Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Transfer

Well Family,
To my favorite people ever!!! I hope you all had such a great week.
I am sure you are all super excited to figure out what exactly happend with transfers. Well we lost 2 hermanas so I knew that changes were going down. Well Sunday night we got the call and Hermana Escobar is gone which we kind of knew was coming just because she had been here for a while. Now she is companions with Hermana Stout in Kent. Now as for me I got not just one but two companions again. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about it. They are both sweet girls, and I am going to make the most of it. Hermana Stout and I were both a little worried so we are going to keep each other strong for the next few weeks and write each other every week. I serioulsy love that girl!!! Well I love every companion, and know that each one of them will be such dear friends of mine for life. Well my new companions are Hermana Ovary and Hermana Laney. They are both from Utah. Actually Hermana Ovary went to American Fork High School. See I told you sometimes the only way you would be friends is in the mission. They are both sweet, and like I said I am just going to live up every moment. Hermana Ovary has been out about 13 months, and Hermana Laney about 6 so I get to show them the ropes of Federal Way. I will have to attach a picture and send one home next week. This past week I actually got to go on exchanges with Hermana Stout so of course we had so much fun catching up. Do you want to know who I got to see? We went over to see Miriam and her family!!! She is doing amazing, and it was such a blessing to be able to teach her and be part of her conversion process. She was telling me how blessed she has been because of the gospel, and how she never would have expected her life to be that way. She showed me her book of mormon right now she had just read about lehi's dream, and practically every verse was underlined. That was probably one of the most tender moments this week being able to see her progess in the gospel, and knowing that I will keep in touch with her for life.
How was your Thanksgiving? I am not going to lie I have to keep telling myself that I can do the Holidays in the Mission. I know that these next 6 weeks will be more than i can ever imagine, and I am going to live up every moment. So we started the morning with a little mission activity were we just played sports, and got to catch up with other missionaries so that was pretty fun. Then we had weekly planning, and during that time we made apple pies to take over to people. Then we went over to Alma's house. Her husband wasnt home from work at that point in time yet so it was good we showed up when we did. She had been cooking all day, and was a little disappointed with they way things worked out with her husband. We ate with her it was just simple, but so special. We did have turkey, rolls, rice, beans, and corn. It was actually pretty dang good, and she made some pies so I did get some pumpkin pie. It was just so special that she invited us over. Then we played some type of bingo game with her kids, and the bingo cards were in spanish. Other than that after we did some knocking on doors but now one was really home. Then we went over to drop of a apple crumble that we made to Elvia. ( the lady I told you about last week.) That was about my day nothing super crazy, but one I will cherish forever.
Now on to some of the greatest news ever!!! So saturday we had an appt with Luis well since his wife doesnt like us to come inside he was waiting out side for us. Guess what he told us? He told us he wanted to find a new place to live, and he was being completely serious!!! I about died. If he moves out then he can be living the law of chasity, and then he can progress towards baptism. Now we are looking for a place that he could go quickly and cheap so keep him in your prayers. He was also at church on sunday!!! I love this guy.
Also sunday night we had an amazing Lesson with Maria and Leonel Jose's family. Well Jose was present for the lesson, and our bishop. We followed up on a reading assignment that we had left them in Alma chapter 12. It was perfect for what we wanted to talk about. Well it was such a powerful lesson, and they are ready to start progressing, and truly finding out for themselves. There is just a little bit of fear of the changes that would have to be made, but they are right there. Leonel started reading the book of mormon friday and is in 2 nephi, and he was telling us all about lehi and his family!!! Jose did so amazing and was so bold, and he totally rocked it!!! They are such a great family, and I am so excited for them. All of these people are right there...seriously so I am going to do the best I know how. Keep them in your prayers.
