Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Good Morning Family,
How is it going? I hope you all had a good week. Also do you have any plans for Halloween? I totally have an idea of what I am going to dress up as next year. I know not that it really even matters at this point in time, but hey it doesnt hurt to plan ahead. There is this cute girl who I love she is 6, and anyway we were talking about halloween a little while ago. I asked what she was going to be for Halloween, and she told me a witch. Then she said "well what are you going to be?" I just said well I think I will just be a missionary. Then this week we were at there house for dinner she is sitting over by me, and says "are you still going to be a missionary for halloween?" I just laughed and said yes I am. I expect to get pictures next week of all your costumes!! On Saturday we had our little ward Halloween Party. It was actually combined with another ward so it was so crowded, but it was fun to see all the kids dressed up man they sure do get creative. Then we had a trunk or treat. Ealier that day we had a lesson with our investigator Irma, and we invited her to come to the activity. Well she wasn't sure if she was going to be able to come, but she wanted to buy treats just in case. She had us follow her to walgreens so she could by candy for us to pass out in behalf of her. So that was really sweet. Other than that it was pouring so we were a little wet by the end of the night. Luckily a sweet lady let us climb in the back of her van to pass out our candy.
Even though Irma wasn't able to come to the activity she did make it out to church!! She is somebody who already qualifies to be baptized its just helping her feel the confidence so she can gain her own testimony. Saturday she was sitting on one side of the room and she said ok if the wall on the other side was baptism i would say I am getting closer. She stands up and starts telling us how much closer she is feeling. Honestly I thought she was just going to take one step which I would have loved because then I know she is at least thinking about it. Well she takes a giant step and then just keeps taking them she didn't get quite to the wall, but she is right there. Also yesterday at church was our primary program which I love. I feel like such a baby because I always tear up. Whats happening to me? It was really sweet because they invited the missionaries to come up and sing we'll bring the world his truth with some of the older primary kids, and then we did the second verse in spanish.
Also Luis who I love accepted a date to be baptized this month!! We had such a good lesson with him this week, and it was so cute because he was nervous that if accepting a date to be baptized he would have to be a missionary. His concern was that he wouldnt know enough. I thought it was the sweetest thing. He did he took some sincere time to think about it, and then he said well yes I will be baptized why not. The sad thing is he didn't come to church yesterday which is so not like him so we have to figure out what happend. 
Now on to the most amazing news ever!!! Sean and Riley were both baptized yesterday!!! The spirit was so strong I can't even describe it. I think what made it the most amazing is just the feeling of accomplishment of what they have gone though, and how much this is really going to bless there family. So let me give you a little bit of background information. The boys had there interviews last week, and were all set up to go. Now with child baptisms you have to have parent permission well mom has been completely on board the whole time. You could just tell how much she was ready to come back to church, and have this for her family. Well Alfonzo has been a little bit more hesitant, and he has a crazy work schedule so he wasnt present for a lot of the lessons. Well when we were talking to them he said that he wasn't sure if they could get baptized because they werent prepared enough. Well Danielle said at interviews that they were going to just do it anyway because she was thinking that maybe it was alfonzo who wasn't quite prepared to make the changes. This week Alfonzo had a meeting with the bishop just because he kind of has some different ideas like stuff that is kind of out of our control, and stuff that we really don't want to mess with. Then we had a lesson with Danielle and the boys, and danielle mentioned how she wasn't sure that they were going to be able to be baptized because alfonzo had been more hesitant about them being prepared. By this point we were really just stuck because everyone wanted it now it was just getting the permission for dad. Friday we decided to fast so that we could some how get him to recognize how important this was for his family. I am not going to lie I wasn't so into the idea of fasting. I know kind of selfish but I knew it was out of our power, and I needed to support my companion. I decided to just pray for the desire to do it, and I know that now I really do have a stronger testimony of fasting. Well friday we just dropped by for just a min, and then saturday we tried to set up a lesson with him but he wouldn't commit because of his schedule. Well Saturday we drove by and saw his truck so we were able to have a really good lesson with him. We talked about how the gospel will bless his family. We talked about how the boys need to have his support, but they can all do it together. We bore testimony of the importance of children and how easy they are to recognize what is good and true. He softend his heart, and said that if they wanted to be baptized he would let them because he didn't want to hold them back. We brought the boys in and talked to they right away of course they both wanted it. Danielle and the boys came to church. I actually went to the first part of primary with them so that they could feel more comfortable, and sean went off to young mens. Then the baptism was later on that evening. The whole family was present, and it was just amazing!!! The boys asked Hermana Escobar, and I to give talks so she did the one on baptism I did the one on the holy ghost. Then for the baptism we went and stood in the girls bathroom with Danielle so we got the back stage view, and then on the other side you could see alfonzo and the boys. Riley who is 9 is such a stud I am so excited for that kid he was so nervous, but he did such a good job!! There was so much support and love from everyone who was present, and now we have 2 more members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!
Well family thats the update for my week. I think we might be going to the temple so p-day will be on tuesday. Just know I love you all, and pray for you always. Enjoy Every Moment, and I miss you all!!! Love always Hermana Grimes

