Thursday, October 16, 2014

Blog Entry #4

How does this teacher manage assessment?

For me I had to look up exactly what assessment means.
Assessment means:  the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something.

As I have been thinking about assessment especially for teachers. I realize that the teachers have certain criteria that they need to meet as a teacher so that there students can be prepared for whats coming. I know during certain points of the year there is standardized testing to figure out where the students are, and what they have learned throughout the year. For a teacher it is there responsibility to help the students succeed. The students also need to have the desire to want to succeed, and to be in school.

 I had the chance to translate for parent teacher conference. For me this is a way that the teacher can assess the student. At parent teacher conference they have a chance to talk with students and parents. During the conferences that I sat in the teachers at the end would ask if the student had any concerns? They also asked what goals they had for the class, and what the teacher could do to help them reach the goal. During the conference the teacher allows the parent and the student to see the students particular progress in the class. It is also a time for the teacher to express any concerns that they might have about the student whether that's in learning or behavior in the classroom. Its a time for each student to get the individual attention they need. Then of course there are tests and assignments to help assess the students. 

During a classroom setting that I was in the other day was a 6th grade class. There is a particular student who really has no desire to be at school. For the first part of the year he was in a class where he could not behave. Though certain circumstances he got switched to another 6th grade class. His desk is close to the teachers desk, and during a math assignment he was having a hard time focusing. The teacher was helping him specifically to understand the assignment, and to work on the assignment. Then after a few mins of him not wanting to do it she pointed out that he was getting individual attention, and how many students would want exactly that. After that he started working on his assignment. For me this is an example of how the teacher can assess the students. The teachers are able to see in the class who may be struggling, and assess certain needs. I loved it because she also pointed out to the student that she was trying to help, and giving him personal attention. Each student is going to have different strengths and weakness. Its up to the teacher to find the balance to help each student. Its important to assess the students to let them know where they stand, and also what needs to be improved. Its also important as a teacher that you let the students know that they are doing a good job. They need to know that you recognize what they are doing good, but of course also as a teacher you have to let them know what needs to be improved.

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