Just know I love you all so very much!! I was so sad to hear about simba that is going to be so weird. I love that pup. Well I hope you all have the best week. Know that  I am praying for you enjoy every moment. I miss you all!!! XOXOX Love Always Hermana Grimes.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Good Morning Family,
Ok first of all can you believe that it is Thanksgiving!!! Dad it makes me think a while ago when I was packing all of my stuff up, and you told me before you know it you will be sitting around for Thanksgiving wondering where all the time went. Man, that seems like it was a while ago, but than again its crazy to think that it's already here. I read that you have a small group for thanksgiving, but really that is the best thing ever. Just know I will be thinking about you all so much, and I am so grateful to have each one of you in my life. Also enjoy the rolls do you want to know something so funny the other day I was telling Hermana Escobar that exact same story. In my defense it totally was not my fault even though I got the blame of running the best park of thanksgiving as well as the left over sandwiches. Just so you all know next year my rolls are going to be bomb so get excited!! As far as my plans we
have our mission Thanksgiving activity that morning so actually today I have to go get myself some new jeans because I ripped mine picking blackberries for that wonderful Jam I know you all loved.
Then the night before actually so wed. we have a ward activity of pie night so you better believe I will be making an apperance.
Then after we received an invite to go with our investigator Alma and her family. If that doesn't work out we have had about 5 other people who have invited us over so needless to say we will be well taken care of however it works out. Oh and just so you all know I have probably had a piece of pie every single day this month. Yep tender mercies if you ask me. It seems that all the desserts at dinner appts are pie, and everyone sends us home with pie. You better believe I am not complaining.
Well this week has been really good. I am telling you its like a roller coaster so you never know whats coming. We are still working on our finding. Which is a real test of patience and faith, and sometimes  I do things more out of strict obedience. Not necessarily because I am going to get the fastest results. For example we are supposed to tract 5-7 everyday because its the best time to find people at home. Well sometimes its a little hard as far as building up our spanish teaching pool, but I do it so that the lord can work his miracles in the lives of others that we are working with. Not to mention I really do like tracting, and I am pretty sure that is when Hermana Escobar laugh the most. I mean it mine as well be fun, and we hear the funniest things. Anyway we taught Luis, and i almost wanted to burst into tears as we taught the law of chasity. Its stinks because the desire to be baptized is there and he defiantly would do it this month, but its just going to take time. I love him so much. Also yesterday Jose Valencia and another recent convert Bonifacio both were ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood after stake conference. So that was pretty amazing, and so now we have to more priesthood holders for our little group. Last night we went and taught Jose and his sister and brother-in-law Maria and Leonel. They are such a great family. It was great because Jose was just on fire and he had starting reading the book of mormon again after he was baptized and now he is almost finished with alma. Also he was making comments to his sister about how he could baptize them when they both just said they were ready. Which we found out last night that she is scared to read the book of mormon. One because she grew up catholic and she really likes church and likes when we come over, but she is afraid of changing just because traditionally thats what she is. Also they both said they wouldn't get baptized if one of us got transferred. Then of course we went on to explain that the church is still true no matter what missionaries then we got to tease them a little more about how if we both say then they have to be baptized. So we will see what happens with them they are so great, and they have so much potential. Also this week we have found 2 ladies who I guess you could say have been under the radiator. They are members, and have just been less active so now we get to work with them to come join our little Spanish group. Also last night we were able to get in and see a potential investigator Elia who is a pretty strong Cristian, but we have gotten in to teach her about twice. Well last night she opened up so much to us about her whole life story. She is a single mom. Her husband left her about 7 years ago to go to Mexico to visit his family but ended up meeting another woman there so he never came back. So it left her to raise her four boys here. At this point she had never worked because she would stay in the home as he husband worked. So she basically had to start for scratch because she didn't know English, and didn't have a job. Last night she just opened up so much about the last 7 years of her life and not feeling like a good enough mom. Or how she works so hard and its under appreciated. She was just crying the whole time she was explaining everything. She is so amazing,
and it really is so amazing how fast you can grow a connection with people. Well she invited us to come over on Thanksgiving
so we will be making an appearance. Her oven doesn't work so she is going to just buy something so we are going to make a pie and take it over.
