Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hola Lindsey's peep and readers. This is Linnea her awesome sister who is going to be updating her blog while she is away :(  Enjoy her experiences!

First off...Linds has been out for almost a whole week!! Yay, one down..how many to go?? Ha Ha. Well we dropped linds off at the MTC and boy was this emotional. Everything happened so fast and within 5 minutes of us pulling into the MTC she was off. She was emotional that morning but once she got out of the car at the MTC she was greeted by a ton of missionaries and she doing awesome! We drove past her on our way out of the MTC parking lot and we saw for the last time in 18 months as she walked into the MTC. Let me tell ya guys...She was confident and ready to go...she had a glow about her! Later on that afternoon my mom got a call from a lady in our ward who actually volunteers at the MTC and guess what, she saw Lindsey. She was with her companion, happy and smiling. Pretty cool, and what a relief for us as a family to hear after only being away from her for 4 hours. Well, I will post pictures as soon as lindsey's computer stops going through withdrawls. Seriously if worked Tues night and wed morning but come wed evening it wont turn on! So, I will work on posting pictures soon. Trust me...Linds would want that!

Her first letter:
June 25, 2011
Hola Family!!
Oh my gosh I cant believe I am here!! It seems so sureal. You dropping me off on wednesday seems like forever ago, but yet it goes fast. Timing on a mission is crazy. First off I wanted to thank you for the amazing package....seriously it was the best!! I wasn't even expecting anything on that first day, but of course I have the best parents in the world. Thank you so much. The box smells so nice because of all of the Laundry stuff, and I love all the cars things. You know me all to well, which of course you would. Did i mention I love being suprised so it was the best!! Now for my experience at the MTC... Its overwhelming, and I am grateful I am learning spanish really, but at the same time I get discouraged. They stated a new piolit program at the MTC so the second we walked into the class room our teach spoke spanish. AHHH!!! Of course the fundamentals of the gospel we do a little in english, but other than that it's all in spanish. I am really starting to wish I would have had a better teacher and worked harder in high school instead of goofing off with friends. It would have come in handy right about now. Our teachers at the MTC are Hermano Catt and Orme. Luckily they are both patient and positive which is what the get paid for. They have such a passion about what they are doing. Just so you know my day goes something like this: wake up, get ready (very fast) good thing I mastered this a while ago, eat, study, class, and repeat all day long everyday. It has been a little bit of an adjustment to say the least. Its amazing how much I really LOVE the MTC don't get me wrong I have had my moments such as reading sweets letters, cards, and dear elders. It keeps me going, and I love knowing how much you are each supporting me. Now for my companion. Her and I were seriously meant to be. Her name is Katie Stout or Hermana Stout, and she is from Arkansas. She is 23 worked at a law firm, and got her associate degree at BYU-I. We have so much in common personality wise, its amazing. We have become the bestest friends. She keeps me strong when I need, and I do the same for her. So if we are ever both feeling down at the same time we are in trouble....don't worry It will never get to that point. In talking to her we both have been on an emotional rollercoster before we entered the MTC, and she has had some of the same doubts that I have had. So basically we keep telling ourselves we CAN DO THIS, and I am pretty positive we were supposed to be together to get each other through this. Guess what?? Elder Bednar came yestday for a devotional, and it was Amazing!! He talked about how we need to become preach my gospel missionaries. Of course I was crying at the end of the talk because at the end of the talk he said you CAN DO THIS!! Hermana Stout and I looked at each other both crying and linked arms. It was inspiration!! Since I have been here for the first couple days I  have realized I have some growing to do, seriously. Everywhere we go we are being taught the purpose of our work, which is to invite others to come unto christ by helping them recieve the restored gospel. How our main focus for learning the lessons and the language needs to be on our investigators, and the savior, because we are here to do his work. So I have some improvement because I often think I have to get this lanugage for me because it will help me in my career, or I can speak with my friends, or ease drop on someone's conversation with out them knowing I can speak spainsh. WRONG!! Its all for him, and I am quickly putting my faith in him. This is going to be such an amazing Faith building experience. I am going this and it's not for just me, but for the family that is being prepared to learn the gospel. This gospel is amazing and there are 2300 missionaries at the MTC all because each one of us have a testimony and a desire to serve. It has become instant friendships because we are all united in the same purpose, and we all are going around the world to share the saviors message.  I pray for you always, seriously. I always have a prayer in my heart because I can't do this with out the strength of the Lord. I can't thank you enough for your support how did I get so blessed. Linnea, Your quick note made me cry!! I only get emotional when I read your encouraging letters or feel the spirit so I guess that could happen all the time!! :)  Have fun, Be good, and enjoy every moment. Please pray for me. I LOVE YOU ALL until next thursday!!
Siempre Amor,
Hermana Grimes

Keep writting :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is IT!!

