Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here we are again

To my Amazing Family,
Sorry about the delay yesterday was a Holiday so of course libraries were closed. This morning we were helping Hermana Cardenas take down some of her Christmas decorations so that's why its a little later than normal.  Love that family.
So guess what happened in Washington? It SNOWED!!! Yep on Sunday we walked out of church and it was snowing. I love snow, but my level of love decreases a little bit when I cant ski or sit by the fire. Luckily for me when it snows in Washington its like a freak thing and only lasts a few day, but its bitter cold for much longer. I will say one thing since there are so many trees its beautiful because every tree is covered in white!!! Now we just need the sun to come out, and I would have MY PERFECT DAY!!! so funny. I also attached some pictures of some proof of the snow so enjoy. Well like I mentioned snow is kind of a freak thing so people aren't super prepared for it like they are in Utah so we got the chance to help a few people out. First off on Sunday we were on the way to the Barrios for dinner and see this man walking up a hill carrying bags of groceries and you could tell he was struggling. We of course pull over to offer and help. He accepts thinking that we will drive him home, but nope that's not in the mission rules so we ended up hiking up the hill with him back to his house. Super nice guy, and actually gave us his information but he doesn't speak Spanish so just a seed planted. One other funny thing he was carrying a 24 pack of Budweiser so the first thing when he realizes that we are mormon was like "I can carry the beer its super heavy, and oh its not for me its for my room mate." Not that we care... I mean we do it was just super funny that he had to make that crystal clear. Next story we were on the way home from dinner at the barrios are you seeing a common theme. Just kidding. We see this car that has slid of the road up over a curb, and this one nice gentlemen who offered to help. We of course pull over and help as well so you have 3 girls in skirts, and this other guy pushing this car out of the snow. Then cat barrios (daugther) sees us and pulls over to lend a helping hand. After 4 girls, and this one guy we managed to a least get his car back on the road. Poor guy.
Now as far as the whole missionary end of things it was a great week. Jaciera didn't make it to church, and I am not quite sure why. I am sure it has something to do with the weather, but seriously I love this lady so next week for sure. On the up side of things we had another investigator Manuel who attended sacrament meeting. Let me give you some background information. He is an eternal investigator. I keep joking that we just need to have a priesthood leader push him in the lake. Seriously though he is from Nicaragua, and is waiting for his wife to come to the US before he gets baptized. Guess how long he has been married 20 years and she hasn't been here yet so he has been saying that for quite some time. Any way he is a great guy, and we had an awesome lesson with him, and you know what one day he will be baptized. One other funny thing so we do daily contact with some of our top 5 investigators the ones that are actually progressing. Well after about a few days of texting him first he finally caught on to the idea, and he is the one who texts us first everyday sometimes multiple times a day. We got him trained. Then another less active that we have been working with lillian showed up for church!! I can't even describe the feeling I get when a less active or investigator walks into the church building. Pure Joy!!!
Now for the most exciting news of all. Ready? Miriam and her 2 daughters are on date for baptism and the day is FEBRUARY 11!!!!! I am freaking out!! I am so excited, and they are so prepared. We had a lesson with them last week, and took over a baptismal calendar so she could have a visual checklist of everything she already knew. Well she accepted a date, and she is the one who picked the 11th so full force here it goes. Expect guess what that is the week after transfers so pray everything works out for me would ya? Not only that her whole family was in attendance at church on sunday!!! We had a lesson with her earlier in the week, and she said I want to go to church I just need help getting there because she is still recovering from surgery. How amazing is that!!! The lord is blessing us so much, and that is going to one of the happiest day on my mission!!! I love every member of that family so much!!! Another cute story I was reading in the book of mormon picture book with Jensine she is 6 well we were reading about Abinadi and king noah. We got to the part about how it was explaining how the people are wicked. She turned to me and says "What does wicked mean." I said well thats when you have people who don't do what there are supposed to or follow god's commandments. We had taught them the commandments last week. So I ask Why do you think its important to follow God? "Well he is the one who made us." Oh my gosh how precious is that. Then she turns to me " you know what my teacher taught me, that if I cant say anything nice I shouldn't say anything at all." I love KIDS!!! Then also another time we were watching a mormon message that had a calendar with with big black X's on some of the days. Then Yazmine turns to me and says "hey I am doing that to." I had made prayer calendars for the two oldest daughters to check off everyday that they say there prayers. I love them so much!!! Now I am starting to realize more about why its so important to become like little children because they really do have the love of chirst so much. Not only that they can make me laugh.