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Morning

You know this has been quite the week. Of course just like any other week they never cease to suprise me. Well the cold has officially hit, and sometimes I ask how the heck I did it last year. Then again I really do have a love for the rain, and not to mention it really is beautiful so I really can't complain. Now are you ready for the update? Ok first of all lets talk about breaking my heart. Gustavo and Mireya investigators that we worked forever with who I grew to love we had to let them go because they just weren't acting!!  Then also Marisa I don't know if you remember her, but she wants to progress so bad. The thing is her husband heard something about how we do baptisms for the dead, and now he is all against her coming to church. Which is so sad because he is not even willing to talk to us or let us explain. Its just so sad because she wants its so bad, but then it causes that conflict with her husband. I think what makes it even worse is yes its sad when someone uses their own personal agency to not want to progress, but its even more sad when its someone else who is stopping them for progressing.
Now on to a little lighter note. Last tuesday Hermana Escobar and I made pupusas for Danielle and her boys we went and had dinner with them. We have been teaching them all of the final little things to help them prepare to be baptized. We had a lesson where we brought the elders quorm president, and he was asking them just different things about why they wanted to be baptized. Riley who is nine says "I have gotten in some fights before, and I know that God doesn't like that. The missionaries said that I could start over." I was so proud!!! He is such a stud. They are such great kids, and they were going to be baptized friday, but they slept in for church. Which totally stinks because we had only been talking to them the whole week about how important it was that they came. Apparently the youngest was awake Logan he is 6, but didn't wake up his family because he didn't want to go to primary. I was like what a little punk dont worry we teased him about it because we totally had it planned that I was going to go to primary with them. Right now the plan is for next sunday.
Also guess who came to church Luis!!! I wanted to freak out because he actually came late, but when we walked in to sunday school he was sitting there. I love that guy. He is so great also we found out that his wife is not on board or doesn't really want anything to do with the mormons. What is it? Anyway he just told her well I am going to church, and I will be back. We have appts set up with him to teach him at the church since she doesn't want us to come over.
Then we had veronica at church. We met her a few weeks ago. Actually it was pretty cool because we contacted this guy in an apartment complex who was not intrested. He said that his ex-wife/girlfriend was a mormon. So of course we took her information. We go and check up on her thinking that she is just less active well she is not a member. We ended up teaching the whole first lesson on the door stop, and then after she let us inside. Ever since then we have been meeting with her once a week, and the lessons are so good!! She is so amazing, and really just takes it all in. We went to her house yesterday at about 8:30 and she had just gotten up, but she hurried and got ready and followed us there. Also she has the cutest little 5 year old ever his name is angel. I was sitting by him during sacrament, and pretty much just stayed entertained by him the whole time. Since we have headsets for translating he of course wanted a headset. Then he would play with the volume, and make me put on his headphones. Then he would talk so loud because of the headphones he couldnt tell how loud he was actually being. I probably have about 10 sticky notes that have his name written on them. The cutest thing ever he was sitting between me and hermana escobar. When the sacrament came around well the water I was holding the tray, and he picked up a little cup and after I said tu puedes ponerlo aqui as I pointed to the spot where he could put his cup. Then he helped me pass the tray to Hermana Escobar, and after she took the water as was about ready to put her cup in he says tu puedes ponerlo aqui. I laughed so hard he is such a cutie!!
Then of course we have had some pretty intresting moments doing our tracting. We were knocking on a door of a potential and a little kid answers the door. Then we see the dad sitting on the couch with a blaket, and he totally invites us in. Well his wife wasn't home so we couldn't which worked out in our benefit because then the next thing he apologized that he couldn't answer the door because he was naked. Ok really some people just give way to much information or why would you even answer the door. Then another door we are knocking at I promise some people think we can't hear them, but its actually quite funny. So we knock and we hear someone coming to the door looks through the peep hole and says " dos muchachas bonitas son tus amigas." Oh we laughed so hard. Then the lady answers and we had met here before we were acutally teaching her older daughter who probably early 20's. The funny part was that he totally stood there in the door way the whole time.
Well thats about the update from my week. Just know I pray for you always, and I hope you all have to best week. Enjoy every moment. Love Always, Hermana Grimes XOXOX