Oh my gosh I cant even believe it!! This last week has been a crazy, emotional, and exciting all at the same time. Its so hard to describe how it feels. I have been running around like a mad person this past week doing all of my errands and going from one list to another. At the same time it has been such a good week spending time with family and friends. First off I got to spend a little one on one time with the bro we went and hiked battle creek falls, and then we went out for ice cream.

Then Monday night B had a dance performance she is at a dance camp so she will not be able to attend the MTC on Wednesday. I had to say goodbye to her early and that was rough. My sisters are my best friends, and I dont know what I would do with out each of them. Of couse I was an emotional mess.. Suprise, Suprise what else is new.

I am proud to say that I am pretty much organized and ready to go!!  I feel like I am finally at the point where I am just ready to see what this next 18 months has in store. Let the adventure begin!!
Of course the goodbyes are never easy, and I am going to miss everyone more than I can even say. I have gotten the chance to make all my last phone calls to family and friends. Right now its all for the best, and that is exactly what the lord has in store for me is the BEST.  Today June 21, 2011 at 7:00pm is when I offically get set apart as a missionany. Then on June 22, 2011 a day that has been talked about for months now at 12:45pm my family is going to drop me off at the Provo MTC. This is going to be my official last blog post before I turn it over to my sister to keep record of this amazing experience. So stay tuned.
I love you all. I can't thank you enough for your support, and joining me on this journey.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Full House

Every summer usually the first part of June we have a little family get together. My mom's side of the family comes and spends the week with us. We have the Verdoorns who come form Northern California, and Mormor who comes for Pennsylvania. Needless to say we have quite the full house, but who doesn't love company. It does happen to be a party all week long. First off I got to spend one of the days out shopping with Mormor and B for some mission clothing. Not to mention I got so lucky I found the cutest clothes for the best prices. Then we grabbed lunch at a local chinese restarurant it really can't get much better than spending the afternoon with the girls.
Next up since of course it's summer and weather is kind of starting to warm up in Northern Utah we had to have the typical sleepover of the trampoline. Summer just isnt the same with out that small little tradition. I love sleeping out side, and just looking up at the stars. Even if you do get woken up by the sunrise. Or the fact that no matter what you do you always end up squeezed together in the middle of the tramp. Its just a must do, and I loved every second.

We also had to have the regular BBQ so we had family and friends hanging out all night. I LOVE summer for this very reason just outdoor gatherings with the people you love most. We spent the evening playing badminton, volleyball, jump roping, goofing of on the tramp, and just enjoying each other's company. Later on that night the Verdoorns introduced us to Just Dance 2 so we had quite the little party going on.
Sunday June 12, 2011 was my farewell. Saturday Night I had all of my besties from St. George come and stay at my house so we added five more people to mix. Gotta Love it. Of course Sunday Morning was crazy just getting ready for the day, but we managed just fine. Of course we had nine o'clock church so it was an early morning at the Grimes home. I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am to have so many people who love and care about me. Who were all willing to come support me. After sacrament we had a little brunch at my house. It was just above and beyond anything I would have expected. I can't thank everyone enough for everything that they did to contribute to my special day.
Kort and I
Typical attempt of the fish face of course she had to say something funny hence the mid attempt  Love this picture it just captures US!! Love you Kortney Walker

 The St. George Gang!! Kade, Jacki, Vay, Whit, Toree, Stef, Trum and Dally man we sure have had some fun memories. I loved how each of you made it an effort to come and support me it meant so much to me.
Love You Guys.

My first original roomies. Cam, Chels, and Linnea oh its crazy how each of our lives have gone different directions than what any of us would have expected. Of course it works out all how it should.
Sunday was quite the emotional day to say the least as it was one goodbye after another. Who ever came up with the saying " Goodbye is like ripping off a band-aid the quicker you do it the less it hurts." I might have to dis-agree because guess what it still hurts after everyone leaves. I know that I am doing the right thing, and I couldn't have done it with out the support from everyone. Here it goes this is the real deal less than a week to go!!  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gotta Love Them

For Mother's Day we booked a family picture for my mom. Seeing that since its going to be the last one we have for at least 18 months it was kind of appropriate. Of course we all got dressed up in are very best, and smiled for the camera.
Now for the finished product... The Grimes Family Photo's-
June of 2011

I can't even describe how much I love my family. They truly are such a blessing, and I couldn't have asked for a better one. We all have crazy different personalities, and attitudes but that's what makes them my family. Not to mention they have seen me at my all time lows and highs. I cant even begin to express how grateful I am that each one of them are in my life. You each have taught me so much, and I look up to all of you. You have always been my number one support system, and I love the relationships I have with each one you. 