Well thank you so much for all your prayers!!! Seriously I couldnt do it without you!! I love you all so much, and I hope things are going well. Enjoy your week, and know that I pray for you always. Until next Monday!!!
Love Always

The peeps I love the most

Good Morning to my Amazing Family,
I have so many funny things that I have to fill you in on this week!!! Let me just say it has been one of those weeks where we have had quite a few appointments fall through, and people not being home. Seriously I hate that it just feels like I am wasting so much time, and then if your not meeting with anyone your not making progress. Good thing I have had quite a few laughs along the way because sometimes thats the only thing that gets you through. You just have to have fun. Before I get started Dad we hit fast sunday number 7!!! We are making progress!!! Of course I was thinking about you.
Ok so story number one. Last monday night we are sleeping so peaceful when all of a sudden our fire alarm goes off. Now do you remember that this has happened to me once before in the MTC. Whats with this? Ok so we stubble out of bed because its one of those noises that you really can't ignore. Hermana stout grabs a towel to try and fan it out I guess you could say, because you know there was no fire. Then we are thinking it has to be a battery problem. So we open the door to the hallway and realize that its going off in the whole apartment complex. We make our way outside, and we have a set of elders and the vehicle coordinators that live in the same place. Of course we are all make sure each one of us made it out of the apartment. Heck its 12:30 I mean we have been sleeping for a good solid 2 hours at this point. Of course every other person outside is still dressed normal, oh but not us we looked real special. We are outside for 40 mins before they let us go back in. Then we make our way back inside get struggled back into bed, and guess what the alarm again!!! So once again we make our way outside. Luckily this time it was only about 10 Min's, and we were told everything was fine and we were safe to go back inside. We still have no idea what the problem was, but the alarm went off 3 more times that night. For the last few times we just stayed in our beds considering it was only for a minute each time, but still that's cutting in to my sleep time. I have mentioned how important that is, and to just not mess.
Number two. On Friday January 6th their is a tradition in Mexico called the Rosca de Reyas it is to celebrate the wise men bringing gifts to the baby Jesus. We have this family we have been trying to teach, and one day they will become progressing. Anyway they invited us over that night to break bread with them. Just for my future memory sake their names are Ricardo and Lucia. Anyway you just eat bread in the bread are little plastic dolls, and if you get a doll in your piece you have to make a dish for dinner on February 2. Of course since this is the first time I have ever done this right before I cut my piece I totally said "I sure hope I get a doll."  Then as I was eating my bread what do you know a small plastic doll was in my piece!! Yep, first one found for the night!! Its actually quite funny because the Mexicans don't want the dolls, but us American girls will do anything. Then my companions wanted the same experience so they went searching for the dolls, and got some as well. Technically we all ended up with little dolls, but I happened to be the one who didnt have to do any looking for it. It was such a fun tradition, and you are all totally doing it with me next year. The best part is we get to have another party in February, and what another great chance to be in contact with this family. ( pictures attached)
Next. I hope your not sick of these yet. So yesterday was fast sunday so we were on our way to an appt, and this lady always feeds us so we figured just to save the trouble we would start our fast in the car after. We say our personal prayers to begin our fast saturday evening. Hermana Stout right after she said her prayer expressed how thristy she was. Oh crap because guess what your going to be thirsty for the next 24 hours!!! The whole night she kept mentioning it, and so i realized how thirsty she is. Now you know the only time you get water on fast sunday is during the sacrament. Of course  I am sitting next to her knowing excatly how thirsty she has been for you know the past 20 hours. Hermano Avena passes us the water and of course he has to wait until everyone takes it before he moves on so he is looking straight at us. Hermana Stout drinks the water, holds in her mouth for a min, and then all of a sudden you hear this huge gulp. The look on Hermano Avena's face was priceless, and then he points at his throat and says "is everything ok with your throat?" Oh my gosh so funny. Right then and there we lost it!! Like full on dying of laughter to the point I had to put my head down so I could try to remain a little bit of quite dignity. Then the cute lady Hortenica that we were sitting my was smiling, and lovingly says "tranquilla" ( which is like a calm down, peace kind of word) Then of course she is laughing, and I am laughing the two of us laughing together oh man!! You know once you start you can't stop one of those type of experiences.
