Thursday, April 12, 2012

Okay family, I am here! Where are you?

Good Morning Family,
Ok I am not going to lie today I was so super excited to hear from all of you, and not one of you sent an email. Is everything ok? I look forward to emailing every week because its the one day with out fail I know I will get to hear from you. So Now that I didn't get one letter from any of you your making me a little worried. I am way super sad I didn't hear from you. Just know I love you, and I really do love hearing from you each week. Well thank you so much for the Easter package I loved it!!! I also loved how the box was all decorated. I loved all the drawings B they were great!! Thank you so much for always thinking about me and sending such thoughtful packages.
I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday as well as your crazy weekend with Weddings? How were they both?
Yesterday in Sacrament Meeting the missionaries had to sing. Really I don't sing, but for some reason that has to be some talent I keep having to develop because I have done it quite a few times on my mission. Not that my voice is getting better, or my love for singing. I only like it when i am driving by myself, and doing it to songs on my i-pod. Anyway it turned out really pretty we sang I know my Redeemer lives with the Elders. Of course in Spanish, and then after the branch president made us sing it again. It was really a spiritual moment as I looked out at every one in the congregation who were crying or just thinking about the life of Jesus Christ. What a great time to recognize
Well this week has been great, but of course like everything thing in missionary work it has its ups and downs. Sometimes I have these moments when I love being a missionary, and this week I had one of those moments. So on Saturday Afternoon we had an idea of someone we should go and visit so we head over there. Well come to find out they don't live there anymore which occasionally happens. They was a cute little house next door, and Hermana Spiller saw a lady out side smoking. As we drove away she mentioned how we should go talk to a lady. Now really by this point I didn't see her because she was talking to some Hispanics on one side of a car, and i was on the other. We had already gotten in a car and drove off, but since we really shouldn't ignore spiritual promptings so we turned back around. Knocked on the door and this lady answers named Tami who is probably about 45 we just introduce ourselves and tell her that we had a feeling to knock on her door. She started crying, and just told us that she has had a really bad day then she let us in. For the first few mins she just kept asking "Ok Girls Really why did you knock on my door?" We told her about the Gospel, and how much god loves her, and how she can change her life to become better. She opened up, and explained to us that her boyfriend had broken up with her, she has been to prison twice, and she is an alcoholic. Then Hermana Spiller ran out to the car to grab something, and Tami once again asked "Ok out of every door why my door you just felt like it?" I just told her Tami the only thing I know is we are representatives of Jesus Christ, and really I don't know why I do a lot of what we do. We just had a feeling to knock on your door. She just starts crying and gives me the biggest hug. I told her how much I loved her, and we were here to support her every step of the way. She told us how badly she wanted to change her life, and become better. Really she is super funny, and explained how just broke up with her boyfriend then god sends two church girls. She told us how she almost didn't open the door, but she saw two young cute girls. Then we go on to explain about Church and baptism. We extend a baptismal invitation, and she accepted. It was funny because we extend a date for the first part of may, and she said "really do you think I can be saved in two weeks?" Then she just say gosh dang it god OK I will do it. Its like one of those things where you know you need to change, but you don't really want to accept it. After we left her house she called us about 15 Min's later and expressed how much she appreciated us stopping by, and how she already had her alarm set to attend church.  We were going to her house at 10:40, and she said you better be here. Its just a great feeling knowing that you are where god needs you to be in a specific moment. Well Sunday morning came and we get to Tami's house and we see a not that says
"Sorry girls I cant do this. Cant ever live the Mormon lifestyle. Thanks for stopping by when you did That helped me out. Have a good Easter. I wish you both happiness. You're great girls, and Thanks again. God Bless. Tami" 
That was it. We tried calling her a few times, and nothing. Lucky for us as missionaries we don't give up quite that easy. I just don't know what changed. Saturday she had such a desire to change, and there was nothing in the world that would stop it. She was willing to live the law of Chasity, and the word of wisdom then Sunday was just a turn. I really do love her, and one of the biggest lessons I am going to be learning probably my whole mission is that people have there own agency.