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Mr. and Mrs. Erickson.
Last week my dear room mate and best friend got married. She got engaged back in December so this was a day in the works for a little while. Of course the night before the wedding we had to party it up since it was her last night as a single lady. All of us girls meet up in Logan, and it was quite the reunion. It had been a while since we had all been together. When you go from living with someone, and then not seeing them for a few weeks its kina weird. Everyone who planned the bachelorette party did such a good job, and it was none stop laughs all night long. Of course the food was amazing, and any girl is happy when there is a chocolate fountain. Then games which kept us rolling all night long. Got to love get togethers with the girls.
The whole group

The lovely bride to be in her wedding night attire.
The next morning the big day finally arrived June 2, 2011 Jacki and Kade were sealed for time and all eternity in the Logan Utah temple. I got the chance to be able to attend the sealing, and it was amazing. She of course looked beautiful, and I dont think we could have asked for a better day. Everything was perfect from the pictures to the flowers. Jacki was probably the most detailed and the most organized bride ever. After the sealing we had a nice lunch in then it was off to the old rock chuch for an old fashion celebration. She wanted everything vintage, and thats just what it was. It was beautiful, and I loved every second. 
The happy couple walking out of the Temple

All of the bridesmaids and friends

How cute is this?! They had a little dress up station as you were waiting in line.
We had way to much fun.

 All of the roomies plus the new addition. Team Kade...YAY!!
Jacki and Kade, I sure do love you both. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You two really have been such amazing supporters, and have always been so nice to me. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. I wouldn't have missed this day for anything. I can't wait to see what life has in store for you both.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

The time has come. It seems as though just a few months ago when I was talking about moving out of St. George it was just so far away. Almost like one of those days you never want to think about coming well guess what it came. Don't get me wrong I love being a home and spending time with my family, and its all part of getting ready to go. I guess I expected it to be hard, but that doesn't make it any easier. I have had so many mixed emotions, and often find myself breaking down in tears just over little things. I am just grateful for the amazing place that I have had to call home for the past four years. I got the chance to attend the best college in Utah maybe I am a little biased, but it was perfect for me. I have had the most wonderful jobs. I truly am so blessed to have met such great friends who have been amazing examples, my support system, and who just love me for me. Well first was saying goodbye to working at the golf course. At first when I took the job I had more of the attitude of a jobs a job and nothing else was working out so why not. Well I fell in love it was the such a fun job, and had the most relaxed atmosphere. I was treated so well some might say I flirted for my tips, but I was just being nice. I can't help it if I get tipped well. I cant even begin to explain every funny thing that happend on the golf course, but I always left work feeling so great about myself it was almost impossible not to. If I had a dollar for every time I was asked if I was married I would have tons of extra play money. Well on my last day they picked up lunch for me at Durango's, and got an ice cream cake at dairy queen. I don't know what I did to get so spoiled, but it was so thoughtful.

 During that week I did happen to squeeze in some fun adventures one night whit, and trumbull took me horseback riding. Then we got the gang together, and headed out to the state line to do a little shooting. 

I also got to go grab lunch with the oral surgery girls, and I just love them all.
Karley even came into town for the memorial day weekend so I got the chance to catch up with her. The day was filled with going out to lunch, shopping, frozen yogurt, just laughing and catching up on life exactly what we do best. Oh man I just love that girl, and I am so glad I got the chance to see her.

Another night we put the boys in charge and had a BBQ. We even played a little badminton I am not quite sure my skills were as appreciated as they should have been. Of course it provided plenty of laughs, and was one of the best nights. Then we headed out to lets just call it the airport road ate some ice cream, and played twister. I am not posting any of those pictures because you know the game is named twister for a reason.

The next morning Trum was nice enough to invite me to go out to the ranch with his family. Which was so great, and I loved every second. I even got the chance to brand a cow. Which heck who knows when I am going to do that again. Lets just say I got it perfect the second time. Later that day my sisters arrived into town to help me get all packed up, and ready to move home. Man, I didn't realize how much crap I had until I had to put it all in cardboard boxes, and shove it in the car. Of course we had a little sister bonding time, and fun between all the work.  Then it was one goodbye after the other. Sunday I went to my ward for the last time. Later that evening had a game night, and played at the park. Monday said my final goodbyes to friends, and I was quite the emotional mess. Got in the car put my head down, cried, and drove away from the place that I have called home. Luckily B was with me so she was nice enough to drive the first half of the way home.   
The Girls
Monday was B's birthday so we got up and did just a simple breakfast for her. Of course when we arrived home we did the whole family celebrating with a nice dinner and presents. That evening us girls went to the Bruno Mars concert, and had a blast.

I am finally starting to get settled in at home. I am just enjoying every minute, and I am loving being at home its just bittersweet. I miss everyone, and everything about St. George but its all part of it. Of course I feel like all my things are going from one box to another. I have so many things left to do before my mission, and I can't even believe the time is almost here. Only 18 more days!!