Then later that night we are just chatting right before bed. Hermana Peak was in the bathroom brushing her teeth-important note for later. Anyway hermana stout is telling me about this book she was reading about in pikes. About why people fart. I know random, but she was explaining to me how if its in the small intestine it causes you to burp. If you have the pressure in the large intestine it causes you to fart. Right at the moment hermana peak makes this noise as she is brushing her teeth that sounded just like a fart. So once again Hermana Stout and I loose it. Like rolling on the floor with laughter for about 10 mins. High pitched noises, and barly breathing for yep a whole solid ten mins. Man, I love that girls we have way to much fun. Yesterday was quite the ab workout.
Now speaking of sacrament Jacira came!!! Love her so much, and last night we had a dinner with the stander family they invited her over as well. She is such a strong lady, and she is going to be rock soild when she gets baptized!! She has expressed the desire we just have to purpose a date, and pray that she will accept. The thing is most of the time people really do want to be baptized its just having them show a little faith, and trust in the lord to realize that they can be ready. She is amazing and so many times she expresses her love. She has already gained a testimony of the importance of regular church attendance which is huge!! Yes, people like this actually do exisit. I may or may not have been questioning that for quite some time.
Miriam we had tried calling her multiple time this week, and she never answered. She is a single stay at home mom so its unusal for her not to answer. We decided to do a little bit of investigative work, and we found out she was in the hospital. This poor lady never gets a break. This time it was for herself she had her gallbladder removed on tuesday and then was released on thurday. Then we found out she was having tons of pain still so she was back in friday morning and stayed another night. We did go visit her, and were able to help her out a little bit. Right now she is just on the recovery road. Mom I love that you put her name on the temple because she needed it last week. We still she her a few times a week, and I love that family more than ever. Keep praying. We keep telling ourselves that she is going to be a rock solid member because satan is working hard, and its a fight. She is amazing, and so strong. Right now if I just need to be her to help her thats ok. I know soon she will be baptized, and you better believe I will be there for it.
Last night we went and had to say good bye to Papa Cardenas. He is the grandpa of the Cadenas family. He came in from Mexico to visit, and got her right at the same time we did. I have a great relationship with him, and he is the sweetest old man ever. Probably the only one that can get away with hugging us. Of course we have become super close with him, one because he loves us, and two because the cardenas take really good care of us. So we have spent quite a bit of time with them over the past 2 months. I did attach a picture.  He did say I could come stay at his house in Mexico so I might have to take him up on that one day. He is great and treated us like his other grand-daughters. I am going to miss him!!
Well family I hope everything is going well. I got the package of the pictures, and the shirt!! I love it!! Of course you all look so great, and I love each picture with the cars things. Looks like it was quite the fun trip. Keep working hard, and know that I am thinking about you, and praying for you everyday. Enjoy everything. Lots of love from Bellevue!!!
Love Always
Hermana Grimes

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 2012!

Good Morning to my Amazing Family,
Can you believe that it is 2012?!!! Guess who you get to see this YEAR!!!! I will give you a hint.....some awesome missionary in SEATTLE.
 I am sure you all had awesome plans, but I haven't had the chance to read your emails yet so I will have to read about how each of you partied later on. Did you listen to that song for me? I may or may not had it stuck in my head all afternoon, but what can I say. Now as far our new years eve since we are all kind of party animals we made it until about 10:30pm before we called it a night. A mission rule may have played into that decision just a little bit. As for the day goes we had breakfast with the Cardenas family. That has become our tradition to have breakfast with them every Saturday morning, and we have great gospel conversations with them so its a win win. They had wanted to have us over for dinner, but the bassett family stole us first. Oh man what its like to be loved. Of course me being the joking/sweet talker that I kind of think I am just said to the Cardenas family you know we don't have dinner plans for Sunday, and you can be the first family we eat with for 2012? Of course they agreed because seriously who wouldn't? Now back to New Years eve we had dinner with the bassetts every year they have a tradition of doing hamburgers, fruit, and chips and dip. It was great so we got to celebrate with a nice American meal. Then afterwards since its new years and most normal people have lives around 8:00pm we didn't have any appts set up. The bassetts wanted to keep us and there home so we shared a spiritual message, and then they wanted to sing hymns with us. We all gathered around the piano and sang primary songs as well as church hymns. It was quite memorable, and Loved it. Defiantly a step up from last year considering I was lame, and chilled by myself. I tried really hard to catch some fireworks since that is my favorite thing ever, but I didn't get so lucky. I guess I will have to make up for it next year. Well did you all set any new years resolutions or predictions of what you think is going to happen for 2012?