I will keep you updated.
Now Alicia attended church, and a baptismal service that we had this week. She is doing great, and going full force.
As for Carlos you know the guy that we attended church with last week. Well he called and asked about church and we told him the hour. First of all he called us which is Huge second of all he explained that he wouldnt be able to come this week, but next week he is coming. He also wants to meet during to the week to have a lesson.
Another really cool thing. So last week we were in a mexican tienda with alicia. There was this one guy who just asked me if I was cold. Which I was blowing into my hands so I just said yes, and then we started talking about church. I gave him the information, and invited him to general conference. Well guess what this guy ended up coming to general conference, and the elders are now teaching him. He is great he as come to the church about twice this week for lessons, he came to a baptism, and he was a church, and he is planning on getting baptized this month.
Well thats about the just from seattle. I hope everything is going great. I sure did miss hearing from all of you this week. Thats super weird, and I hope everything is ok. Your kind of making me worried, and I am way Sad about it. Well have a great week, and I am praying for you always. Enjoy Everything. Mom and B I know you have spring break this week. Do you have any plans? Just know I miss you, and am thinking about you.
Love Always Hermana Grimes

God loves me and answers my prayers!!

Good Morning to the Best People Ever!!
WELCOME TO APRIL!!! I hope you all enjoyed General Conference. I loved it as I always do. I was a little preoccupied for the Sunday morning Session which I will explain to you very shortly so i will have to read that next month. First of all I loved how the missionaries sang!!! Not to mention I felt very special every time missionary work or missionaries were mentioned. Wasn't it great that David Evans mentioned something about writing letters to missionaries?!! Which means I should be expecting lots of letters soon!! Just kidding, but seriously I thought it was pretty dang funny. Now for some of my favorites I absolutely loved the one Saturday Morning by Donal L. Hallstorm and how he talked about the being members of the church and the gospel. How there is a difference to call yourselves members of the Gospel. It was great, but really I loved them all. How did you all enjoy it? I am sure you already told me about it in your emails that I will read right after I send this off. Also, Thank you so much for the "Hump Day" Package I loved the sweater and the scarfs!!! Thanks for keeping me stylish. I Loved it.
Now are you ready for the biggest blessing ever. First of all Jacira got baptized April 1, 2012!!! I love her, and I am so grateful I have gotten the chance to know her and to be a part of the process with her. Now if you remember I was devistated that I was going to miss this baptism, and I have been praying so hard to be able to be there. Well Thursday I got the text from my hermanas in Bellevue telling me all the information on her baptism. It was going to be held inbetween sessions on Sunday Afternoon. Ok first of all that is just a really hard time. Second in order to go to a baptism outside of the zone you need an investigator. I just remember thinking on Thursday I had to figure out a way to do it, but really I had now idea how it was going to work. Especially because we had our own investigators we needed to make sure got to conference. I talked to the ward mission leader to see if he could help me find someone who would be willing to take me and an investigator up to bellevue. The church building is in Burien being spanish sisters we cover a huge area so its about a 25min drive. Well Saturday night came, and I had the investigator but no ride and we weren't having any luck. Especially because our branch was doing so kind of lunch thing during sessions. I remember saturday night talking to Hermana Stout and trying to figure something out, and it just wasnt working. I had even called a few members who live in Seattle, but attend in Bellevue ya still now luck. Hermana Stout was telling me how Jacira said that if one of us wasnt there it would be as if she was missing one of her body parts. She is so sweet, and calls us her little angles. Right from the get go we have had such a special connection. She is one of the reasons I know I was called to serve in Seattle. Anyway I had been praying so hard just telling Heavenly Father how bad I wanted to go, and how he knows my desires. Well Saturday night I am laying in my bed probably about 11:30 yes still not sleeping because I am stressing out, and then I just start to cry. I just curl up in a ball, and just say I have to be there. The thought of not being there for her was so heartbreaking. Sunday Morning yes yesterday the