am happy its just all the adjusting. I really have gained a greater appreciation for them both, and its amazing how many things you can learn from your companions especially because you have to all work together. I would say I have been pretty positive about it all, and I am excited to see what the next little bit has in store.They really are such great girls, and it has been fun getting know them. I say this with every mission experience that I have had whether or not I can see the benefit at first that I wouldn't change anything that has happened companions or areas in the end I always know its what I needed.  As far as our investigators yesterday at church was Sergio who was a former investigator taught earlier in the summer. We got in contact with him again a few weeks ago because he was back in town from working in Alaska. Well saturday we were able to get in and have a lesson. That is something that is nice about having a trio you can enter any house you want...huge benefit!! So we watched the restoration video, and he said he would come to church. Sunday morning we went over to make sure and right as we walked up he opend the door, and told us he was planning on coming. He did, and he loved it. The only thing is he has some family opposition, and he smokes so we have a few things to overcome. Luis has been hard to get a hold of this week, but sunday after church he called and apologized for not coming. He has been working a lot of late night/ early morning hours he explained that it wasn't because he didn't want to its becasue he couldn't. So we have an appt set up with him this week so keep praying for him. Other than that we are working with quite a few other people who have some great potential so we are working on getting them to progress. Another thing is earlier last week we got new that Danielle's little sister had passed away so this saturday is going to be the funeral, and she is wanting us to help get things organized. On Friday when we went over to their house alfonzo gave me a 81/2 by 10 photo of Sean and Rileys baptism. Its a super nice picture with the whole family, and us missionaies. Its just funny because he got and new printer or something so he has been printing a bunch of stuff out, and said I could have that picture. We are going to be helping her with that this weekend, and also our ward christmas party is this week so that should be pretty fun.
Well family thats about my update this week there always a suprise and a roller coaster!!! You never know what is coming next. Well be safe I pray for you always, and know that I love you all. Enjoy every moment of this Christmas Season!!! Love Always Hermana Grimes