Thursday, February 24, 2011

Girls Weekend!!

Well you see I have this great job where I pretty much work every weekend which is fine because I cant complain about earning money. The only problem is when there is a three day weekend that means all the roomies head home which equals me being alone. So I convinced my mother to escape the cold weather to come and spend time with her favorite daughter. Of course she ended up coming, but not only that I found out last minute that B and Linnea were tagging along.  So i guess you could say we ended up having the ultimate girls weekend. Friday night was spent catching up on just boys, school, friends, and just life in general. Saturday the weather was kind of crap so we went a movie. Came home and made ourselves a nice steak dinner. Then we spent the rest of the night doing manicures, eating way to much junk food, and chick flicks!!

Linnea ended up having to work on monday so she left first thing sunday morning with a friend. I made B and my mom tag along to my singles ward. Great meeting lets just say B always likes to be a goof I mean just look at our cute sister picture above. All in all great weekend filled with way to many laughs and of course more inside jokes. I cant expect anything less when us girls get together.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Happy Birthday Jacki!! Here goes another birthday shout to one of my very best friends.
20 things that I love about you.
1. Today is your 20th Birthday!! No longer a!!
2. She has a soon to be husband... Kade Erickson
3. On June 2, 2011 she gets to marry her best friend and will change her name to Jacki Erickson
4. She is a volleyball star.
5. She has such a good singing voice.
6. She is a syrup snob...this is meant in the most loving way possible. She can't have store bought syrup it has to be homemade.
7. She is a planner!!
8. She goes into detail when she tells stories. Which I love because me and her actually share this trait in common. So if you ask us to share a story be prepared to get comfortable.
9. She has the strongest testimony, and is always willing to share it.
10. She has an amazing family, and I have had the privillege to be able to spend time with them on more than one occasion.
11. She has the cutest style ever.
12. She has a secret love for being a fashion consultant. Has helped put some of the cutest outfits together for all different sorts of occasions.
13. She gives such good advice, and will tell you how it is. She always says a good friends tells you what you want to hear your best friend tells you what you need to hear.
14. She is so sincere, and when she gives compliments you know she 100% means every word.

15. She is such a hard worker.
16. She is a smarty pants, and is does what ever she needs to get things done.
17. She probably functions on fewer hours of sleep than any other person I know.
18. She is always up for something fun.
19. She is one of the funnest people I know. I think she is funny, and she thinks she funny so just take our word for it.
20. She is the best room mate, and one of the bestest friends I have. Thanks for always being there for me Jacki, and for all of the fun memories. I sure do love you!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Love

Since it is Valentines Day I figured I would share ten of the random things that I love.

First thing is I love dark chocolate, and honestly would take it over a piece of milk chocolate any day.

Second, I seriously love Nivea Chapstick it makes your lips feel so baby smooth kind of random but give it a try sometime I am hooked.
Third, I love fireworks so that does happen to make the fourth of July one of my favorite holidays.
Fourth, I love hot air balloons for some reason. I have loved them since I was probably like five, but I have always, always wanted to go on one so maybe one day, but for now I just have to enjoy them from the ground.
Fifth, I love PF Changs so yes its my favorite Resturant.

Six and Seven, ok I had to combine these two but you'll get the idea. I love star gazing, and city lights I mean just look at the picture below how could you not.

Eight, I Love Cardigans!! They are probably currently my favorite clothing item. They are just so dang cute, and you can pretty much wear one with anything they just make your outfit look so good.

 Nine. I love skiing. No thats no me, and maybe one day it will. For now I just enjoying doing my thing.
Last but not least number ten. I am in love with getting pedicures, and since the weather is starting to get warmer I can justify spending the money. I just love having my toe nails look so cute when I wear open shoes or sandals. If I was rich enough this would be a regular occurence.
Now of course I have so many people in my life that mean so much to me. Yes, I love you all!! I hope you all have the best day ever, and thank you for everything you do for me.
Happy Valentines Day!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend in California!!

Well you see a few months ago I got some crazy idea to sign up for a half marathon, and it did happen to be my first one!!  Heck, if your going to sign up for a half marathon why not run along the beach?  So thats what I did, signed up for the Surf City Half Marathon in Huntington beach California!! I kind of convinced a good buddy of mine Josh to sign up for the race, and at the last minute Linnea was able to take over someones spot. On Friday morning Josh and I packed are bags and headed to Southern California. The first night was spent in Redondo Beach which we just walked along the pier and relaxed.
On Saturday we made our way over to Huntington Beach.  We headed over to the running expo to pick up our race packets, and it was right next to the beach how convenient. That afternoon was spent relaxing on the beach. I mean honestly who is not content just laying by the beach listening to music?! Perfect thing right before a big race if you ask me. Later that night we meet up the Ward Family who was nice enough to let us crash at their house for the night. They even provided a very nice pasta dinner for us the night before. Any runner knows that carb loading the night before is a definite must.
Feburay 6, 2011 RACE DAY!! We were provided the breakfast of champions which consisted of a bagel and a banana. This is the point where my butterflies started, and I probably went to the bathroom like 50 times before we left the house. We hopped on some nice beach cruisers and made our way over the starting line. Before I knew it we were starting, and I couldnt even believe how much fun it was. It was such a fun atmosphere, the course was beautiful, and I was feeling good. The final chip time was 1:54.23!! Which my goal was just to get under two hours, and lets face it I could have spent more time training or trained harder. At this point there was really nothing I could do but my best, and I am quite pleased. After the race I met up with Linnea and Steven we put on our bathing suits and headed for more relaxing on the beach. Thanks to the Sandberg Family for letting us crash sunday night...we sure do love you guys. Monday morning we made our way back home.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Beauty is Pain

Oh what do you know crazy fun times with these girls. The other night around eleven after each of us had gotten home from our oh so busy day we decided to have a waxing party. Dont get me wrong I love waxing who ever came up with the brilliant idea is pure genius. Lets be honest here who really wants to sit in the mirror and pluck or shave if in one simple step its all gone. So lets just say thats exactly what we did turned up the music, put the hot wax on, applied the cloth strip, and 123...BAM its gone!!
Beauty is Pain, but its so worth it!!