day of the baptism I got a number for the Atehortua Family who attendeds in Bellevue. Another sweet couple who I adore, and admire. I called them at 8:00ish, and no answer so I left a message. About 15 mins later they called back and said they would be willing to do it. The thing is the thought conference started at 10:00 so they were going to be late. So we head over to the church, and are making sure we get everyone there that we need oh and we stopped by our investigators house they one who is supposed to be coming to the baptism guess who is not home? The investigator, so I call the Atehortua really by this point I had already made up my decision that I was going. Hermana Atehorua just said "honey don't worry we are on our way, and we have two investigators for you." When they came I just expressed my thanks, and told them I would make it up to them somehow. They said "oh no you will not we are doing this because we love you." I love them!!! I am so grateful for them they were such an answer to my prayer. They drove 25 mins out of the way to come and pick me up, and drop me off after the baptism. Words really can't even express the emotions I have had the past few days, and I am so grateful for them!! That way Hermana Spiller could stay with a member in the branch here to see if any of our invtigators came. We ended up arriving at the church at about 10:30, but I was just so grateful to be able to attend the baptism. As soon as Jacira saw me she came up and gave me the biggest kiss on the cheek, and she was so grateful that we could all be there with her. Right after conference we went and got her all ready to start. It was amazing, and once again we got back stage passes so we got to stand back by the font and get the best seat in the house. She was so prepared right before we walked her back for her baptism we were helping her pull her hair back, and she just said "it has to look good I have to look pretty for Jesus when I get baptized." I was asked to give a short talk on the Holy Ghost, and after we had a small lunch. It was amazing!!! Jacira just expressed so much gratitude, and how she felt so clean and she knows that this is where she needs to be.
AHHH One of the best Moments on my mission, and biggest answer to my prayers. I am so grateful for so many people who love and take care of me. Don't Worry I really am watched over. One day you will get to meet all these amazing people, and I will have to give you the longer version of the whole story when I return. So yes Jacira was Baptized as the newest Member of the Church!!!!
Well now for Seattle Life. Ok so Friday we met this Lady named Alicia walking outside of her apartment so of course we stopped to talk with her, and we ended up getting a return appt for Saturday. We even invited her to conference, and she said she would attend. Saturday after noon in between sessions we walked over to her house, and then walked to conference with her. After conference we were able to walk her back home, and teach her a lesson. She explained how she was never baptized, but she has been looking. She has had quite a few connections to mormons whether its just friends or going to utah. Anyway we were able to put her on date for the end of this month!! The best part is she told us that she would come to conference on Sunday, and just take the bus. Well guess what she actually held up her end of the deal, and took the bus down the road to come to the stake center. She stayed for both sessions.
Now for another experience so we met his guy Carlos tracting about 10 days ago, and he said "I will come to church with you if you come with me." Well last night he invited us to church with him, and yes we went. Ok first of all probably not the most productive thing to do as a missionary. The fact that I might have permant ear damage because the preacher pretty much just yelled for 3 hours. I was talking to him on the phone asking how long the service would be and he said 3 hours, and i almost freaked out, but then we have services for 3 hours as well so I guess we would be asking him to do the same thing. Oh by the way the name of the church is Centro Familiar Cristiana.
 Well our church is True!! Not that I ever doubted but it sure was more of a testimony builder. The spirit, the reverance, the authority, and bascially just the restored gospel yep were not present last night. Sure was quite the experience that I kind of need to remember. Just because it was pretty dang funny. Oh the things you do as a missionary.  Luckily he seems like a guy to hold up his end of a bargin so stay tuned because he should be coming with us next week.
Well Family I love you all so much!!! I hope you enjoy your week, and especially your Easter Sunday. I will be thinking about you tons. Know that I am always praying for you!!! Enjoy Everything.
Con un brazo muy fuerte de Seattle
LOVE ALWAYS, Hermana Grimes