Oh also this week I had my last interview with the president. It lasted about 5 mins it was super quick, and basically he just was like well your almost done. Work hard, and know that the choicest blessing will come in your next few weeks in the mission field. I totally got all teary eyed. Then at stake conference it was all about missionary work. It started with someone who just got there call, then to a RM, then to a convert, and then all of the other leaders. The whole theme was missionary work, and how the gospel is moving. Then a member of the 70 came and was talking about when he was a stake president and how he would set apart missionaries, and give them one of the most sacred callings that they would have. Then he went in to explain how it was when they got released. Then once again I got all teary eyed. I don't know whats happening. Its just a lot of mixed emotions, and since timing is the weirdest thing ever it feels so close but not really.  They even talked about what it was like for the parents to drop missionaries off.
I guess I have just had a few moments as so many memories kept flooding back into my mind from the beginning. Crazy. Well family just know that I am so grateful for all you do and being such amazing supporters in the decision I made to serve a mission. Of course always listening to every up and down, and all your prayers. Have the best holiday!!! I love you all so much, and just enjoy every moment. Also transfer calls are this week so P-day will be Tuesday. Just know your in my prayers. I miss you all. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to POPPOP!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CHELS!!! Love you both.
Love Always Hermana Grimes.

Hey Family

Good Morning Family,
How are you? I keep hearing how much snow Utah is getting, but than again it is that time of year. Which means ski season is right around the corner!!! Which I am not going to lie I am defiantly look forward to doing a little bit of that real soon. Which I know it will be here before I know it. So I am just going to enjoy every moment good and bad. I am not going to lie this week I have just felt like a balloon that keeps getting blown into, and pretty soon I might just pop. I know missions have rules and regulations, but man sometimes I never feel like I do anything right. Not that I do anything to break the rules, but sometimes the pressure of missionary work is just a little more than I think I can handle. Than again its supposed to make me into some better person which I don't know why its so much harder to recognize your own strengths. Another thing to is I am still just Linds, and so I don't really feel that I have changed that much. Then again maybe its more than I see, and I should learn to give myself more credit. I always wondered why if this is the best thing I could be doing right now, and probably the best I have ever been. Why we always think we are never doing good enough. I guess its all part of the gospel to keep progressing because if you not than your regressing. I guess I will just take little baby steps and see how this goes.
Well as far my week we are really focusing on finding people to teach. Like always, but we really have got to find the ones who are ready. I keep hearing the field is white already to harvest, but I think the hardest part is believing that its true. I guess that's OK because a lot of people have our cards unless they put them in the trash. I know no missionary effort ever goes in vain.
Now with our investigators we had a lesson with Luis this week. Sad part is he didn't come to church so something probably came up. Well actually none of our investigators came. Anyway Wed he let us come over to his house. His "wife" stayed back in the room the whole time. I am telling you this seems to be a common denominator here right now. Why can't spouses just be on the same page? Anyway we get into his house and he already has 3 water bottles on the table and all of his books ready to learn. He is so great, and I know that when he gets baptized he will be a great member. He even called us his angles which I thought was really sweet. The only thing is the girls he is living with is not his wife so they would have to get married, and they are both still married to other people. So right now he is on date for the end of the month. The thing is when he said that I just sank in my chair because a divorce would take at least 3 months, and since they both need divorces. Then they would have to get married so that just seems so far in the future. I guess he also has the option of moving out which could happen as well. Logically in my mind I don't quite see how this is going to work. Now I just have to work on doing what I can so that the Lord can do what he can. Obviously his vision is way better than mine, but this logical human brain that I have doesn't quite know how this situation is going down.
Also we got in to see Alma. I seriously love her. She liked church, but her biggest doubt is the book of Mormon. Which makes sense since it is the keystone of the religion. You have to have a testimony of the book of Mormon to know the church is true, and to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet. Well she wants to read it, and she was really interested to read about lehi and his family who left Jerusalem. What I like about her is she is just so honest, and sincere. She didn't come to church yesterday because her daughter is sick, but when we went to knock on the door she was a least awake. So she is making progress, and I know she really wants it for her family. She did tell us that she just doesn't want the pressure, but she will read the book of mormon. Also she did agree to meet with us because she wants to learn. Also she invited us over for Thanksgiving so i am quite excited about that!!! I really love her, and her family. So I want her to keep progressing.