Staying in Federal Way

Well I am staying here in Federal Way with Hermana Escobar!! So we get to kick it here for another 6 more weeks.
Which is actually quite nice because we are working with so many amazing people. On Sunday we had 5 investigators at Church!! I wanted to just freak out!! Because if you remember the whole month of September was a little on the rougher side we hardly had anyone at church and no progressing investigators. Amazing things are starting to happen.
First of all Danielle and her boys came to church!! The boys are set to be baptized at the end of the month. I love them so much. Then we had gloria who came. Another lady who I love. The only thing is with gloria she is really hard to see during the week because she is so busy. Then we had another investigator Luis he reminds me of Lucio. Now let me tell you about Luis. So the other day we had exchanges so I was with Hermana Palacious. Anyway we had two church tours set up and confirmed and of course they both fell through. Then we are going to our back up plan which was to visit a lady in the ward Sister Jiggetts. Well the problem is I couldn't exactly remember which apartment number she was in. Another things its those apartment complex's where the outside doors are locked on each building so luckily the first building we went into we asked someone outside to open the door.  Well we get in the building, and as we are walking around I am thinking this is the wrong building. We walk back outside to the next building once again we were lucky enough to have found a lady who just got home so we walked with her inside the building. First thing we do is head up to the top floor, and knock on a door that could be it. Well it wasn't, but apparently somebody with the same named lived there last year so the guy just kept telling us she moved. I knew she hadn't moved we had just seen her a few weeks before. Then we go down to the second floor, and now this is starting to look familiar. I just wasnt sure if it was the first or second door. You know as missionaries you have no problem knocking on random doors even if it happens to be the wrong person. So we started with door number 2, and suprisingly enough they were actually spanish. We didn't even say who we were, and he let us right in. We shared the message of the restoration with him and his wife. The spirit was so strong. Some people you just get the feeling like they are already members, and I totally felt it with them. When were asking them about reading the book of mormon and coming to church Luis just said well why not, and expressed his desire to come. Later that week we had another lesson with them and read in the book of mormon. Once again it was such a great lesson, and he told us he would come to church. Well Sunday morning we always make a billion phone calls, but we didnt call him. Which actually was amazing because he walked into sacrament meeting on time!!! We didn't even have to call and wake him up or remind him. He just did it, and stayed for all three hours!!! His wife didnt come, but he said that he would be here next week.
Well thats about the update from my week. Things are going really well, and I am excited to see whats coming because really you never know. Well I love you all and I Hope you have the best week!!! Enjoy everything, and know that I love you and miss you. Love Always, Hermana Grimes XOXOX

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

100 baptism in a month and a Birthday recap

Linnea I am so glad you liked your birthday package. I was so worried that the jam wouldn't get to you in one piece. You can also share with the rest of the family as well. I made that Jam with fresh picked blackberries by yours truly all the way here in washington. I really hope you had a good day, and just know I was thinking about you all day!!! My day was pretty much like any other day. Are alarm went off at  6:10, and Hermana Escobar sang me Happy Birthday. We went for our little jog, and then came back to get ready for the day. She also made me breakfast which was really sweet. We had these breakfast burritos which were way yummy, and she even had a little something for me. As part of our companion ship study I opened my packages which were delivered to me that morning by my district leader. Which was really sweet because I am pretty sure the zone leaders made a trip up there so I could have them on time. Thank you so much for all the packages!! I loved them all, and it means so much to have all of your love and support. We did stop by a recent converts house, and they sang me happy birthday. Then after we had just a pretty normal day actually a lot of our appts fell through, but I am sure we planted so great seeds for some day in the future. Then we went to the relief society broadcast, and dinner was served there which was some chicken pesto pasta, rolls, and salad. Then Hermana Escobar and I watched the broadcast. We wanted to watch it in spanish so we went into the spanish translation room, and yep we were the only ones. Which was fun, and I absolutly loved the Broadcast!! It was amazing so that was a really nice treat. It was pretty a relax day, but thank you so much for making it extra special. Of course all the cards and notes from family and friends made me fell loved. Then actually last night we went to have a lesson with Gustavo and Mireya and he got a job working at some pie company. Last night I was able to get my "birthday pie" it was even cherry!!! Also they let me take a few pieces home as well.

This week has been amazing. First of all Gloria came to church!!! Then last week we met this amazing lady name Marisa. She used to attend church about 9 years ago in Arizona so she at least knows about the church. Well she is great we have been able to get in and teach her. Friday we had a church tour set up with her well she doesn't drive, and we were having a hard time finding someone to give her a ride. So we decided to take the bus, and the best part is she was all for it. She brought along her two little girls, and we made our way to the church to have a lesson. Then the best part is she came to church on sunday. She had her husband drop her off with her daughters before he went to work. Then he couldn't come and pick her up until about 1:30 so after church the elders were having a baptism so she stayed for that, and then we just went outside to wait with her. Basically she is so prepared, and I love her!!! Another thing amazing this week is Alfonzo and Danielle are less active members who haven't been to church in 5 years. Well anyway last week there whole family came to church. This week we were able to get and and teach there boys they have 3 and 2 of which are baptismal age. Well they want to be baptized so we are helping them get prepared for the end of the month!! I love them so much, and they are just the cutest.

Also another thing this weekend was our final countdown. We have had a goal of baptizing 100 people in a month for a while, and it is something that has never happend in the Washinton Seattle Mission before well September was the MONTH!!! Well Family just know I love you all so much, and I am praying for you always. Enjoy confernce, and know that I will be watching it!!! Have the best week, and enjoy every moment.


There has never been nor ever will be a Mission President and his wife who are more proud of their missionaries than Sister Larkin and I are proud of you this day! There simply are no missionaries in this world who are as diligent, as exactly obedient, or as full of faith as the missionaries in the Washington Seattle Mission. You are the holiest and the finest missionaries in all the world." President Larkin