I mean a lot can happen in a year. Trust me because I know exactly where I am sitting right now, and who would have thought. I mean I guess I kind of had a small idea and of course a desire to be here. Life never ceases to surprise me. Which is good I guess considering I love surprises. I have been looking back on this year, and really it has been one for the books. Its been a roller coaster of emotions, and change. I met some of the best friends I could have ever asked for, and had way to many fun times. Received a mission call, and went through the temple. I am learning a new language, and how to be a missionary. Meet some amazing people as I have served them. Learned a little bit more about how my plans really aren't my plans. Cried. Laughed, and just enjoyed every minute of life. Of course grew closer to each of you. Realized how much I am loved, and how I need your support. Thanks for everything!!! Here goes to another amazing year!!!
Now on the missionary front. This week has been great. We have been challenging people to be baptized, and we have had a few people accept!! So as of right now we have 3 people on date for January 28th providing each of them you know keep commitments!!! We will see how that goes, don't worry I am still hopeful. Of course we are doing everything we can to get the working rolling, and one of those people is BOUND to be baptized on the 28th. Last transfer was great, but it was a lot of work in the sense of finding and sifting through those who are really ready. So I feel like this transfer we are just going to start to bloom. We have still been working with Miriam, and have meet with her and her children a few times this week. This week we are going to work on setting a date for all three of them so the can be baptized this month. Also do you remember Jacira? I talked about her a few weeks ago if you need to go and refresh your memory. Can I just say how much I love this lady? Last week she wasn't able to come to church because of back pain. She was in a car accident a few years ago, and has some pretty bad back problems. Well I called her to remind her about church, and the hour change. Whats good is she really does have the desire to come to Church. Anyway she came and didn't take her vicodin so she could drive herself to church. I don't think I spelled that right, but her pain medication you know the one Dr. House takes? OK really how great is that? After Sunday school she was in so much pain so we talked to her about priesthood blessings, and found some brethren in the branch to give her a blessing. After the blessing she was telling us how she just felt so warm, and the pain slow leave her body. It was such a spiritual experience, and the blessing she received was so great. She is amazing, and always tells us how she feels so comfortable and peaceful at church. She always wants to be involved, and she told us that she would be baptized after she learns a little bit more. Which is great so keep praying for her!!! I love her so much!!! Well thats about the just of what is going on so I will keep you posted for sure. I hope everything goes well with everyone starting back to school. B you work you little but off because your almost done!!!! I hope you got my email from last week. I have been thinking about you a tons. Love you kiddo.
Mom and Dad thanks for everything. I love your emails every week they keep me going. Thanks for making it to Toree's wedding it means a ton. Well enjoy every minute, and know that I am praying for you always!!! LOVE YOU

Were gonna party like it's 2012

Hello to my Amazing Family,
Well can you believe Christmas has come and gone?! Holy crap I was looking forward to talking to all of you, and now its over. Well until Mother's Day!! It was so good to talk to all of you, and you all sound so great. I loved getting the scoop on what has been happening the past 6 months. Its weird because I feel think it was like we had never stopped talking its weird to think that it has been that long. Of course it was sure a quick hour and 20 mins, but I loved every second!!!  
Its sounds like you all had an amazing time in Florida, and I love the Disney PJ's. Mom thanks for attaching the pictures of the Seattle things I sent. I love it!! I am going to give a recap of how our christmas went just because I sometimes dont always have time to write in my journal and these emails I know I can look back on. I just have to thank everyone for the christmas cards, and everything. Thanks for making my Christmas in the mission field unforgettable. On Friday night we had our branch party with way to much mexican food...como siempre, and of course dancing. One thing I love about Hispanics is they sure know how to party. Well Christmas eve we started the day with our normal studies, and for comp study we made sugar cookies to give to all the members in the Branch. Through out the day we made deliveries, and got to check up on a few potentials. We would just share a short spiritual thought, and sing a Christmas song. We also made our delivery to Delia the lady I did the secret santa for. Thank you so much again for that it was all because of you that we were able to do that. Know that she was so grateful it was the cutest thing. We were able to have a lesson with her, and she wants us to continue teaching her.
