Friday, November 21, 2014

Blog Post #6

Engaging Students in Learning.

Learning is a two way road. There is no way the students are going to learn if they are not held to some sort of standard or given the opportunity to participate. Engaging your students is one of the best ways to make sure that you know exactly what they know. Also its a good way for students to work together, and be able to learn for experience. One of the more common ways that I have seen is teachers will call on students or ask a question, and wait to see what the students come up with. This is great because it allows it to be an open discussion, and it allows students to build their response from previous responses. I think it is great when a teacher will ask students directly. It allows the student to know that the teacher cares, but it gives the student a chance to have there own opinion. Each class room has a different dynamic especially when it comes to the types of students. Some students are more quiet, but know the information. While others know the information, and will always let you know they know the information. Letting students be a part of the lesson helps them learn, and also helps them know that school is fun. No one wants to be lectured for hours on end. As I was observing and learning about engaging students there were a few points that stood out to me.
First is holding your students to a high standard. Letting them know its an expectation that they are involved, and letting them know that you will accept there ideas or opinions openly. That way students can feel comfortable sharing with each other.
Second is to obviously help where needed is a student is struggling to pronounce a word or doesn't quite know the answer its important to offer assistance as need, and not make the student feel self conscience.
Third its important to have a variety of activities. Such as a discussion, group projects, and individualized work. It just switches up the routine of the classroom, and helps the students learn.
A few weeks ago I was in a 6th grade class, and they were having some type of NOVA presentation. I watched as the officer would ask specific questions, and then just call on students. Of course if the students didn't feel like answering or didn't know the answer they wouldn't raise there hand. Some of the questions were about personal experiences. It allowed to students to decided what they were comfortable with, and wanted to share with the class. Then the next day they were asked to do a history assignment. The teacher had said that they could be in small groups of two. Which allowed them to find a spot in the class room and work together. It allowed the students to discuss answers, and search for the answers in the textbook together. Of course you always have to make sure that they are on task. It allowed them to work together in a smaller setting! Engaging Students and getting them involved is what will help they want to Learn.

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