Friday, November 7, 2014

Blog Post #5- Roles of a Teacher

What do you think is the most important role a teacher plays? Why?
What is the most challenging role a teacher plays? Why?

I think an important role of a teacher is to help inspire the students. Students need to know that someone believes in them. A teacher needs to be willing to compliment the students and give positive feedback on their ideas. Students need to know that what they are doing is going to help them become better, and want to be better. Students also need to have a positive experience in school. Its important that as a teacher we inspire them, and help them to be life long learners. The other day in the office I had a teacher bring in a student who need some time away from class. He was having a rough day, and the teacher sent him to the office because he was not staying on task. She sent him with some books, and asked if I wouldn't mind letting him read me these particular books. This first grade boy comes up to the desk, and begins to read. He struggles with some words, and looks to me for validation. At that point I say OK lets sound the word out. He would sound ok the word, say it, and I would them let him know that he is doing a good job. He read a few books to me, and did well. When they struggle with a word or a problem we have to let them know that they can do it. We have to be there to let them know that they can learn, and be that support for them.
I think one of the most challenging roles a teacher plays is trying to balance all the needs of everyone in the class. I know there are going to be kids who struggle more than others. Each child needs to have the time with the teacher. I think it could be hard to help every student in the way they need to be helped with still keeping the needs of the class. For instance there is a student who had a difficult time in a particular class so he got switched to another teacher.  He has had a hard background, and for other reasons he has a hard time in school. In talking with the teacher she has been helping him to pay attention in class. Also, she noticed that if she treats him respectfully and politely he has a better chance of staying on task. Which of course to me that is a very important thing no matter the student, but the point is each student needs. As a teacher you have to balance the needs of everyone in the class. Students have different strengths and weakness.

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