We made our way to the bassett home, and they gave us so many goodies "stocking stuffers". Love them. Then we headed over to the Cardanas families home for dinner. We played uno, and just visited while dinner was finishing up. Then of course we ate, and it was so yummy. We had fish, rice, rolls, and veggies. Then before we left their home they gave us a Christmas gift as well. We really do get so taken care of. After that we headed home, and I got to open my PJ's!! I love that tradition, and I love my Jammie's. Then of course the next day was Christmas. We woke up and decided we would open 2 presents before church because of lack of time and just so we could get the Christmas morning look. You know the one where you roll out of bed no make up, and your hair is crazy... yep that one. I opened the slippers, and calender. Which I LOVE!!! I cried when I opened that one. Everyone looks so good, and it was fun to see pictures for this past year that I haven't seen yet. Then we had blueberry muffins, and hard boiled eggs for breakfast not Swedish pancakes, but hey you do what you can. Of course church was amazing because they had musical numbers, and focused on the story in Luke. After church we headed home and while hermana beak was on the phone me and hermana stout opened our presents!!! I have tons of pictures...of course so they will be sent to you very soon. I Love you all, and I can't thank you enough. I got a Stocking full of snacks and goodies from Whitney Hansen. I love you Whit!! Ashley Gibson sent me a missionary planner that was all decorated for my next transfer, and I love it Ash!! Then of course the amazing gifts from all of you. Such as a GPS-so I no longer get lost, book-Steven I love the note, and of course Linnea and B all the fun things that make me feel normal!!! I love the makeup, hair color, and clothes. Linnea I love that you got me that sign-keep it safe I am super excited for that when I get home. After presents was when I got to talk to all of you!!! Later on that evening we had dinner with the Barrios, and it was just simple. We had ham, cranberry, and some spaghetti thing. It was very good, and just a very relaxed day. After dinner we just went to check up on some potentials, and of course continue being missionaries. All in all great day!!! Thank you so much for everything. I sure do love you all.
Now on to the mission side of things. You all know about Miriam becasue we talked about that sunday. Super disappointing that she hasnt been baptized yet, but she is now letting us teach her children. So hopefully soon ( within the next few weeks) we can all have them baptized together. Keep praying for them. I love them so much!! Whats good is she has expressed the desire to be baptized, and knows thats what she needs to do so we just cant dumb little things get in her way. We are starting to build up our pool of solid investigators so thats good, and we have met some great people who are really intrested in learning more about the gospel.
Well we just got back from transfers and we said goodbye to Hermana Beak. Really it was quite sad. Her and I have very different ways of doing things, and I can't say we would have been friends if it wasn't for the mission. I have grown to love her more than I thought. I learned so much from her, and I already miss having her around. We sure do have some fun memories such as acting out electrical danger signs (picture attached). We always crack Asian jokes just because we can. So many other many funny inside jokes, and stories. What has helped us become so close is we have had to work hard, and learn all together. She is an awesome missionary, and I just love her. I am still with Hermana Stout like I said who knew we would be a huge part of each others missions? We also welcomed in Hermana Peak so we are still rocking the 3 some. Which by now I have a grasp on how to get it done with 3 so its all good. We got shower times down, who sits where in the car, and how to bounce off of each other in lessons. Gotta Love it. I don't really know to much about her except she is from Arizona, and she seems pretty chill go with the flow type of person. I just get the chance to have a new friend so here it goes.
Of and really quick. So do you remember Manuel from kent. The guy who gave me the NY yankees baseball cap for my birthday, and the one I went off chocolate for to help him with the word of wisdom? If not read my emails. Anyway exciting news!! I found out today at transfers that he got the Priesthood, and he is doing so well!!! 
My time is coming to and end!! I hope you all have a great New Year's. Do you have Any Plans? You better listen to that song "Were going to party like, like its 2012" multiple times for me. I am so excited you to headed to toree reception!!! Please give her the biggest hug for me, and tell her Iove her. Take pictures. Have a great week. I love you all. B I love you so much good luck this week, and guess what now you can have 2 missionaries!! Of course we know which one is number 1!!! Enjoy everything, and I love you tons!!!
Love your favorite missionary.
Love Always
Hermana Grimes

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas

My Amazing Family!!!
From Seattle to Florida.
Guess what I get to talk to you in 5 DAYS!!!! I am so excited I can't even handle it. As of right now I am not sure what time we will call so maybe I can try and give you and idea. We are allowed to talk for an hour, and its going to be the fastest hour of my life. If for some reason we go a little over I don't think I will care to much...just saying!! I guess they do that so you and your companions all have time to call home, and still be doing missionary work for a good chunk of the day!! I am so glad you made it to Florida its sounds amazing!!! You will have to give me all the details in just a few short days!! I am so glad you got my package its nothing super crazy, but seriously fam you know how I am so why would I not send a package. Speaking of packages I got the package that had all the presents from the best siblings ever. They are nice tucked under my tree!! Mom and Dad I am loving the 12 days of Christmas!! I am so spoiled. My comps are jealous because you guys are creative, and I get to open something everyday!! Not to mention I have the best parents ever so of course it would be above and beyond. Ok I do kind of have to admit that I am a little dumb and caught on day three that each day I would get that same number of things!! I guess its just my dumb Blondie side that kicked in a little bit on that one. I love it!!! Speaking of Christmas I know the vacation was your present, but do you have any other plans for the break?
