Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Guess where I went

I got the chance to be in the audience of this show. A few months ago my good friends Toree and Lauren decided to sign up for the chance to receive tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show. Lucky for me sometimes its all about who you know so I was invited to head with them to California. We had four tickets so I invited my little sister to tag along as well. We made it a weekend getaway. Needless to say 4 girls in Southern California equals nothing shy of a good time. Saturday we made our way to Knotts Berry Farm an amusement park is kind of a must. Honestly, who doesn't love roller coasters?!
Toree, Me, Lauren

Me, Toree, Lauren, and B
Once again you cant go to California without spending the day on the beach. Of course we laid out at Huntington Beach. I dont know why we (I) always have the learn the importance of sunscreen the hard way. You think I would catch on after all these years. Monday we made our way over to the Ellen Studio the guests of the show were Hayden Panettiere, Khloe and Lamar Odom, and my personal favorite Jamie Foxx!! He was just so chill, interactive with the audience, and hilarious.
Of course the trip involved tons of laughs, good memories, and way to much food!!
Thats the whole fun of it right?!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Bestest Friend

 Miss Kortney Brooke Walker,

Guess what my friend its your birthday!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY pretty girl. Man, its crazy how fast time is going 22 years old girl what the heck. Here goes yet another birthday shout out to one of my best friends. I wanted to let you know how much I love you serioulsy. We have been life long friends, and I cant believe how many fun times we have had. First of all you are gorgeous, and have the cutest style. Your fashion sense is impeccable, and if I could trade wardrobes with anyone it would be you. You are quite the seamstress, and honestly kort your could make millions if you started your own clothing line...consider it would you? Also, I would definitely would have to be a part of the whole process. Your all grown up, and have a real job. Which one day the rest of us will catch on. As of now your kicking butt at Lehi High School oh and not to mention your one of the cheer coaches. I have never laughed so hard with someone as I do with you. What is it about us being together that calls for amazing funny stories after the fact? Kort, I just have to mention some of our crazy times because that makes us the friends we are today. Our parents meet when we were just little tots, and we have clicked every sense. No matter how long we go with out seeing each other its like we've never missed a beat. I cant even count how many sleep overs we have had its been that many. I always consume way to much junk food when we are together, but thats the whole fun it. I am almost positive your stairs are a little worn down because of how many times we went down them in our sleeping bags. Party in the USA will always make me think of you no matter what. We always just have so much fun wether its being lazy in our PJ's, shopping, going out to Dinner. So " your going to need a size four..." oh and " do you like corn, beans, lettuce, and bbq sauce..." Ha Ha oh my gosh. I cant even begin to write down all our inside jokes. I still blame you and Linnea for my preschool romance not ever progressing any further. Just so you know K is definitely a cuter letter. I love you Kortney so thanks for always being there for me. I sure hope you have the best day ever. I sure wish I could be there to party hard with you so celebrate enough for the both of us. I will have to make it up to you. Thanks for all of the laughs, crazy fun times, and I cant wait for all the memories still ahead.

Love, Linds

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Party Time

A few weeks ago for Vayla's 21st birthday we decided to have a little party in mesquite. I mean come on turning 21 is kind of a big deal. We got quite a big group of friends and headed down. We grabbed dinner at pizza hut. Then we made our was over the Eurkea to play some Bingo!!
Stef has become quite the fan of Bingo, and insisted that we go play. Not really my thing, but with my group  of friends its impossible not to have a good time. 

I really just wanted to play the tables!! I dont know why maybe because of the movie 21 or the fact that I am now old enough but I wanted to play black jack. At this point in the night we had made our way over to the Casa Blanca hotel. Not everyone wanted to play so we split up. Me and Trum a good friend of mine just started wondering around the casino watching other people play, and basically just looking for a open table. We finally found a table where we had recognized some other people who had joined us that night. Once there was an opening I sat down. It was so nerve racking keep in mind I have never done anything like this before. I decided I can only spend 20 dollars, and just see what happens. I handed my twenty dollars to the dealer and began to play. For anyone who has every played before will get the idea, but I was not lucky for the first little bit at all. I kept getting dealt really low numbers such as 2,3,4's which the idea is to get 21. Anyway I ended up running out of money fast so of course I was a little bugged, but I was not losing any more money. Well I happed to make friends with the gentlemen sitting next me...Alan turns out he was in mesquite for a golf tournament so since I work for a golf course it sparked a good coversation topic. Well he was just racking up the money in chips so when I ran out he pushed probably about 40 dollars in chips in my direction. I know it was really nice of him. Well you see he was quite the black jack player so from that point on he would alway give me advice like whether to hit or stay. At this point in time I was starting to get dealt higher cards. Anyway after we played for a little while we decided it was time to call it quits. I go to give the chips back to my good buddy Alan he just turns to me and says "cash out and get the hell out of here." Thats exactly what I need I calcuated the money in chips and cashed out!! Turns out I ended up with 85 dollars!! After taking out the 20 dollars I already spent I ended up pocketing 65 dollars. Not bad if I say so myself so needless to say it was a blast, and I loved every second.
Dont worry it wont become a habit.