Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blog Post #8

As the semester comes to a close I can't help but think of just a few months ago where it all began. After quite the summer I had decided to make a drastic change in my major. Something I swore I would never end up doing. After some life experiences it seems all roads pointed to Education. I read my first blog post again, and talked about being more than "just" a teacher. Though out this class I got a glimpse of what it is really all about. I have been able to spend time in a school, and work closely with students, parents, faculty, and staff. I have learned the important role of each member in the school. I also know the amount of time that the teachers put in for there students.
One of the most important things I have learned is the value of creating a life long learner. As I have studied though out this semester. We have discussed some many different points such as: types of learners, diversities among students, classroom management, and roles of a teacher. I know that each child is going to have different strengths and weakness. It is important as a teacher to be able to recognize each of those in students to know how to help them succeed. I know teachers spend countless hours on organization, and lesson plans. All to make sure their students have a chance at a bright future. I have learned the value of being a good role model. Students need to know that someone cares about them. Its the moments when a struggling child is able to grasp a concept, or seeing them discover something new on their own, or even just a hug from a student makes it all worth it. I wanted to be a teacher to make a difference in someones life, and let them know they are loved and cared for. I want to inspire them to do and be the best they can be. I am blessed to able to have a job in an Elementary School that is allowing me to get just a taste of the importance of Education.

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