Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sisters Weekend

Last Weekend I had a girls weekend with my sisters. Let me just tell you that I seriously love them. We always have so much fun together, and we laugh at every little thing. Of course we always bring back old memories or funny stories to make fun of each other. The weekend started with Linnea running a 5k because she is good at life like that. Me and B of course are just the best cheerleaders ever. That afternoon we ended up at the what women want expo which its always fun to go and browse. Note to Self: Dont go unless you have money to spend. They had so many cute things, but dont worry I didnt buy one thing. That night we went and saw THRILLER!! Which it was amazing if any one has never seen it I would highly recommend it. Its a fun event that gets you in the mood for Halloween.

The night ended with ice cream from Krave and a trip to Arbys. Yes, it was in that order. We also decided to buy matching PJ bottoms just because we are kind of cool like that. We of course stayed up late doing a face mask and watching a chick flick. We also just got to catch up on life with school, boys, and etc.
Love you both tons. Thanks for the best weekend!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arizona Trip

I had the chance to take a trip to Arizona and visit one of my best friends. Let me tell you about my friend Karley. She and I met working for an oral surgeon, and just clicked instantly. We have so much in common its almost crazy. Anyway she moved to Arizona about a year and half ago. I always talked about going out to visit and over fall break I finally did!! We spent the whole time shopping, going out to eat, watching movies, and just catching up on life.
Kar and I
Girls night out
Thank you so much for such a fun trip Snow family.
I love you all, and miss you already.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birthday Fun

I just want to Thank Everyone who made my big 21st Birthday so special. It was amazing!! I honestly have the bestest friends, and such an amazing family. The day started out with a cute decorated bathroom by my roommate Jacki. That afternoon my roommates/ best friends took me out to a local place 25 main for lunch and it was delicious.
Later on that night we had a bunch of friends come over for brownies, and ice cream. Of course they sang Happy Birthday then I got the biggest suprise of all. They had secretly bought my favorite dessert ( Pie) specifically Marie Calendars-Raspberry, and even baked it at a neighbors house so I would have no idea. All a long I just thought I was having brownies....Those little cuties.
The night ended with us girls cuddled up in our PJ's to a movie, and Presents of course!!
The fun was not over quite yet I headed home that weekend to celebrate with my family.
Once Again Thanks for such an Amazing Birthday. Oh and now there is not one thing I cant do...scary I am finally at that point. The Horizontial Drivers License is on its way!!
Now its Homecoming Week at Dixie which means as a student leader craziness and a whole lot of fun activites. I will have to post on that later.