Then another funny thing we got in to teach Veronica and Angel her son. They haven't been at church because of sickness so hopefully next week they can step it up. Its just hard because you have a time when they are prepared and ready. You have to make sure they keep that desire. Anyway we were teaching the 10 commandments with hand signals. Another little girl that was there who is about four when we got to number 6 about not killing. She says well I have a 33 pistol de agua I was laughing so hard. Then angel said that number 10 was is favorite commandment. Then we asked what commandment 10 was, and then he said quiero una sticker. Once again I was laughing!! Just because he is five and really probably doesn't understand, but it just worked out perfect. Just so you know its the CTR stickers that you sent me in my package so they are being put to good use.
Well family I am still hanging in here, and I was thinking I just need a little helium to last just a little longer. Don't worry i will be just fine, and I know that every trial and hard time pay off. Just know I love you all, and am so grateful to have your support. Enjoy every moment. Love you Always Hermana Grimes

Welcome to November

Good Morning Family,
Happy Election Day!!! Its so crazy and quite funny because we have been getting quite a few comments. So a few weeks ago we met an older lady named Virgina. and she said well our next president is Mormon. Another guy told us he was voting for Mitt Romney because he was closer to god than Obama. Then another guy told us that Romney was against women's rights, and slammed the door. So I am sure that someone will keep us posted to let us know what happens. Also since it was election day at our apartment they were giving out a free "breakfast on the go". Well since you know we are up for anything that is free we got in our car at 7:50 am before our personal study just to drive up the the exit, and then we drove up an around to enter in another way just so that we could get breakfast. We were dying of laughter the whole time because of how stupid we probably looked, but really it was worth it.
Also Thank you so much for the most amazing Halloween package ever!! I got it the day after, but don't worry I still got the candy and pencils out. Thank you so much for all "my goodies." You all never cease to surprise me, and just so you know it means the world. Also I am expecting pictures of what you all dressed up as. Our Halloween was pretty chill it makes it a little hard to knock doors when kids are asking for candy so we couldn't tract after 7:00, and then everybody has lives so our appts fell though. We were able to stop by a see a few people, and the best treat ever we went to check up on our investigator who works at a pie company and she gave us a huge pumpkin pie. The pie was fantastic, but she had to drop us because know that she is working she doesn't have time to meet.
Other than that my week has been about a normal as it can get. Normal I guess as much as it can for being a missionary. We have been able to get in and teach our investigators Irma and Veronica. Luis came to church on Sunday, but came late so he was only there for the last hour. I was so excited to see him!!! I love that guy, and he was so apologetic for showing up late. I know he tries so hard, but his wife really is not really into the whole idea of mormons. So the fact that he is coming is the best thing ever. He always has the most sincere questions just because he wants to learn, and do whats right. Then we had a potential named Alma come to church. We have only been inviting her since July to come to church, and she always told us that she would but then would never get up in the morning. We just figured it wasn't her time so we gave her some space. Well on Saturday night we had a feeling to stop by, and she said she would get her kids up and come. Sunday morning when we stopped by like we told her we would she was actually up and ready to go with all her kids!!! She told us that she wasnt going to make any promises or it probably won't be an everyweek thing, but we told her she would never know if she never came. WE were able to get an appt set up with her for later on this week so we will see what happens. Also Jose Valencia and another recent convert that was baptized in July so before I came to Federal Way both blessed the sacrament for the first time. That was really sweet because they did it in spanish!! Oh and Dad we hit fast sunday #17!!! On friday night we had a lesson with Danielle and Alfonzo and boys. Well alfonzo was only there for about the first 5 mins, but the spirit in their home was so completley different. Its amazing how much the gospel really can changes lives, and how much of a difference I felt. It was amazing, and I am so excited for this family!! They were at church on Sunday, and they love it!! The boys went straight to primary, and sean loves the young mens group. When we were over there on Friday they were just answering the questions with no problem, and sean had a question about when the angles came to give joseph smith the priesthood. They really are such a great family, and I am so blessed to have been able to work with them.
Well family we are off to the temple today, and it is probably my last temple trip here in seattle as a missionary. Crazy!! Well just know I love you all so much, and pray for you always. Keep up the good work, and just keep being the best you can be. Enjoy every moment!! XOXOX Love Always Hermana Grimes.