Now on to my AMAZING WEEK!!! First of all we received a referral for a cute lady in our ward Hermana Stander by the way the investigators name is Jacida. For our Christmas party I made a phone call and invited her. You can always get people to show up for food. Well she was the sweetest lady ever, but wasn't able to make it. This past week we called her, and she set up her own appt to talk in the church. We were blown away first of all no one ever does that, and actually keeps their appt at least not Hispanics. Love them, but they are a "go with the flow" type of people. We get to the church and she walks in, and made the connection that I was the one who invited her to the party. She gave me the biggest most sincere hug like we have known each other for years. We visited with her in the chapel, and she just pretty much let it all out so we didn't do much talking mostly her. She has had some rough things with her children and just other things in her past. Anyway we invited her to church, and she told us to remind her to come and she would. Hello we are missionaries we are in the business of reminding people/annoying them to come to church. Well we texted her that morning. We are sitting in relief society which is our middle hour and then after we have sacrament. She walked in, and it was the best feeling ever!! Once again gave each one of us the most sincere hugs ever. She is amazing, and needs to have the gospel in her life. Not only that she loved church, and is coming next week!!! She said she feels so much peace, and comfort. Everyone in the branch was so welcoming, and seriously cutest lady ever. She has such a desire to learn more. Keep praying for her as we continue to teach her.
Now do you remember Miriam? The single mom of 5 who came to our Christmas party last week. During the Christmas party she had told another member that she was thinking about getting baptized. Now if you remember she was one we weren't thinking was progressing at all. Of course once we heard that she became a very important person we were praying for, and one that we needed to go and see. Last Tuesday night at nine we decided as a companion ship that we would fast that she would have the desire to be baptized. Wednesday evening we drove up to her house, and guess what not home!! Which is fine because this was the day we met Jacida. Still it was a little disappointing because we had been fasting to be able to have the spirit with us during the lesson. Thursday we decided that we should call her to set up and appt for friday. So we make the call, and she had plans all day friday so she just asked if we could come over now (thursday night). We drove up there decided we were going to teach the 5 basic principles of a testimony
1. God is our loving heavenly father
2. Jesus Christ is the savior of the World
3. Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith
4. The gospel has been restored
5. Living Prophet
Before the lesson we prayed so we could just have the spirit.
We talked about each step, and had her share her feelings as well. She has the sweetest most sincere testimony. After we told her that is what she needed to know about the church, and invited her to be baptized. She replied that she as been thinking a lot about baptism, and wants to be baptized before the end of the year!! Hermana Stout and I said at the beginning of the transfer how we wanted to have a white christmas. Meaning we wanted to have a baptism Christmas eve and they would be confirmed Christmas day. So told her we had a baptismal date on December 24, and SHE ACCEPTED!!!! On Saturday we had a joint lesson with her and another lady in the ward who has two daughters the same age as some of Miriams daughters. Anyway they all spent the night together saturday night. Sunday Miriams baby boy has been sick so she took him to the hospital, and he has ammonia. The branch has been taking such good care of her daughters they brought them to church, babysitting and letting them stay in their homes, and feeding them. If you would please keep her in your prayers.  Miriam as of right now will be baptized at 1:00pm Christmas Eve. She is so ready, and the lord has been preparing her so much. Its been so amazing to see the changes that have come. I couldnt be more excited!! We are getting our Christmas Miracle!!!
Well Family enjoy your week in Florida!!! We have quite a great weeked planned. We have dinner with someone every night!! We have another branch party on Friday. Cardanas Christmas Eve, and Barrios Christmas Day. We really do get so taken care of, and I love this branch!!!! Of course doing missionary work, and preparing for our baptism!!!
Enjoy every moment. I can't wait to talk to you!!!
I love this gospel, and am so grateful for the opportunity I have to share it with others. I would love to be with each of you right now, but I realize more each day that I am needed here. Know that I have a testimony of this gospel. This is the Restored Gospel, the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints. Through him we are able to live together forever, and enjoy every blessing we have on the earth. What a special gift we have been given. As we celebrate his birth we celebrate the life he lived, and the example he was for each of us.
Enjoy the Christmas Season!!
Hermana Grimes